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Crystal Energy Grid - May *2015*

By Tara Mideaker 

As we move into May it is time to allow those new beginnings from last month to take hold and flourish.  All that rushing and excitability comes to a halt as we enter the month ruled by Taurus.   Perseverance and stability are valuable qualities that Taurus offers and, if you’re in it for the long haul, then you want to use these energies strategically.  This is the time to stop scattering your energies, focus on what is most important to you and take control of those things.  If you want to build upon what you have begun, then this month's energies will lead you directly towards success. 

Top of Center: New Moon in Aries - April 18th

You want to start something using the energy of the Aries New Moon because it will take off and grow as the month commences.  Is there something that you've been thinking about doing but haven't found the moment to take that first step?  Well - here it is!  Ruby will encourage you to make a commitment to your cause and once you are in it emotionally, then the mental and physical effort will be worth it.  (See photo) 

Center of Grid:  Sun in Taurus - April 20th

Taurus is the sign of continuity and growth, so once the Sun enters this sign, it provides the energy for the seeds that you have planted to blossom.  This isn't overnight energy - it takes time and effort on your part - but be aware that this will move you past the stage of innovation to the next level.  This is a wonderful time to become comfortable with what you have and know without a doubt that things will only get better. Emerald will draw and amplify the Taurus energy for endurance and encouragement. (See photo) 

Beneath Center:  Full Moon in Scorpio - May 3

The Full Moon in Scorpio will give your mind the energy and power that it needs to reach some important conclusions.  It may not start with a thought.  Most likely it will be a desire, an unresolved issue or another emotion that has been dormant and held in secret for some time.  Scorpio is all about secrets - whether it is holding them close or bringing them to light.  However it begins, you can be sure that it will end with you making a decision and then following through on it.  The power of the mind is immense and you will be able to use this energy to complete something important.  Lapis Lazuli will connect you to this energy, expand your mental skills and encourage you to act on your decisions. (See photo)   


The Quarters of your Grid will represent the significant transits of the month.  When considering the placement on your Grid, remember that the Left side is receptive and will open you to new ideas, while the Right side is productive and will assist you with putting those ideas into action.  (See photo) 

Top Right:  A Sun/Pluto trine on May 6th can bring an end to tension and doubt.   Use the overall Taurus influence to help you find a place of steadiness that you can draw comfort from, instead of feeling threatened by uncertainty.   Picture Jasper can help you use this as a good place to move forward from in a positive manner. 

Top Left:  Mars will move into Gemini on May 11th so that you can relax your dedicated focus on performance and open yourself to new methods and activities.  If you've been doing things the same way for a while and your results are not matching your efforts, then this influence can break that cycle and get things un-stuck.  Green Tourmaline can show you how to find a new way to attack an old goal...or perhaps transform an old goal into a new one. 

Bottom Right:  Mercury will begin its second retrograde phase of the year in Gemini on May 18th.  Here is your opportunity to disconnect from social activities, intellectual pursuits and the general mayhem of keeping up with our busy society for a few weeks.  Blue Apatite will help you to use this influence to give yourself a break in order to attain a revived sense of inner peace and calm.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you! 

Bottom Left:  On May 15th, force won't be working and plans aren't holding up, so you will be wondering how you can make any progress.  This time you probably won't because Mars and Saturn are in an opposition and their combative energy will prevent you from taking any meaningful strides in the right direction.  You could exert your will and determination but it will only cause frustration.  Follow the guidance of the energy and use Labradorite to let things be for now. 

Finish your Grid by surrounding it with crystals to amplify the energies. Try to use at least one crystal to represent the Month and then any others that with amplify the energies.  Serpentine will represent May and I am using Clear Quartz for the remainder (see photo). Remember to clear and charge your Grid periodically throughout the month and to focus on your intentions for the Grid when working on it.  

May is the perfect time to focus on the qualities and energies that sustain us and enable us to grow stronger like honor, history, tradition, and remembrance.  Other crystals that carry these energies include Amber, Dumortierite, Carnelian, Jade, Pyrite,  Obsidian, Petrified Wood, , Selenite & Turquoise


Posted on April 20, 2015
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