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Green Aventurine Cabochon


"Since 2019 I have had Posterior Uveitis, this has affected my life negatively in so many ways. What I'm hoping is that you can help me with suggestions on what crystals may be of assistance with the following:

  • Posterior Uveitis
  • The side effects of the medication for the posterior uveitis, Methotrexate; I've lost 75% of my hair and Prednisone, I've gained 25 pounds!

On a side note, I have been dealing with widespread chronic pain for the last 20 years. Any recommendations you can give would be appreciated!"



Hi there P,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm going to offer you a few crystal suggestions but first our disclaimer: crystals can complement all forms of therapy but aren't a substitute for medical advice or practices. Always consult with your local physician.

Posterior Uveitis isn't one that I can find crystal suggestions for so I'm going to break it down as best as I can and hopefully the suggestions will be of use. Check them out and see what you're drawn to.

Posterior Uveitis refers to: inflammation of the choroid, the back part of the uvea. Posterior uveitis may affect the retina and/or the optic nerve and may lead to permanent loss of vision. - as per Google, so crystals for the eyes may be of great benefit and those would include:
EmeraldGreen TourmalineLapis LazuliMuscovite (Mica)Rhodonite - these crystals are known to support the eyes and their health in general terms, whereas Green Aventurine and Emerald are especially useful for supporting the improvement of vision. You could take a nice polished or tumbled piece and lay them on the eyes for 5-10 minutes or however long you're comfortable with and visualise that green energy supporting the eyes.

For the side effects of the medication, namely weight gain and hair loss, I am honestly not sure what to suggest because crystals won't be able to counteract the medication.
Blue ApatiteGreen Tourmaline, Smithsonite, and Yellow Apatite all support weight loss but more in the sense of helping someone maintain healthier lifestyle and nutritional choices. That's not what you're battling with because it's the side effects of the medication more than your lifestyle/nutritional choices.

Here are two posts that may offer some support for the hair loss:
Crystal Recommendations for hair growth
Crystals that promote hair growth (hair loss from stress)

For Pain Relief, my favorite to recommend is Smokey Quartz. A polished piece to massage the area can work wonders for some customers and so can simply holding a piece if polished/tumbled doesn't work for you. Again, there is no guarantee that it will help as crystals support energetically.

Other crystals recommended for aches and pains include: AragoniteBlue Lace AgateCharoiteChrysocollaClear QuartzLapis Lazuli, and good old favorite Malachite.

I hope this helps a bit :)

Siobhan Gouws-Moller, from SGCrystalHealing


DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Posted on December 03, 2021
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