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THURSDAY 09/06/12


Venus moves into Leo today and it is all about you!  The desire to be appreciated and admired drives our romantic, creative and financial pursuits producing a fun and flirty atmosphere.  You want to be noticed so use Coral Calcite to add some sparkle and Garnet to get the flashy results that you seek.


Number of the day:  2

The energy of 2 brings some balance and stability to the fiery energy of the day.  Pink Aventurine will enhance the energy and let you share who you are without the need for pageantry.  



FRIDAY 09/07/12


Reality can be illusive today with Venus and Neptune inconjunct.  The planet of dreams lets us see what we want to see rather that what we truly need to see, especially in the areas of love and money.  You do not want to take any kind of romantic risks or make any sudden purchases while these two planets keep us in the dark.  Pietersite will guide you towards the truth while Black Onyx helps you avoid any ill advised actions.


Number of the day:  3

3 is the number of alchemy and it gives us the power to turn anything into something more positive.  Let this magical energy bring you a glorious day and carry Labradorite to remind you that you have the power to make anything happen.



SATURDAY 09/08/12


Mercury, the planet of communications, in a square with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will produce some erratic energy today.  Too much thrown at us, too many choices and the inability to focus on details make this a challenging time.  If you've got some grand plan that you want to get off the ground and you can ground and center yourself enough to focus on the tiniest detail it, is possible to use this energy in your favor.  Sodalite can help with the focus and Green Chlorite will keep you detail oriented.


Number of the day:  22

A Master Number, 22 encourages you to take the power of thought and the power of physical labor and use them to build something extraordinary.  This extra boost of energy can really help your efforts at expansion.  Malachite will enhance and focus the energy.



SUNDAY 09/09/12


Today's quintile with the Sun, Mercury and the Moon can give your thought processes a real boost.  Under this influence, it is easy to grasp all of the details, think with clarity and precision, and communicate with influential directness.  Because each of these planets is in Virgo, you may feel that everything you think, do and communicate will have to be perfect.  Just be cautious that you don't let that Virgo need for perfection make you too nuts or cause you to over think and miss opportunities.   Tree Agate will sharpen your thoughts and communications while Amethyst keeps you from getting lost in your own head.


Number of the day:  5

5 is the symbol of perfection so it is no surprise that it is lending its energy to those major planets in Virgo.  Meditate with Bronzite to let the positive influence of 5 preside over your thoughts and actions.



MONDAY 09/10/12


A perfect day for positive manifestation is in store when the Sun conjuncts Mercury.  This is definitely a time when thoughts can become actions and you can really see some progress.  Just use caution in your communications because over exuberance can lead to saying (or writing - watch those emails and texts!) something you may later regret.  And once it's out there it cannot come back!  What you do (or even think) will have an impact so use Rose Quartz to make it positive and Celestite to avoid miscommunications.


Number of the day:  6

Let the harmonious energy of 6 provide you with balance and grounding today. 6 together with Citrine can be the tether that keeps you from flying too high and getting lost while still letting you enjoy the ride. 



TUESDAY 09/11/12


Take those cautions that I suggested yesterday even more seriously today.   Mercury and Venus cause an atmosphere that makes it difficult to communicate without misunderstandings.  Our minds are wandering and we are overly sensitive making it even harder to get a point across without someone's feelings being hurt.  Choose your words carefully and carry Kyanite to keep your intentions clear. Snowflake Obsidian can help if you are feeling especially emotional.


Number of the day:  7

The creative energy of 7 can be your ally as you look for ways to let others know how you feel.  Often it isn't what you say, but how you say it and 7 along with Blue Calcite will help you to keep it filled with love and light.



WEDNESDAY 09/12/12


Fear and jealousy can result in the need to take a hard look at areas of our lives that may not be working in our favor, especially those things that challenge our independence.  Venus is mixing it up with Pluto, Chiron and Uranus.  It's a time to re-assess and consider possible adjustments, particularly in those areas ruled by Venus like relationships and business.  The influence of Uranus will help you to let go and embrace new possibilities.  This can be confusing energy, so don't make any quick decisions or sudden moves.  Better to make a plan and go for it in a few days.  Apatite will give you some clarity and Rhyolite will calm any negative feelings.


Number of the day:  8

The number of infinity is perfect for today's energies.  If you are struggling with the possibility of change consider the endless loops of 8 and you may see how the constant flow of energies in and out of our lives is what makes it so special.  Chrysoprase will remind you that nothing is ever truly lost.


THURSDAY 09/13/12


There is still a lot of maverick Uranus energy hanging on from yesterday.  The urge to take a risk is almost uncontrollable making us edgy and tense.  You may feel out of control in some way and feel the drive to do whatever you must to take over the wheel of your own life.  Before you act take a minute - take a breath - and decide if it is the energy controlling you....or you controlling this energy!  If it is the latter then go for it and roll the dice!  Tigers Eye will keep you grounded and help you to avoid unnecessary risk while Carnelian will enhance the energy and give you the courage to go for it and give it your all!


Number of the day:  9

Once you make a choice you close one door and open the next, and that is what 9 is all about-endings and beginnings.  Use its energy to help you make the best possible choices.  Rutilated Quartz will help you to find those open doors that are just waiting for you to enter.

Posted on September 05, 2012
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