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Happy Christmas in July
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Wednesday 3rd August

Mars enters Cancer and remains until Sept 18. This double sided coin can bring Courage, leadership and positive motivations, but also some volatility on the home front with potential for some storms brewing in family affairs, be warned this is not a time to advance your own agendas right now, cool it for the next six weeks. Citrine smooth’s and calms any tension and anxiety on the home front. The Moon moves into Libra and harmony is possible. Mars and Neptune connect with the Moon and Juno for some magic of their own in love matters. The connection opens us to our creativity and psychic gifts will be more sensitive during this time. This may be a good time to strengthen your control over your psychic gifts with the help of tranquil Smithsonite. As the Moon moves into Venus, and they connect with the sun, friendly social endeavors are possible. This evening Moon wandering takes it into Saturn’s territory while Mars wanders around with Ceres. This portends a less  productive finish to the day.


Thursday 4th August

The Moons temporary stay in Libra is conductive toward creative insights, art and culture; visit your local museum for pleasing the eyes and resting the soul. The Moon later Moves into Neptune and energy levels rise, inspiration reigns, and energy continue to rise as Mercury and Mars get comfy and The Moon and Ceres connect. Definitely a day for artistic expression. Opal will help you express your artistic creativity. The evening can seem a little discouraging as Neptune moves from Pisces into Aquarius to stay until February 2012. A Venus, Pluto, Jupiter Square can make relationships difficult tonight.


Friday 5th August

As the Sun in Leo opposes Vesta in Aquarius, feelings of insecurity and security matters take precedence. Chrysoprase is a stone of security and trust, releasing the feelings of insecurity.

Vesta trines Saturn in air signs while the Sun form a tie to Saturn and Pallas connects to Uranus. Changes are coming fast and furious and riding the waves of this roller coaster it both thrilling and exhilarating. Fluorite is just what you need to integrate this confusing energy influx.

Moon wandering take it from Libra to connect in a trine to Neptune in Aquarius then moving into Scorpio for some intense energy exchange, then moves to opposes Jupiter and squares off with Venus to create an atmosphere of Stubbornness and unyielding attitudes. During all this energy rollercoaster, soul searching and problem solving require you to live life fully, delving into the mystical and spiritual research and learning’s.


Saturday 6th August

A break in all the craziness is a welcome relief, The Moon conspires with Pluto to push all the spiritual willpower buttons and resisting anger is a priority. No need to let the anger control you. Red Garnet will help you control the anger. Pallas-Chiron encourage helpfulness and delving into holistic healing, looking to boost the immune system with the help of Earthy Brown Jasper. The current Moon-Scorpio companionship demands releasing old deep seated emotions, fears and phobias, clearing the way for leaving the past and living fully in the present.


Sunday 7th August

The Moon moves from Scorpio into oft volatile and fiery Sagittarius, experiencing a death and rebirth of our optimism and adventurous spirit. Red Jasper assist in rebirthing, stimulating the base chakra and the rise of Kundalini energy. As Venus opposes Vesta and Mercury ties to Ceres and the Sun clashes with Ceres it behooves you to examine your relationship to food, your children and your productivity. Responsibilities and good hard work lead to acknowledge achievements as Venus-Saturn collaborate with a Leo- Libra connect.

Posted on August 03, 2011
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