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Crystal Skulls

By Nikki Boatright

There are 3 types of crystal skulls.  Ancient crystal skulls, skulls that were created over 1500 years ago; old crystal skulls, skulls that were created less than 1500 years ago, and new or contemporary skulls, skulls created by carvers today. Crystal skulls have been around for thousands, maybe even millions of years. The origin of the crystal skull is unknown. There are different theories as to where crystal skulls originated from.  Some people believe they're relics of lost civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria and some people believe they were placed on earth by aliens.  Some people believe they were created by thought by beings of another time with much greater knowledge and technology than we have today.

Crystal skulls have the basic shape of a human skull.  Most people believe the shape of the skull symbolizes death. However, to ancient civilizations, skulls represent not only death and destruction but also rebirth, knowledge and wisdom.  Ancient crystal skulls are believed to hold ancient knowledge, but only a small amount of this knowledge has been accessed.  Once a crystal is carved into the shape of a skull it takes on a different vibrational frequency.  Each crystal skull, whether ancient or contemporary, gives off its own unique energy.  Crystal skulls can be used for energy work and are powerful tools of spiritual awareness; they can be used for many different purposes. They can focus energy, reflect energy, refract energy, amplify energy, attune energy, transmit energy, transform energy, store energy and may also act as a witness.

No two crystal skulls are carved alike. They each have their own shape and their own energy or personality per se.  Just because a crystal skull is ancient does not make it superior to a contemporary skull; just as a large skull is not superior to a small skull.  Everyone has a different reaction to different skulls.  Someone could hold a life sized ancient crystal skull and not feel much energy from it at al,l whereas someone else could hold that same skull and feel a jolt of energy, experience a vision or have any number of reactions to it. You can take those same two people and give them a small contemporary skull and have the same reactions. You can take those same two people years later and their reactions could be reversed. I believe crystal skulls reflect back to you what you need at that particular time in your life.

For instance, the only ancient crystal skull I have had the pleasure of interacting with is the ancient crystal skull Synergy.  I have experienced this crystal skull on three separate occasions. The first time the only thing I experienced was a tingling sensation up and down my arms. The second time I got very tired and was almost in a trancelike state. The third time it's caretaker, Sherry Whitfield, put it in my arms and I instantly started crying.  I might not completely understand why I had these different reactions to it at different times in my life, but I do believe there was a reason for each and I learned something from it each time.

Many times people will see a crystal skull and feel an uncontrollable urge to hold it or buy it. Crystal skulls can and will call out to people.  I personally have skulls in many different types of crystals and in many sizes from one inch to six inches.  The skull I have the strongest connection to is a contemporary life- sized Madagascar petrified wood crystal skull.  I was drawn to it and felt a connection to it and had to have it from the moment I saw it. I recently had a psychic say to me, out of the blue, that she feels that I have projected my higher self onto it. Whether it is an ancient or contemporary skull I recommend that everyone experience the energy from a crystal skull when given the opportunity.

Posted on March 01, 2013
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