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Crystal Energy Grid - July *2015*

By Tara Mideaker 

We have reached the mid-point of 2015 as we shift into the Summer Solstice on June 21st.  This is when everything changes, as we have reached the longest day of the year...and then they instantly begin to get shorter.  Understanding and working with the cycles of nature is one of the greatest tools that we have to enhance our lives.  It can help us to realize the importance of change and why it is vital to release and renew.  Most importantly it encourages us to constantly rediscover our limitless potential.  Let's see what the Universe has for us to work with this month. 


The Gemini Moon is meant to make you restless with a curious mind that wants more and more input.  Your thoughts may be a bit scattered but you could produce some fabulously, ingenious ideas.  You may not be able to hold on to them for long because Gemini energy is always on the move, so be sure to record things as they come to you.  Use Fluorite to be open to this energy and see what it awakens within you.  


While Cancer energy dominates the sky, you will be focused on taking care of your home - whatever "home" means to you!  It could be your family and friends, but it could also be your work or a cause. Basically whatever you have dedicated your heart and mind to will benefit right now from the extra attention that you will be driven to send its way.  Nurturing and growth are to be expected from your efforts.  Just be careful not to become so dependent on keeping those things close that they become a safety net that you don’t want to come out from under.  Blue Chalcedony will help you to bring harmony to everyone - including yourself! 


The Capricorn Moon will make you diligent and very cautious.  You won't feel very open emotionally or intellectually and you will feel propitious about what you already have, rather than looking for something new.  This works well with the family-oriented Cancer energy since it will help you to develop and maintain practices that nurture and protect what is yours - particularly when it comes to accepting responsibilities. Obsidian will work well with this energy.   


The Quarters of your Grid will represent the significant transits of the month.  When considering the placement on your Grid remember that the Left side is receptive and will open you to new ideas, while the Right side is productive and will assist you with putting those ideas into action.  

Top Right:  Venus/Uranus Trine 6/29/15

This is going to be a happy-go-lucky kind of energy where everything is possible.  Don’t waste time worrying about whether something is right for you or not – just go for it!  This is an atmosphere where you want to try things out and experiment just for the thrill of it.  You don’t want to worry about long term commitments, since this is a time to live fully in the present.  Wait until tomorrow to see what the future will bring.  Use Aquamarine to feel free to indulge curiosities. 

Top Left: Jupiter/Uranus Trine 6/22/15

This is the perfect time to go outside your mental comfort zone, forget about fears of failing and take that risk that’s been lurking in the back of your mind.  When you get an impulse that you haven’t acted on, but it still hangs on, it is usually because deep down you know that it has the potential for a huge payoff.  Use Serpentine to get you past whatever is preventing you from taking that leap of faith and be open to trying something new. 

Bottom Right:  Venus/Jupiter & Sun/Neptune Trine 7/1/15

Two amazing transits in one day will encourage you to open yourself to new things, people and places.  Your spirits will be high and you will feel driven to contribute all that you can to benefit others and yourself.  One of the most advantageous elements of these transits is that you will see and feel everything with a fresh perspective.  Selenite will help you to feel physically refreshed, mentally revived and spiritually renewed.  

Bottom Left:  Sun Opposite Pluto 7/6/15

The need for absolute control will be powerful, making it a challenge not to take drastic, forceful measures in order to gain it.  You want to calm those aggressive feelings in order to uncover the positive uses of this transit - like discovering what truly inspires you.  This is powerful energy to use for learning more about your skills, your drive and your motivations.  Understanding these will help you learn how to use them to develop your own personal approach and successfully achieve your goals.  Amethyst will cool things down and offer insight. 

Finish your Grid by surrounding it with crystals to amplify the energies. Use at least one Crystal to represent the Month and then any others that with amplify the energies.  Ruby will represent July and Clear Quartz will amplify the energies of the crystals. I am also adding cards from our Zodiac Crystal cards for more energy.  Remember to clear and charge your Grid periodically throughout the month and to focus on your intentions for the Grid when working on it.   


Posted on June 19, 2015
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