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SUNDAY 09/30/12


Do you feel that lovely glowing energy?  That is Venus and Jupiter preparing for a very favorable transit tomorrow.  When the planet of beauty meets the planet of expansion anything and everything is possible!  You will feel generous, optimistic and just overall very happy!  Use the energy for new undertakings as it is an especially good time for relationships and finances.  You can feel the magical aspects of this energy for several days so enjoy and use Rutilated Quartz to feel even bubblier and Pink Calcite to enhance the joyous atmosphere.


Number of the day:  8 


The seasons have changed, the sky is in motion and opportunities abound. 8 is back again to remind us that opportunities need to be seized! Tangerine Aura Quartz will encourage you to Seize the Day!


MONDAY 10/01/12


Later today, Mercury and Pluto will work together to heighten our intuition.  You are very in tune with your thoughts and surroundings, as well as the thoughts of others. If you are looking for truths then today is the day that you will find them.  There is also a strong motivational aspect to this transit that keeps you focused and ready to pursue your ideas and goals.  Take some time for meditation and/or an Oracle reading to really take advantage of this insightful energy.  Sodalite will open your third eye and Red Jasper will help you turn thoughts into actions.


Number of the day:  7


Take what you learn from the intuitive vibes of the day and rework it to prepare and plan for what is ahead.  7 wants you to have all of the tools at your disposal sharpened and honed for future expansion.  Tanzanite provides deep awareness to assist with your preparations.


TUESDAY 10/02/12


There are a lot of planets on the move this week and it begins as Venus enters Virgo. Virgo offers a mix of guilt and gratification to Venus's love of indulgences.  If those things that you love and enjoy are actually advantageous you will know it.  If those things are not so good for you then you may feel some shame and guilt.  A particularly good aspect for health related issues and if there is something you'd like to change - a bad habit that you want to release or a good one that you want to spend more energy on - now is the time. Leopard Skin Jasper provides support...and in this case a Leopard can change its spots!


Number of the day:  8


If you actively seek to make changes you can accomplish anything.  8 is about problem-solving, expansion and results.  We've had an abundance of 8 energy to remind us that now is the time to focus on our personal power and drive.  Fire Agate will enhance your efforts.


WEDNESDAY 10/03/12


Jupiter turns retrograde tomorrow giving us the opportunity to uncover how we can bring more growth, happiness, wealth and spirituality into our lives.  Retrograde periods make us work a little harder, think a little more and force us to take the necessary actions to make our lives more positive.  Some of the negative influences of Jupiter include dissatisfaction, greed, selfishness and overindulgences.  These can come to the forefront during the retrograde period to signal us that there is something in our life that is not working. Use Charoite to help the process of introspection and Chalcedony will help you to make changes that will make a difference.


Number of the day:  9


Just because the Jupiter's forward and expansive influence is changing does not mean that the chance for growth is diminished.  9 reminds us that new movement results in new possibilities, and this is a time for inner rather than outer developments.  Botswana Agate can show you how.


THURSDAY 10/04/12


Mercury enters mysterious Scorpio making us curious and especially observant.  Idle chit-chat and lengthy conversations have no place in your communications during this transit.  You’ll want to cut to the chase, speak your piece, and move on.  This is a good time for studies and research.  Try not to be compelled by gossip and scandals that tend to run rampant while Scorpio is at play. Pink Aventurine helps you focus and learn while Hematoid Quartz lets you keep your counsel and not get involved in others situations.


Number of the day:  1


Increased activity with planets moving here and there gives us a whole new sky, with the chance to for all kinds of new energies.  1 encourages us to take initiative, take action and make our own destiny.  Epidote enhances this energy of beginnings.


FRIDAY 10/05/12


And now Saturn moves into Scorpio for the next 3 years setting off a period of self-reliance and acceptance.  You may be forced to realize that there are powers beyond your control and sometimes you just have to let go.  If you don't try to control everything you can go very far during this period.   Prasiolite helps you trust your inner power and Labradorite enhances your intuition and gives you the confidence to release it all when necessary. 


Number of the day:  2


You are not alone.  You don't have to do it all by yourself.  It's ok to let someone (or something!) else drive the car.  You might find yourself at an awesome destination that you never expected.  2 and Bloodstone offer healing and grounding on the journey.


SATURDAY 10/06/12


How strong is the power of thoughts and ideas?  That is the question you will be contemplating as Mars enters Sagittarius.  How our thoughts inspire our actions and our influence over others will be prominent during this period.  This is an intense influence with lots of fiery, action-oriented energy.  Mars in Sagittarius is going to make you want to find your limits, and then keep going and exceed them!  Iolite will enhance your mental process and show you what you can do and Mahogany Obsidian will inspire you to action.


Number of the day:  3


Easygoing 3 reminds us that we are free to enjoy all of the fun and adventure there is....and there is plenty right now!  Forget the chores and use Sugilite to find the fun today!


SUNDAY 10/07/12


Mars squares Neptune today inviting inspiration from unusual sources.  While your intuition is strong this is very unpredictable, erratic energy so you will want to be cautious.  Truthfully, it will be a challenge to be very productive.   Better to relax, enjoy any new influences that may blow in and wait another day before taking any actions.  Azurite will help you to flex your mental muscle rather than physical and Jet will provide grounding.  


Number of the day:  22


Grounded expansion is the gift of master number 22.  The key to employing the energy is remaining positive and using your gifts of vision and insight.  Watermelon Tourmaline will enhance your insight today and point you in a positive direction.

Posted on September 29, 2012
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