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FRIDAY 09/14/12


Mercury and Saturn are giving us a wonderful opportunity to prepare, organize, and just get our act together. Your thoughts are clear and your focus is absolutely dedicated to any kind of detailed work or organizational tasks under their influence so if you've been avoiding something that needs to be tackled now is the time to go for it. Blue Aventurine will set your mind towards success and Jade will help you to follow through.


Number of the day:  1

The efficiency of 1 will boost your activities today and help you to initiate new projects and reach your goals on those tasks already in progress.  The energy of 1 together with Moss Agate will bring you an innovative day.


SATURDAY 09/15/12


 A New Moon in Virgo is the perfect time to take a hard look at the practical things in your life to see what is working for you, and what is not.  Are you sleeping enough?  Eating your veggies?  Getting enough exercise?  Virgo's quest for perfection with the New Moon's "let's start over" mentality can help you to make any necessary adjustments that will bring more balance into your life - and will just make you feel better.  Peridot will uncover what isn't working and Black Agate will help with the necessary adjustments.


Number of the day:  11

If you thought you made progress yesterday just wait until today.  Master Number 11 is working with this New Moon to incite your intuition and show you how you can make anything happen. Labradorite will increase the vibrations.



SUNDAY 09/16/12


Mars and Jupiter could make you a little crazy today and inspire you to do too much and overextend yourself.  Fortunately Mercury is entering Libra and that balancing effect will cool what could be an anxious day.   Lepidolite lets you stay centered while Green Quartz helps you manage the energy and use it to be proactive when necessary.


Number of the day:  3

3 will guide you today when you are feeling as if there just isn't enough time, money, energy....whatever it is that you feel you lack.  3 together with Charoite will remind you that we always have everything that we need.



MONDAY 09/17/12


Pluto goes direct today and you'll feel the change in your ambitions and your level of confidence.  While retrograde, Pluto made us question everything and filled our thoughts with doubt that kept us from acting to quickly.  It may have even let you believe that things could stay the same.  Retrograde periods are about evaluation and adjustment - now that period is over and we know that change is inevitable.  It's all good because you are ready to move forward into the next phase.  You stand a little straighter and no one pushes you around.  Prehnite provides insight and support as you go after what you want and Pyrite gives you the boost to get it!.


Number of the day:  4

It is time to be practical and get back to work as dependable 4 leads the charge towards the actions demanded by Pluto.  Green Tourmaline will set you on the best path.


TUESDAY 09/18/12


Uranus is square to Pluto making us feel unsatisfied and trapped.  You want to break out of the monotony and lose those things that are holding your back.  Just be cautious and don't make any sudden decisions or long term commitments.  This is excellent energy for letting go of anything that is really hurting you but it can also trick you into making choices you will later regret.  Rhyolite will help you determine the ramifications of your choices and Rose Quartz will let you see the good sides of those things that you believe are harmful.

Number of the day:  5

Attractedto everything but loyal to nothing; 5 can lead you towards fun and adventure but be cautious with the tricky energy today.  You don't want it to lead you somewhere you really don't want to go!  Black Obsidian will balance the energy.



WEDNESDAY 09/19/12


Mercury is in a difficult pattern with Chiron, Pluto and Uranus that will lead to challenges in communications and relationships.  So let's look at the positive aspects....there is a balance of energy with these planets that could result in productive arguments that lead to positive changes.  It is also an excellent time to develop a deep understanding with others.  Rhodonite will help you uncover the positive energy in any negative actions under this transit.


Number of the day:  6

Comforting 6 can let you get the best out of today's emotional energy.  Use its energy along with Dumortierite uncover the best communications for your desired results.



THURSDAY 09/20/12


There is a lovely feeling of contentment produced by Venus and Jupiter in a sextile position.  You will feel very at peace with yourself, your situation and with other beings in you life.  This is a wonderful transit to form and deepen connections, both earthly and celestial!  Take some time and mediate with Angelite to enhance the spiritual aspects.  Wear or carry Strawberry Quartz to feel the beauty of your inner and outer world.


Number of the day:  7

A 7 day presents an excellent opportunity for introspection and insight.  Time alone can be the best thing for you right now.  Stilbite will enhance the mystical energy.


FRIDAY 09/21/12


Endings are always sad and when it comes to the final day of Summer, the most light-filled season, it can make us a little melancholy.  Maybe you feel you didn't enjoy the summer days (and nights) as much as you could have. Or maybe you've enjoyed them so much you can't stand to see it end.  Well the sun is still out and the days are warm so get out there and make the most of this last day of Summer.  Citrine will fill your day with light and Apatite will make your night memorable.



Number of the day:  8

8 is considered the number of resurrection.  A perfect reminder today as the warm sunny days begin to wane and we bid farewell to the Summer season.  It is all an endless loop so be joyful and carry Pink Tourmaline to remind you that everything good comes back again.


Posted on September 14, 2012

  Hi there!

I just want to thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom that you share through the “Crystal Astrology Report”. For the last year, I have seen marvelous things happening in my life, just because I follow your daily advice. It doesn’t mean that I “hijack” my process, hard things happen too…But I knew better and that is marvelous in itself. I look forward to see the next “Crystal Astrology Report”.

Best Regards,
Issa, Puerto Rico  (Submitted by: Issa on September 23, 2012)

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