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Sept 14

The Moon in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra adds to the day’s tension. Adding to the discord is Mars in Cancer opposing Pallas in Capricorn. This is a little like feeling someone is looking over your shoulder. Don’t let it get to you. Use it to dig into a perplexing problem that may reveal a solution

Good fortune and Opportunities brighten the day as Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus. Channels of communication are wide open. Aiding the removal of communication blocks is Kyanite.

Adding to the positive energy, Venus moves in with Libra to set up house until October bringing quality time for family and partnerships.


Sept 15

Transformation is in the cards as Both Pluto and Vesta prepare to make station and go direct this weekend.

Pluto, the planet of extremes, and Vesta, the orb of sisterhood, home and hearth combine and equate to a

battle of the wills. When two planetary bodies reach station at the same time, unusual activity of the extreme nature is sure to manifest. Petalite will assist in easing Transformation.

On a lighter note, the Moon parallels Jupiter and shortly after enters Taurus, requiring a deep look at any patterns that are unhealthy and needing release. As the Moon later trines Pluto, spiritual and mental willpower take center stage.


Sept 16

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this could be a wild and bumpy ride. If things are out of kilter and nothing is going right there is a reason. The Universe has decided we do not have enough challenges to make our life interesting, so it decided to throw the kitchen sink at us. How we handle them, will decide whether we win or lose.

First up in the ring is a Venus parallel to Uranus, the Moon tied with Jupiter in Taurus, the Sun opposes Ceres, and Venus is in an awkward link to Chiron, Pluto Goes stationary in Capricorn, The Moon trines Mercury in Earth signs, Mercury and Mars duke it out, and Mars knocks about with Neptune. This is a mixture to stir all lingering issues, setting the stage for great confrontations and clearing. When Chaos reigns, Pyrite can help you find your center to remain calm.

Pluto, today’s powerhouse, brings to the surface any deep, dark and unresolved hidden fears, secrets and dirty laundry hidden in the closet. It is all out in the open now. Azurite combined with Malachite brings to the surface these deeply hidden fears to facilitate clearing and an even deeper healing.

The two Venus and Sun-Ceres ties may let you find solace on this day, but do not count on it.


Sept 17

Whereas yesterday Pluto was the powerhouse in control, today Vesta is in the hot seat as it takes station and prepares to go direct. This would not be so bad if these were the only activities for the day, but the cosmos is not in a generous mood it seems. Moonstone can assist in the assimilation of energy, allowing a smooth transition and balance.

Saturn jumps in with a frictional link to Chiron, Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, the Moon in Taurus trines the Sun in Virgo. The Sun tangles with Jupiter and the Moon sides with Mars. Finally, yet importantly, Juno unites with Saturn in Libra.

With yesterday’s mixture still stirring things up be on your toes to weather any debris and fallout.

With both bodies now on station, things will begin to ease toward settling down. If you’re still standing at the end of the day kudos for doing so well.


Sept 18

Although not as tense as the last 2 days there are still issues to deal with. Affairs of the heart remain unsettled as Venus makes her third alignment with Uranus in the past few days by forming a contra-parallel to the Master planet. Adding to the fray, Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Later, ruffled feathers are somewhat smoothed when the Moon in Gemini trines Venus in Libra. However short lived this lunar alignment may be, it can work to your advantage if you use this energy to dig into creative pursuits.

Mercury makes back-to-back links with first Saturn then Juno, leading to a positive energy flow at work and in relationships. Mars, giving a boost of courage and passion, enters Leo to settle until November 10. This could enhance personal happiness and push it to new highs. Citrine, the stone of transmutation, will assist by turning any unhappy energy to a much lighter, brighter, positive energy.




Sept 19

It is the start of the new week and the chaos and discord fall back, giving an energetic Gemini Moon a chance at some playful fun and games. A slower pace sets the scene as the Sun makes a contra-parallel to Venus and Venus in turn forms a trine with Vesta in air signs. Chrysocolla can enhance this energy to give relationships a needed boost.

The Venus and Sun formation is a win-win in love, business and extracurricular activities on the town. The harmonious Venus -Vesta trine offers an excellent opportunity to add security to your financial picture.

With Venus ruling the waves, romance, Love Boat style, makes for an interesting evening.


Sept 20

With rough weather ahead predicted for the rest of the month, use the relative calm today to batten down the hatches and prepare for Pallas to take station in preparation for its switch to direct motion the coming weekend. An early Sun in Virgo to Pallas in Capricorn creates a trine in earth signs. Use strategy to solve problems. Tourmalated Quartz is a great stone for problem solving, getting past internal and external blocks.

The only possible wrench in the gears is the arrival of the Third Quarter Sun- Moon phase, dropping obstacles along your spiritual path.

Not to be out-done is a great Moon-Neptune trine in Cancer, the sign of its heart and home. All things family oriented take center stage on an upbeat note.

A Mercury-Chiron contra-parallel leads to healing and rejuvenation, meditation opening the doors to peace of mind.


Sept 21

The day takes a downward spiral from the start as Mercury dances in contra parallel with Saturn, all the while opposing Ceres. The Moon parallels Mars, who in turn makes an awkward link to Chiron, and the Sun similarly links Neptune. Mars adds an air of volatility to psychic atmospherics sending intuition on the blitz. Mercury lends and air of uncertainty to any business arrangements. Apophyllite will clear any blocks to intuition.

The Mars to Chiron and Sun to Neptune only add confusion to an already confused day. This evenings Cancer Moon soothes our senses with an evening of loving home vibrations.

Posted on September 13, 2011
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