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Crystal Energy Grid - August *2015*

By Tara Mideaker 

We know that the Universe is in a constant state of fluctuation, but there are certain times of the year when the evidence of that motion is more pronounced.  August is one of those months.  You sense that change is coming and that can distract you from enjoying the present.  Fortunately, we have a Leo Sun dominating the sky to keep your focus on the present.  We will use that energy as inspiration to create a Crystal Energy Grid with the intention to enable us to live fully in the moment.  We have several other planetary transits that will help you enjoy what you have and where you are, so read on to learn more about the energies of August. 

Top of Center: New Moon in Cancer – July 16th

The Cancer Moon will bring your emotions to the surface particularly when it comes to home and family.  Remember that those things mean something different to everyone and it could be the more non-traditional “families” (friends, work, etc.) that are producing a strong emotional response.  The New Moon begins a new cycle and it is a signal that now is the time to express your feelings, rather than holding on to them.  The trick is to find the healthiest and most beneficial outlet, instead of allowing yourself to be overcome to the point of an overly emotional outburst that will do more harm than good. Use Charoite to trust your instincts when it comes to the timing and method to let others know how you really feel and to have faith that they will respond positively. 

Center of Grid:  Sun in Leo – July 22nd

Pride is the key element of Leo, making this the perfect time to look around at what you’ve got, where you are, and recognize what it took to get you there.  Don’t waste this energy creating regrets by wondering how you could have done something different.  You also don't want to spend time projecting into the future to figure out your next step.  Revel in what you have accomplished and feel good about yourself.  The past is gone and the future will wait.  Enjoy the now and all that happy, positive energy that you generate will radiate outwards to light up the cycle of your life. Citrine will amplify all that positive, assured energy. 

Beneath Center:  Full Moon in Aquarius – July 31st

We live within so many personal and universal expectations, responsibilities, schedules and plans that we rarely notice them as boundaries to our individuality.  A Full Moon in Aquarius is going to make you sit up and notice anything that feels as if it is preventing you from being your true self.  Structure is a necessary element - but so is freedom.  You’re going to want to exercise your right to be free by working outside of your normal structures.  There is nothing that can help you to live in the moment like trying something new, doing something unexpected or taking an unexplored path.  Use Sunstone for inspiration.  


The Quarters of your Grid will represent the significant transits of the month.  When considering the placement on your Grid, remember that the Left side is receptive and will open you to new ideas, while the Right Side is productive and will assist you with putting those ideas into action.  

Top Right:  Jupiter Square Saturn - August 3rd

This transit can be extremely powerful if you can push aside the stress and strategically use the combined energies of these planets.  The optimistic and expansive energy of Jupiter combined with the calculated approach of Saturn could enable you to see the kind of progress that you have made to get to your current station. While you don’t want to focus on your next steps right now, Peridot can give you a realistic picture of the present that will help you when you move forward. 

Top Left: Venus Retrograde - July 25th 

Does it seem that when it comes to love and money that you’re always thinking about what’s next?  Venus will be retrograde beginning 7/25 and that is going to slow these areas of your life down so that you can fully appreciate the current status of your relationships and finances.  Don’t let it get you down if these areas of your life are not where you want them to be.  Use this time to understand what is most important to you and, when the time is right, you will know exactly what you want to go after. Black Onyx can enable you to create a positive relationship with your present romantic and financial situation. 

Bottom Right:  Uranus Semi-Sextile Chiron - August 19th

It is time to take a stand and address whatever is hurting you.  It’s time for it to end and this transit can help you find the means to make that happen.  Chiron and Uranus may seem like an unlikely combination for effective healing, but their avant-garde approach will make a huge difference that you will feel immediately.  It is also likely that you will recognize the wisdom you have gained from your experience and that will help you to avoid repeating the same negative pattern. Botswana Agate will help you choose the best path to heal yourself and give you the confidence to follow through with it. 

Bottom Left:  Saturn Semi-Square Pluto - August 13th

You want to be open to change and be prepared to try something new.  This transit will make it very clear that doing things the same old way will only result in struggle and frustration.  If you want to really be in the present, then you need to release any preconceived plans and work with what you have right in front of you.  It will require adjusting your expectations (and that won't be easy) but the results will be worth it.  Watch for opportunities to present themselves and use Morganite to help you recognize and take advantage of them. 

Finish your Grid by surrounding it with crystals to amplify the energies. Use at least one Crystal to represent the Month and then any others that with amplify the energies.  Amber will represent August and Clear Quartz will amplify the energies of the crystals. I am also adding cards from our Zodiac Crystal cards for more energy.  Remember to clear and charge your Grid periodically throughout the month and to focus on your intentions for the Grid when working on it.  Other crystals that work with Leo energy include Bronzite, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Bumble Bee Jasper, Heliodor, Larimar, Petrified Wood, Imperial Topaz and Dumortierite.

Posted on July 22, 2015
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