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Crystal Eggs and New Beginnings

By Crystal Cosmopolitan

Spring is a time of renewal of spirit and new beginnings that has, since ancient times, been celebrated throughout the world as the re-awakening of nature after the barrenness and darkness of winter.  Ancient Greeks and Romans began their year with the Rites of Spring in mid-March, celebrating the appearance of budding life in nature as the beginning of a new yearly cycle. One particular spring ritual, both in various pagan traditions and in Christianity, involves using eggs as symbols that bring forth the ideas of physical and spiritual renewal, rebirth, fertility, and the potential for new creation.

In this article you will find both descriptions of crystal eggs and crystals for new beginnings. While the egg shape may be useful for detecting and rebalancing emotional and physical blocks in the aura, as well as for promoting restful sleep, this article will address primarily the properties associated with new beginnings and creativity.

Clear Quartz Crystal Egg- Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful cleansing crystals and one to work with if we want to bring our intentions and affirmations into our physical reality. In the shape of an egg, it furthers this idea of bringing something new to fruition.

Rose Quartz Crystal Egg- Rose Quartz is one of the first crystals recommended for clearing and strengthening the heart and is therefore associated both with self-love and love relationships. In the shape of an egg, the metaphysical properties of this crystal for attracting new love become even stronger and serves as a constant reminder that love is always born anew and that the potential for the creation is always present.

Labradorite Crystal Egg- With its iridescent play of colors, called labradoresence, this feldspar mineral has long been identified with bringing inspiration, enhanced creativity, and support in times of change. In the shape of an egg, these properties are enhanced, allowing us to see new solutions, get novel ideas, and open and strengthen our connection to our inner creative self.

Citrine- This crystal energizes and supports creativity. It activates intuition, strengthens the will, and attracts success. In raising self-confidence through working on the solar plexus chakra, it emboldens and encourages us to follow our dream and bring it into our reality. Those who work with Citrine on a regular basis often report a greater feeling of self-worth, an increased will to succeed, and a more cheerful outlook on the world. 

Hessonite Garnet - Is a highly praised crystal in Indian Vedic astrology. One of the most significant powers attributed to Hessonite Garnet is dispelling fears, which are often preventing us to live our lives fully, develop our inherent talents and ideas, and put them into practice. This crystal brings clarity of purpose and over time instills a sense of security and stability, increases one’s sense of self-worth, and supports one in new ventures. Bringing courage, it supports one when venturing into unknown territory. Like all garnets, it is highly energizing, regenerating and revitalizing.

Carnelian- Encourages enthusiasm and restores one’s trust in the goodness of life. It increases motivation, brings an “everything is possible” outlook, and promotes personal power. By improving one’s analytical abilities, it helps in creating a realistic plan for success in any endeavor. This enables us to bring dreams into reality with minimal effort. Carnelian stimulates creativity and helps us trust our intuitive impulses, while immediately transforming any negativity that might arise as a result of fear or prior conditioning.

Ruby- Is one of the most valued stones when it comes to re-awakening our passion for life. Like Carnelian, it strengthens our motivation and resolve. It is also known as a stone of abundance for its combined ability to promote a positive outlook, strongly ground us in reality, assist us in clarifying and visualizing  our ideal life, and provide a sustained energy boost to our physical bodies. Taken together, these characteristics lead to an increased ability to succeed no matter what the circumstances.

Black Onyx- Will support the steady growth and progress of one’s project or intention, providing grounding and lending the patience, persistence and stability to one’s goals. This stone is associated with planet Saturn, known for steadfastness and for rewarding those who consistently apply themselves towards achieving their desires. Black Onyx can assist us in developing greater discipline in working towards our goals, which is important for achieving success. It works great when combined with Carnelian, while with Ruby it might be too overpowering.

As with all crystals, it is important to regularly discharge and then recharge their energies.  All of the above crystals can be put briefly under cold running water and then together overnight  with Clear Quartz crystals, although Ruby and Onyx regenerate really well when put on the ground overnight or in on the soil of a healthy indoor plant.

Posted on March 31, 2000
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