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SATURDAY 09/22/12


And so we begin anew as the Sun enters Libra this morning and the Autumnal Equinox ushers in a new season.  This perfect balance of light and dark offers us the opportunity to harvest our accomplishments over the last six months and celebrate.  Take stock of where you are and where you would like to be as we move forward.  Agate enhances that feeling of balance and offers clarity while Sapphire aides in your preparations for the future. 


Number of the day:  9

It's a whole new season and 9 is here to remind us that now is the time to release any old burdens and give yourself the opportunity to focus completely on the present. 

Howlite will give you the perspective you need to let go of those things you don't need in a peaceful manner.


SUNDAY 09/23/12


You may be challenged today with making any plans or decisions as the Sun and Neptune are inconjunct.  The inability to communicate between these two planets - one about reality and the other about dreams - makes it almost impossible to formulate or realize any goals.  Wait until they move on and instead concentrate on eliminating any fears about your future that may crop up under this influence.   Yellow Calcite eliminates doubts and Morganite enhances your confidence.


Number of the day:  1

1 encourages that we focus on ourselves and our goals.  It may sound selfish, but by insuring that our personal wants and needs are met we are able to give more fully to others and our environment.  Charoite provides insight and confidence.



MONDAY 09/24/12


Something may feel like a good idea even if it goes against your common sense.  That's the Moon and Mercury offering insightful options that are not your typical way of doing things.  While it is often imperative to step outside of the box and try something new, be cautious.  Take your time and let your intuition lead you down the best path.   Lapis Lazuli will amplify your inner strength and Aquamarine will protect you from unreasonable fears.


Number of the day:  11

Be receptive to the powerful energy of 11 and see what new energies might come into your life today.  It is important to be patient with yourself and others since a peaceful mind is more open to positive influences.  Pietersite will help open your mind and will encourage you to be receptive to new energies.



TUESDAY 09/25/12


That atmosphere of risk taking you may have been feeling this week amplifies today with Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus.  There is a real tendency towards action but little thought of consequences.  Don't be afraid to take that leap but do remember that every action does have a reaction and you want to make sure that you get the results you desire - or at the very least don't bring about any negative consequences.  Brecciated Jasper offers guidance and Black Obsidian provides protection and grounding - very important under this influence!


Number of the day:  3

An adventurous number, 3 encourages you to do what you will (as long as you don't hurt anyone else!) so it is a perfect compliment to today's energy.  Chalcopyrite gives you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.



WEDNESDAY 09/26/12


Things ease up today with a lovely Grand trine between Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon.  These planets are all in air signs and will bring us a much needed aura of peace and harmony, both internally and externally.  Social situations and communications are very pleasant and if your mind has been fraught with decisions (and indecisions) you will find some relief - similar to a cool breeze on hot day.  Hematite keeps you grounded while enhancing the positive energy and Iolite can bring you the answers you seek.


Number of the day:  4

While your mind is at peace, take some time to use the energy of productive 4 to complete any lingering chores and take care of business.  Once you've accomplished your tasks you'll have more time to enjoy your day.  Aragonite provides stability and focus.



THURSDAY 09/27/12


Everyone wants to be a winner and letting the competitive side of our nature run free can be a good thing.  That is the message that Venus and Mars have for us today as they encourage you to go for the gold.  You don't want to let the negative aspects of competitiveness like jealousy, tension, and petty conflicts color your day.  Instead let the invigoration and creativity of fighting a good fight make this a productive time.  Green Aventurine will help you to grow from you experience and Unakite will send peaceful vibes.


Number of the day:  5

5 just screams at you to go for it!  Leap over obstacles, run ahead of the pack and enjoy the journey as you head for the top spot.  You can almost see the surprises and new life just ahead of you.  Smokey Quartz keeps you protected on your adventures.


FRIDAY 09/28/12


The Sun quincunx Chiron today causing doubts and guilt that can really wreak havoc on your morale.  Don't beat yourself up for the past - it cannot be changed anyway - and more importantly don't let this influence affect your future.  Use the energy to understand where any doubts or guilt are coming from, and then let it go!  When things are brighter you can move forward unburdened and confident in your ability to do anything.   Pink Tourmaline provides gentle strength and Malachite assists with the healing process.


Number of the day:  6

Take a moment to wrap yourself in the comforting energy of 6 today.  The number 6 will remind you to always be positive and filled with light.  Remember that where your thoughts go, everything else follows.  Rhyolite offers protection and enlightenment.



SATURDAY 09/29/12


There is a lot going on today between the Sun, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto, as well as a Full Moon in Aries.  Together they are all placing a strong emphasis on completions and endings - possibly one of the most personally challenging issues that each of us has to face over and over.  We know it's necessary, and we know it will open new avenues to us. We also know everything always works out for the best, but it is still difficult and too often just an unpleasant situation.  It is important to be very diligent about the choices you make under this atmosphere because there will be far reaching effects.   If you do face some challenges use Rose Quartz to open your heart, to nurture yourself, and as a reminder that everything will be alright.    Rutilated Quartz will bring in some light and joy and just make everything better.



Number of the day:  7

One of the best things about a 7 day is the opportunity that it offers you to examine, prepare and refine-excellent energy for a day when completions may be in order.  It is the number of chance and luck and you just never know what it will bring, so be prepared for anything.  Fluorite will enhance the energy and clear any negative aspects.

Posted on September 21, 2012
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