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Crystal Energy Grid - April *2015*

By Tara Mideaker 

It's all about new beginnings in April as the Sun moves into Aries during the Spring Equinox on March 20th.   This begins a new season and a new Astrological calendar and things will be especially energetic with two Eclipses.  As always, this grid will follow the "astrological" month of March 20th - April19th, but the Universe is shaking things up a bit this month and things get moving early.  We are going to add a few crystals to our Grid to make the most of this month and all that it has to offer. 

Top of Center: Total Solar Eclipse & "Super" New Moon in Pisces - March 19-20th

Just before the Spring Equinox we have a Total Solar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is about faith and it reminds us to trust in ourselves, higher powers and in the cyclical nature of life.  This Eclipse will let you know that it is time to end things that you know that you should and have faith that you can do it.  Think of this as a giant "Re-Set" button that will give you the chance to clear away what you don't need and find better use for what is left.  Celestite will illuminate how this Eclipse can help you and you’ll want to place this at the top of your Grid so that its energy carries through the month.  Use it as a reminder that all you need to do is have the faith to push the "button" and know that all will be Okay!  (See photo 1) 

Emotions will override reason during this month's New Moon in Pisces, making it hard to concentrate on anything productive or practical.  Use the energy to engage your imaginative self and enjoy the indulgence instead of trying to forge ahead.  It will be very easy to make mistakes with your head in the clouds - even when performing the most ordinary and repetitive of tasks.  Sometimes your mind needs to roam free so that it can function at its strongest and Rhodonite will give you the space that you need.  Place it below your Celestite to use the Eclipse energy as a factor in your mental process.  Don't worry about taking a physical break, because that Aries Sun will get you up and moving before you know it.  (See photo 1) 

Center of Grid:  Sun in Aries - March 20th

The Sun in Aries gives you one of the strongest times of the year to have a complete sense of self.  Aries helps us to know our purpose, commit to it wholly and to run with it as far as possible...and then go even a little bit further. It is aggressive and affirmative energy that will get you up and moving towards achievements.  If Aries has a challenge it is that it has a hard time holding on to any kind of structure, substance and definition.  There is a tendency to act just for the sake of taking an action and purpose can get lost in the flurry of activity.  Use a Herkimer Diamond and/or Hematite for focus that lets you use the energy to make meaningful strides.  You want to avoid the output of a lot of extra energy that does not bring a reciprocal measure of result.  (See photo 1) 

Beneath Center:  Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Libra - April 4th

A Full Moon in Libra is about balance and if you can achieve inner balance then you can use that energy to create harmony throughout your life. This is a beautiful thought, but you don't want to have to sacrifice yourself in order to make it happen.  Use the energy of this Moon with Chrysocolla to understand how you can find that place of peace that allows you to create positive relations while remaining true to yourself.  (see photo 1)

Your desire for harmony and balance will be especially stimulated this month by a Lunar Eclipse that will focus on your relationships.  Be prepared, because any relationship you have that is out of balance will be noted.  This energy won't be limited to interpersonal relationships.  Everything you touch and that touches you physically, mentally and emotionally constitutes some form of relationship and harmful imbalances will come to light so that you can do something about it.  It could be your relationship with faith or the Earth or your car or your job or even yourself.  Whatever it may be, once you recognize what is not working, this energy will give you the tools you need to make necessary adjustments. Moss Agate will help you to develop and enact a strategy that will bring your world into alignment. Place Moss Agate beneath Chrysocolla and take a moment to feel the energy of the crystals, the Eclipses and spring.  This is your fresh start filled with new growth and life and it is meant to be enjoyed.   (See photo 1)   


 The Quarters of your Grid will represent the significant transits of the month.  When considering the placement on your Grid, remember that the Left side is receptive and will open you to new ideas, while the Right side is productive and will assist you with putting those ideas into action.  (See photo 2) 

Top Left:  Sun Square Pluto on April 5th brings an opportunity to see the cycles in your life and objectively determine which are productive and which ones needs to go.  Pluto will be going retro later this month and it is a great opportunity to rid yourself of what you no longer need.  Labradorite will help. 

Top Right:  Sun Trine Saturn on March 25th is very active and physically productive energy that can get you moving in the best direction to kick off the new season and new astrological cycle.  Red Tiger Eye will help you take practical, measured steps towards making what matters to you happen. 

Bottom Left:  When Venus moves into Gemini on April 11th, security and stability will seem less important and not a predominant driving force in your life.  This will open you to new things and allow you the freedom to explore.  Of course Gemini knows that you never need to stop at 1, so use that reduction of limits to your advantage.  Heliodor will enable you to use this energy to truly have it all - and then maybe a little more! 

Bottom Right:  Jupiter has been retrograde and you may have experienced struggles with expansion when it comes to finances and work that has made it a challenge to maintain your course.  That period ends on April 8th and you will feel your confidence rise and along with it your prospects. White Topaz lets you clearly see your future with a healthier and more abundant perspective. 

Finish your Grid by surrounding it with crystals to amplify the energies. Try to use at least one crystal to represent the Month and then any others that with amplify the energies.   Any Agate will represent April and I am using Clear Quartz for the remainder. (See photo 3)

Remember to clear and charge your Grid periodically throughout the month and to focus on your intentions for the Grid when working on it.  Things will settle down once we move into May and Taurus gets us comfortable with our new season and all the wonderful things that come with it. 


Posted on March 18, 2015
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