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Subject: Crystal Questions from first time buyer
Date: 01/25/2010
From: Dianne
To: Healing Crystals

I recently went out and bought some stones. I'm a beginner, so I wasn't really sure where to start. I slowly ran my hands over many different types of stones, and picked the ones I was drawn to - not knowing their meanings or what they did. I later came home and looked up the meanings, healing properties, chakras, ect. involved with the stones. The ones I picked were Bloodstone, Mugglestone, Mookite, Zebra marble, black Obsidian, and Amethyst. I wonder if you could tell me what these stones chosen together means.

I also had a hard time finding information on Mugglestone, could you please help with this, I've read that Mugglestone can take on almost anything you ask of it, is it possible to take advantage of this type of stone? Can you overload it with too much?



Hi Dianne,

Welcome to the wonderful world of crystals!

I think you did exactly the right thing in choosing your first crystals. Pick what feels right and read "properties" later.  Excellent!

First, let's deal with the Mugglestone. This is just a marketing name for Tiger Iron. “Tiger Iron is a hematite-infused type of tiger eye, often with Red Jasper, from Australia. It is an extremely durable mineral combination, meaning that its vitality and usefulness will serve an individual without failure or complaint. Many minerals lose their efficacy because they stimulate growth and change that prepares the individual for a new octave of mineral stimulation. Tiger Iron is one of a group of about twenty minerals that have the staying power to always be applicable. Tiger Iron is an energizer and an excellent protection mineral. It promotes self-assurance and provides stamina. It is good for people who work at physically demanding jobs.”  The Crystalline Communion 2000 by Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl ISBN 0-9620201-3-3

I do not think you can overload the Tiger Iron with too much. The combination of Red Jasper, Hematite, and Golden Tiger Eye basically helps to remove and release any unwanted energies in a very balanced manner. If you hold the stone and it feels somehow different, not as energetic, etc, simply give it a good cleansing.

We have several articles in the Healing Crystals archives that may help. You can read more on how to energetically cleanse your crystals here:

Next, let's look at some keywords for the stones/crystals that you selected:

Bloodstone: Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding
Tiger Iron (Mugglestone): G
rounding, Increases energy/stamina, Creative Solutions
Awareness, Intuition, Healing
Zebra Marble:
Nurturing, Protecting, Grounding
Black Obsidian: Grounding, Protecting, Healing
Protection, Purification, Spiritual/Divine Connection

Do you see some commonalities? :)

It looks to me that the majority of stones you have chosen are to help with Grounding, Healing and Protection. It is possible that you feel in your daily life that you do not feel as focused as you would like to be. Sometimes your life and the happenings around you may feel a tad chaotic. This selection of stones will definitely assist you in that area.

You picked a very balanced selection as well...not only did you choose some nice grounding/protection stones, you balanced these out with some higher vibration crystals that will help to open your intuition, increase your spiritual awareness and connect with higher consciousness (your higher self). Well done!

You are off to a great start! Keep following your intuition and enjoy your crystal journey, it is a terrific ride!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on January 26, 2010
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