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I have severe anxiety. I also have moderate depression and have suicidal idealisations and tendencies. What crystals do you have that can help with the suicidal tendencies and to help reduce stress?


Dear S,

Thank you for contacting with your questions. First, I must state that I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment for any illnesses. Crystals are a complimentary therapy that should be used only after consulting with medical and/or psychiatric professionals for diagnosis and treatment advice.

Having said that, crystals can be wonderfully supportive in your life journey. Once you have spoken with a licensed professional about your anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, you may find that crystals such as Lithium Quartz worn as a pendant can be helpful for your depression.

The crystal Rhodochrosite carries the energy vibration of unconditional love, and many have found that helpful when struggling with anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

Additionally, Amethyst is a very calming stone that many people find helpful for easing stress and anxiety as well as some depression.

I do not know how much experience you have working with crystals, so let me also emphasize the importance of energetically cleansing your crystals before using them as well as on a regular basis when using them. Please see our articles on the subject if you need any help with this. I’m also including  a link to articles about programming your crystals with your healing intention.

I hope these recommendations have been helpful to you. I wish you peace, light and love in your journey.

Crystal Blessings,
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Posted on September 30, 2012

  I have rhodochrocite, have to say it's never resonated with me. Sonehow I get no help from pinkish stones. Amethyst however - I do love just to hold & look at. I seem to prefer autumn-color stones such as red jasper, citrine, smokey quartz which have a better effect on me. Orange calcite and green adventurine too.Very beneficial to me at least.  (Submitted by: Susy on October 15, 2016)

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