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People aren’t the only ones who can gain from having crystals around. The animals that live with us can also benefit from the crystals we position around our homes. You can help your pets further by placing beneficial crystals directly in and around your pet’s area. For example, if your dog has a favorite bed that she loves to lay in, try placing crystals under the padding or blankets to give your favorite furry friend some crystal benefits. Crystals can even be attached to the animal’s collar so that they can absorb the energy all day long, as people do by wearing a pendant.

Dalmatian Jasper


When your pet is not their normal, active self, seems to be lethargic, or has changed their eating habits, they could be depressed. Yes, animals can be depressed just like people. Often with a pet, this can be caused by the loss of a loved one, such as a human companion going off to college or the death of another pet in the house. Lithium Quartz is very useful as a natural antidepressant for animals in the same way it is for people. Try placing this stone in an area where the animal spends a lot of time, such as under the cushion in their favorite spot on the sofa.

Hyper Activity

If you have a pet with a tendency to be hyper, try using a Dalmatian Jasper in their area. This playful stone is beneficial for animals and tends to have a calming effect. The energy from this crystal will balance the emotions and help the animal maintain composure. Also called Dalmatian Stone, this crystal is also helpful with children and can ease bad dreams in both, and promotes peaceful sleeping.

Digestion Issues

If your pet is having trouble in the yard or litter box, Leopard Skin Jasper could be the help they need. This crystal is very helpful for digestion issues and can also alleviate abdominal pain. Try taping this crystal under your cat’s window seat or make an elixir for your dog to drink. To make a crystal elixir, place a cleansed crystal in a glass bowl filled with spring water and leave the bowl in the sunlight or moonlight for 12 hours. If making an elixir from a fragile, water-soluble or toxic crystal, use the indirect method and place the crystal inside a small glass jar before placing in the bowl of water. Either way, the water will become infused with the energy of the crystal. To store the elixir, remove the crystal after 12 hours and pour the liquid into an airtight container, where it can be stored for up to a week. For human consumption, 50% brandy or vodka can be added as a preservative to store it for longer than a week; however, this is not recommended for animal use.

General Healing

For generalized animal healing, Dioptase is a great crystal to use. This green crystal is especially good for healing of the heart and mind. Often pets can have anxiety and feelings of abandonment when left alone for long periods of time, or when their owners are traveling. Try leaving this crystal with your pet to help alleviate any stress caused by this separation and to instill in them a feeling of being loved. This would be a great stone to attach to your dog’s collar if you work long hours.

Better Communication with Pets

Do you feel like you just can’t figure out what your pet is trying to tell you? Mookaite will help facilitate better communication with your animals. This crystal, sometimes called Mook Jasper, will help you to be more in touch with your own animal instincts and ancestors as well. Wear this crystal or carry it in your pocket while spending time with your pets.

For Rescue Pets, Security and Peace

As with many people, animals can also gain from the loving energy of Rose Quartz. It can give them the same sense of security and peace, as it does for you. This crystal is especially helpful for rescued pets and those who have experienced trauma or abuse prior to living with you. Placing a large piece of this in the living room will benefit all household members – furry or not.


Of course, if your pet has a severe condition or a persistent issue, you should take them to see their veterinarian to rule out a more serious problem. Crystals can be used as a supplementary healing aid to your vet’s recommendations, but just as with people, should not necessarily be considered a substitute for a doctor’s care.

Having crystals throughout your living environment is a fantastic way to experience all that crystal energy can offer you. We tend to think of ourselves when using crystals, but all living things in our environment are also feeling the effects of the energy from them. Just as plants and animals in the wild benefit from areas where the crystals lie naturally, our pets and houseplants will also gain from the crystals we intentionally place in our home.


Article By Stephanie Arnold

Posted on March 02, 2012

  Much appreciated info, as well as the comment from caligal about letting pets have a choice. Very good thoughts .  (Submitted by: Susanlj on February 04, 2020)
    (Submitted by: Caligal on April 26, 2017)
  While, as a practicing crystal healer, believe that crystals do benefit our furry and feathery friends I would caution the use of crystals attached to our pets such as those you suggest attaching to the collars. We do not fully understand a pets sensitivity to crystals. They are much more intune with the world and its energetic forces then we, as humans are. If we feel that a crystal is not working for us, or we feel "off" in some way with certain crystals, we can walk away from them. Attaching a crystal or stone to a collar of a pet does not give that pet the freedom to just "walk away" from a crystal that might not be energetically intune with them. I would encourage you to stop recommending this as a form of exposing our pets to crystals.

The same holds true for placing them under their bedding. Instead, I advise my clients (several of whom seek me out for healing their pets) to take these steps:

1. Lay out several crystals near your pets. Observe them carefully to make sure they do not try to eat them and also to see which crystals seem to attract them. Many times I have had pets begin to lick or "play" with a crystal.
2. Once you have ascertained which crystals your pet is drawn to, place them in an area within a few feet of where they sleep, play or relax. Keep an eye on them to see how they react.
3. If they seem to continue using this area as they normally do, leave the crystals there out of reach of their mouths.If, however, you see them beginning to shy away from the area or perhaps lay as far from the crystal as possible, you will want to remove that stone or crystal, cleanse the area and try again with another stone.
4. Never, NEVER attach a stone or crystal to a pets collar. Subjecting them to unwanted energies can and is detrimental to their sense of security and could also be detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Crystals do not have to be attached to us (or our pets) in order for us to benefit from them. We all exert an energetic field that encircles us several feet out. The same is true for crystals. we only need to be within feet of the crystals or even in the same room to enjoy their benefits.

Please don't force a pet to accept a crystal, they are aware and sentient beings which should be allowed to choose which crystals they are in tune with. Sadly they are unable to tell us verbally if a crystal does not feel "right" to them. We must observe them carefully for signs that indicate whether a crystal will benefit them or not. Just like us, not all crystals work in the same way for every pet.

Thank you.  (Submitted by: Leelee on February 12, 2016)
  Thank you for your comments on this. I do have one crystal my dog won't lick and I never looked at it that way. That is a great suggestion.

My dog has congestive heart disease and was given 30 days to live. He has worn a tiny rose quartz crystal on his collar every sense that diagnosis and has lived 2 years! He also recently started wearing a small amethyst. He has done very well with his crystals and likes putting his collar on. I believe they have helped him.  (Submitted by: hstrode on February 15, 2016)
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