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Crystals can be found in many different shapes that are either naturally created or polished and shaped by people. The shapes of crystals can impact the flow of energy from the object and also affects the general energy of the crystal, such as loving energy emitted from heart-shaped crystals.

Common Crystal Shapes:

AngelsIncrease connection to angelic beings and guidance. Placing this shape of crystal in your space helps to attract angelic beings to you.

Bars: Flat, shaped crystals that resemble a small rectangular shape with flat ends. Bars are helpful for laying on the skin or carrying in a pocket, due to their flat shape.

CabochonsFlat, polished crystals that come in a variety of shapes and generally with rounded points. Cabochons are ideal for laying on the body for healing. If needed, they can be secured in place with medical tape.

Chips: Rough, unpolished smaller chunks of crystals that have not been polished or altered. Chips are great for charging water, placing in a garden or outdoors, or placing around the house to energize your space.

ClustersA grouping of several crystals attached together. Place other crystals on top of a cluster to clear the energy and recharge them.

ChunksRough, unpolished crystals useful for any type of healing. May have points or sharp edges, so may not be the best shape to carry in your pocket.

CoinsFlat, rounded shapes useful for carrying in your pocket, placing in a grid, or laying on the body for healing.

CubesGrounding energy in addition to the crystal’s other characteristics. Cubes are especially good for holding intentions due to their shape; try placing a crystal cube in the center of a grid. You can also set another crystal on top of the flat surface.

DodecahedronsSacred Geometry shape representing Ether, or Spirit. This shape is useful for working with this element and also during meditation.

Double Terminated PointsLong crystals with points at both ends. The points may be natural or artificially created. These crystals direct energy in two different directions at the same time. Place a DT crystal along the spinal column to align the energetic flow in the body from Crown to Root Chakra and back.

EggsEnergy is focused through the smaller rounded end.  Useful for directing energy in reflexology and a comfortable shape to hold in the hand.

ElestialsMulti-layered crystals with many terminations. Elestial crystals facilitate balance and removing blockages in the energy field.

GalletsExtra-large tumbled stones ideal for holding in your hand during meditation or placing around your space.

GeodesA bed of crystal points on a base that may be rounded like a cave. Laying other crystals on a geode can help to clear their energy. Placing a geode near a doorway or entrance clears and energizes the incoming flow of energy into the home.

Hearts: Crystals that have been shaped into hearts increase loving energy in addition to the other characteristics of the type of crystal. Place a heart as the center of a crystal grid to include loving energy with your intention.

IcosahedronsSacred Geometry shape representing the element of Water. This shape is useful for working with this element and also during meditation.

LensA polished crystal that is rounded on one side and flat on the opposite side. While often pretty to look at because the shape makes all inclusions more visible, crystal lens also are great additions to your crystal grid.

Merkabas: Sacred Geometry shape said to represent the shape of the human energy field. This shape is useful for working with this element and also during meditation.

ObelisksA standing crystal that is pointed and tapered at one end. Energy is directed through and radiates from the point of the crystal.

OctahedronsSacred Geometry shape representing the element of Air. This shape is useful for working with this element and also during meditation.

Points: Natural crystal points direct the crystal’s energy through the tip, making it very useful for directing energy for healing or activating a grid.

PyramidThe energy of a pyramid-shaped crystal is focused at the apex. Point the pyramid towards an area that needs additional or concentrated energy, such as an area of blockage in the body.

SceptersA natural point with the opposite, smaller end tapered. Natural Scepter crystals are helpful for directing healing energy and drawing on ancient knowledge for healing.

Skulls: Crystals that have been shaped into skulls increase the connection with all humans on the planet. Skulls, especially larger ones, tend to have a soul that guides them and can be connected with.

SpheresEmit energy equally in all directions; extremely useful for clearing the energy of a space.

TetrahedronsSacred Geometry shape representing the element of Fire. This shape is useful for working with this element and also during meditation.

TowersPolished and shaped crystal points with a flat end that allows it to stand up and direct the energy upwards and outwards from the crystal.

TumbledAny crystal that has been polished or tumbled to have a smooth surface without any sharp or rough edges. This shape is ideal for carrying in a pocket.

VogelsA special type of double terminated wand that is specifically cut to the proportions of the pyramids of Egypt and the Tree of Life. Vogel wands, even those not cut to the exact specifications, are excellent healing tools useful for directing and clearing energy.

WandsAny long crystal with a tapered end that may or may not have a point on the end useful for directing energy in a specific area. Wands can be naturally shaped or polished into a point. Wands are ideal for use with reflexology and acupressure.

Worry Stones: Polished, flat crystals with an indentation on one side that is ideal for rubbing the thumb. This shape helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

How Energy Affects Different Shapes:

If you were wondering how energy is affected by different shapes, you can check out the below video where Tara and Lourdes discuss just that!


Of course, a crystal in any shape can still be used for their healing properties. Shape in no way limits the function of the crystal; it just makes it more suitable for certain uses. No matter what shape your crystal is, enjoy working with it, and enjoy basking in the crystal energy.


Article By Stephanie Arnold

Posted on December 31, 2016
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