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Aug 31

August ends with a look at Karma clearing as the Moon joins with Saturn in Libra. It is time to balance the scales and do what’s right. Saturn is the Supreme Teacher, demanding respect, hard work and responsibility. While Danburite can gently guide us in the right direction it is ultimately our responsibility to put things right. This monthly union makes it possible for us to make great advances on all levels if we go into the day with the right frame of mind. Take a page from your mentors and guide, learn from their experience and understand that we may fall down, but getting up again and continuing even when struggles face you is the mark of a person who lives life to the fullest.

The Moon-Juno partnership can lead to peace and harmony but, the temptation to shop til you drop may require you to put the brakes on your enthusiasm. A Moon-Mercury and Moon-Jupiter ties right making this a great opportune time to grab a stack of books, meditate, and prepare for tomorrows Moon-Jupiter dreams to instill valuable lessons.

Sept 1st

Jupiter the ruler of the pocket book, is steering us away from any large financial projects or investment while it remains retrograde. This mornings Moon-Neptune trine from Libra to Aquarius is seeing the psychic overly sensitive and creative imaging’s flowing.

The Moon moves into Scorpio the powerful. Scorpio likes to dig out those hard to find solution to problems and ferret out all the secret ins and outs of a perplexing problem. Productivity and healing rise to the fore as the Moon parallels Ceres and later a trine between The Moon/Chiron in water signs.

Learn more about advances on the leading edge of science, metaphysics and alternative medicine. Phenacite guides your dreams in the right direction. Meditation, affirmations and soul-searching get the thumbs up this evening since the Moon makes a supportive alliance with distant Pluto.

Sept 2nd

September is starting out as a pussy cat instead of a lion. Minimalism reigns for now.  Don’t make things more complicated then they need to be. The Moon in Scorpio forms a supportive alliance with The Sun in Virgo, enhanced by a Moon in Venus leads to creative cleverness.  Let the artist side of you loose, write, paint, create wonder. aligns the energy and attunes you to the source of your creativity. The Moon in Pluto, king of the underworld boost spiritual resolution and mental focus.

The Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus form a favorable trine in earth signs. Being in the right place at the right time can lead to truly golden opportunities. Positive thinking will get you past any worries and woes.

Feeling great is a Moon-Mars trine in water signs arousing emotions, vitality and confidence.

Sept 3rd

Make the most of the Holiday weekend while the Moon squares Mercury and Venus links to the whip master Saturn, keeping emotions high and on task to complete the days chores.

Noon time see the Moon square off with Neptune for some confusion as the Moon prepare to leave Scorpio for Sagittarius. Iolite will cut through the confusion with an discerning eye.

Once the Moon begins its monthly sojourn in Sagittarius fun and games rule the field. Get out there and play, it’s the weekend, have fun! The Moon once again forms its scheduled trine with the creator of radical change, Uranus. Consciousness expands with new breakthroughs and you have the world on a string or so it seems but the first quarter Sun-Moon phase brings an increased odd tension to the psychic atmosphere.

Sept 4th

The first quarter Sun-Moon activating Virgo and Sagittarius dictates to recognize the obstacles in your path. The physical and emotional connections help cut through them. Kyanite will assist in cutting through any blocks.

A day of learned lessons presents itself in the Moon-Saturn link. Take the time to slow down later as Sagittarius Moon forms a frictional tie to Venus in Virgo.

Sept 5th

The Moon in Sagittarius trines Mercury in Leo immediately followed by The Sun in Juno. Adding to the gentle support is a superior and inspiring Mercury parallel to Jupiter making unsurpassed opportunities. With Mercury directly tied to Jupiter in parallel, communication and literary pursuits get a real boost of energy. The following Moon-Neptune alliance carries in a tsunami of creativity and artistic originality.

Once the Moon moves into earth Capricorn, exploration of career plans and objective could rev up your productivity. Later the Ceres-Mercury awkward tie switch gears toward arts, crafts and hobbies.

Sept 6th

Helping you get a early start on the weeks plans is a major boost from a Moon-Pluto union in Capricorn, and a Mars -Jupiter link for inspiration. The Moon in Capricorn continues the positive flow in a trine with Jupiter in Taurus and a Sun in Virgo. This grand trine in Earth signs is as nurturing as it get.  Tune in to your higher destiny.  Be the mover and shaker you knew you could be. Sphene will align you to this energy, guiding you on the path to your destiny.

Posted on August 30, 2011
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