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Healing Crystals AGRIDCL AGRIDCL
I bought this all purpose grid and brought it home almost 2 weeks ago today...For anyone wondering if this works...Oh My Goodness, Buy it!!!. It works. My husband and I are at the moment having money issues so were using the grid for prosperity and I have put 4 different intentions and so far they all worked. One intention I did just to see if it came true..asked if I can get extra $50.00 for starting to go Christmas Shopping for my children. My husband didn't know what my intention was at all. He was helping my dad who is also my husband's best friend with some odd jobs for my dad and stepmom. He came home 3 hours later and pulled out $50.00 exactly. I didn't even know that my husband was getting paid. He was just helping my dad with odd jobs. What I did.. I used all the crystals it came with, then I added a few extra crystals that represent money..Pyrite is one of them, and a few other green stones. I put my selenite tower in the middle and used my selenite wand to charge the crystals I bought both selenite also from Healing Crystals website. and you have to really believe and I called in my angels, guides and my grandma to watch over my grid..Only positive on my grid. Anything negative have to go!!. I also wrote out all my intentions on paper and put it under my grid. And you will be all set...VERY POWERFUL!!. Thanks soo much Healing Crystals!!. We are buying 3 more all purpose grid for me, so I can have 2 different grids going now at 1 time for 2 different reasons. Then buying 1 for my son who is 12 for Christmas and 1 for my daughter who is 9..They both are in awe of my grid and that it My son wants to use it for luck and money for him too. but other reasons too..So I will be buying all purpose for the three of us. :)
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Crystal Grid Kit - All-Purpose Grid Kit w/Clear Quartz    [AGRIDCL]

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