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Crystal Astrology Report

WEEK OF 07/24/13 - 07/30/13 

WEDNESDAY 07/24/13

Have you noticed a great roar of pride and confidence in yourself?  That will be Leo looking for the attention and accolades that it is due as the Sun moved under its influence a few days ago.  Leo reminds us that it is ok to take pride in yourself and your accomplishments and it is even ok to desire recognition for the same.  There is a time for everything and this is the time for your ego to get a little attention.  Often we believe that our ego needs to be set aside in order to reach our higher purpose.  But our ego is part of what makes us human and it needs the same attention as our spirituality.  Remember that Leo is generous and loves to share, so go ahead and be the center of attention - even for a moment - because everyone will get their time in the Sun.  Imperial Topaz will help you to enjoy the atmosphere and Leopardskin Jasper gets everyone noticed.

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you that everything in your life radiates from the source...and you are that source!  Yellow Jasper will keep your rays of influence sunny. 

THURSDAY 07/25/13

Did you think we were done with the energy of Trine transits for the month?  July still has a few more for us and now the Moon and Chiron are presenting you with an opportunity for enlightenment when it comes to healing yourself and/or others.  While you may not be focused on what needs to be healed, this is a good time to consider the methods of healing that are available.  You could come across an unexpected opportunity and be more open to taking advantage of something new.  Even if you aren't sure why you will be drawn to different healing modalities.  Follow the energy and explore because you will end up in a better place than where you started.  Serpentine can help you find the purpose while Amethyst encourages you to engage your curiosity. 

Number of the day: 2

Do not fear the unknown or the unexplored.  2 will encourage you to meet new experiences with a mind to make them your own.  Green Tourmaline keeps you adventurous. 

FRIDAY 07/26/13

Venus and Saturn are in a Sextile transit that brings stability and support to affairs of the heart and the wallet.  Security is the theme for the day and it can allow you to feel safe enough to make advances where you have been holding back out of fear of risk.  You will be feeling reserved so don't expect any wild declarations or overspending for this transit, but it's an excellent time to proceed with plans and take the next step.  This is an especially good time to revisit something you might have given up - but regretted -  and renew relationships.  Aquamarine shows you how to replace fear with confidence and Mexican Fire Opal reminds you that sometimes you just have to go for it! 

Number of the day: 3

It may not always seem like it but the Universe has your back.  The energy of 3 encourages you to keep that thought in mind and see how much easier it is to face any challenge.  Botswana Agate reminds you that you are never alone. 

SATURDAY 07/27/13

Squares and Oppositions could complicate your day.  Mars is Opposite Pluto producing a "win at all costs" kind of attitude.  This could result in power struggles where everyone will lose!  It is imperative to find compromise and avoid any battle of wills.  The Sun and Saturn in a Square will help by allowing you to find ways to deal with obstacles.  Where joy may be lacking in the execution of managing situations, it will be present in the confidence that you can build from overcoming anything.  This is how everyone can win!  Citrine will keep your outlook positive while Tourmalated Quartz shows you how to get around blockages rather than busting straight through them and leaving a mess.

                                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 4

You always have the ability to change obstacles into opportunities.  4 lets you choose how you want to see things and Black Agate makes that vision bright. 

SUNDAY 07/28/13

Now we are blessed with the happy and easygoing transit of Venus Sextile Jupiter.  Everyone is cooperating.  Everyone is considerate.  Everyone is optimistic.  Generally you will be surrounded with a joyous, spiritual energy that produces a wonderful sense of peace and well-being.  Enjoy every minute of it and carry Fancy Jasper to infuse all of your activities with positive energy.  Rose Quartz reminds you that this atmosphere can be a permanent fixture - if you let it. 

Number of the day: 5

Sometimes the greatest risk is that you will miss out by avoiding the risk.  5 can let you know that it is ok to be confident in the best possible outcome.  Amazonite can block any pesky fears. 

MONDAY 07/29/13

There is some very interesting energy available to us courtesy of the Sun and Chiron.  You will be able to see what has previously been hidden and become aware of the subtle influences in your life.  These are often the forces that are shaping your destiny and as we go about our daily lives they can be difficult to discern.  You could see the patterns in your life and then either embrace them or break them in order to make a difference.  This is powerful energy so be cautious because you won't be able to "un-see" these influences and you will need to deal with them.  Have no fear and use Iolite for insight and Labradorite for control of your destiny. 

Number of the day: 6

We are surrounded with boundless opportunities for love and light.  6 enables us to see them when they come our way.  Use Malachite to have the courage to not let them pass you by. 

TUESDAY 07/30/13

July has one more Trine for us before the end with Venus and Pluto sending a positive influence.  Pluto intensifies everything that it touches so it will work with Venus to encourage us to let loose with our emotions.  Fortunately Venus wants everything to be lovely so our feelings are intense without being overbearing.  This is wonderful atmosphere for building upon your relationships.  This does not apply only to romantic partnerships - any association will benefit from this transit.  The Sun and Jupiter are also adding to the good will and can enable you to see how you benefit the World.  It can be spiritually energizing to see how valuable you are to others so let Turquoise show you your place within the big picture.  Celestite enhances every interaction. 

Number of the day: 7

The energy of 7 allows us to interact with the energy that surrounds us.  It reminds our physical body of our spiritual side and enables them to act as one.  Lepidolite can be a constant resource to integrate our physicality with our spirituality. 


Posted on July 22, 2013
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