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Sept 7

The Moons transit through Capricorn continue as early morning Moon trines Venus and all is bright in love relationships and business matters. A Moon - Mars polarity could posse some challenges to partnerships both in love and business. When a partnership needs some TLC, Garnet is just what you need. Mercury forms an awkward connection the Pallas. Pallas in Capricorn later forms a connection to the Moon. Pallas energy abounds to dig into research, studies and some leisurely arts and crafts. With the long void Moon still influencing matters a there is a danger of biting off more then you can chew. Take little bites!!!


Sept 8


This may turn out to be the most intense day of September yet. The Moon leaves void and Capricorn behind to settle in to Aquarius. Aquarius requires us to get out into our communities and help where help is need, be it volunteer and charity work or community services.

Mercury makes an emotional friction to Juno and The Moon parallels Ceres to nurture, comfort and help ease your day.

The day then takes a distressing note during Mercury-Neptune opposition from Leo to Aquarius. This unusual third Mercury -Neptune is due to the Mercury recent retrograde, and this pair is sending mix signals. The lovely blues greens of Aquamarine is very soothing when confusion has you spinning in circles. On one hand it offers useful revelations and can be exploited to garner advances in the arts, music, photography and dance. On the other hand it muddied the waters in relationships and partnerships.

Trust you instincts on this one. Add to the confusion is a Moon-Vesta in Aquarius for useful gains in finances and a Stormy sea of psychic energy from an abrasive Ceres-Jupiter tie and a contra-parallel Venus-Saturn tie. Angelite opens your psychic centers to the highest source, insuring only the highest good comes from this stormy energy.


Sept 9th


Mercury moves into Virgo-again, enhancing organization and efficiency.

Mercury-Neptune alliance are still stirring things up.

The Moon parallels Neptune and Mercury once again is contra-parallel to Neptune. Are you confused yet?

Next up are two Saturn alignments in a row- a Moon-Saturn trine from Aquarius to Libra and a aggressive Mercury- Saturn tangle. Balance is a must to remain with a strong foundation under your feet. A Double Terminated Quartz Crystal will provide the balance needed to remain secure.

To bring some much needed relief from the intensity and confusion is An Aquarius Moon, bringing an evening of enjoyment and relaxation.


Sept 10


Its time to prepare for the potent Full Moon energy already being felt in the cosmic atmosphere, as the Moon leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces

Starting out the day is a Sun contra-parallel to Chiron, Mars trine Ceres is water signs, Mercury opposes Chiron, and the Moon-Neptune in Aquarius before the shift to Pisces. Don’t worry its all good thus far, leading to inspiration on all fronts. Psychic energy rules the day thus far in healing, alternative medicine and lucid dreaming. As the Moon makes it move to Pisces, understanding and sympathy enhance the empathy for the disenchanted , admirable qualities to imitate. All this psychic energy is opening the empathic channels and Iolite will help to control the energy so you only assimilate what you can handle.

The day goes down hill from there, with a mixed bag of emotional tensions. Venus opposes Ceres, the Moon unites with Chiron, Venus allies with Mar, Venus tangle with Jupiter and Mercury not to be left out form a awkward high energy tie to Uranus. Venus is asking us to slow down and nurture, be extra gentle and loving today. Face it, it could be worst.


Sept 11


With yesterdays potent alignment still reverberating in the air, the Moon in Pisces forms a supporting alliance with Jupiter in Taurus. A Venus- Moon contra-parallel leaves things a little iffy, but nothing that hard work and ingenuity can’t handle. A late Sun-Saturn contra-parallel could pop up some blocks to impede your progress. Not to worry, Pietersite will release any blocks that pop up.

Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn inducing a profound shift in metaphysics.



Sept 12


The early hour start of the Full Moon-Sun energizing Virgo in Pisces supports and requires individuals and group meditations to process and filter all the potent energy assailing the planet today. The monthly Moon-Ceres union in Pisces supports and heighten productivity in arts, tending garden and sideline activities. This lead in to a Moon-Venus parallel cultivates romance and creativity across the board.

Mercury in an of kilter tie to Vesta sheds light on potential concerns regarding investments, and home insurance worries.

The Moon opposes Venus during the void zone as Venus makes a great flowing trine to Pallas in earth signs. This harmony between Venus and Pallas leads to some detective work and subsequent problem solving. Tourmalated Quartz harmonizes energies, releases tension, turns negatives into positives, seeing all the problems dissolve before your eyes.


Sept 13

With the potent Full Moon energy still sending vibration throughout the planet, the Moon unites with Uranus in Aries, in the early hours of the morning. This union signals breakthroughs in consciousness, radical change and advancements in all areas of science and metaphysics. It’s a mandate to take control of your destiny. Higher consciousness is on the rise in all earthbound inhabitant and Selenite is there to help us assimilate this energy, to facilitate our advancement, as we evolve into our souls destiny.

Later Venus in Virgo forms a strange and confusing tie to Neptune in Aquarius. Don’t play the victim during this time, be sure in your intention in love and business, your know you can be your own worst enemy during this union.

Posted on September 07, 2011
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