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Make the most of these last days of Mercury in expressive Leo before it moves into the more serious sign of Virgo.  When Mercury is in Leo all of the filters are shut off and we find it easy to communicate from the heart.  Leo energy bypasses logic and reason and lets you get to the point and express yourself with candor and kindness and that is not always easy to do. If there is something you want someone to know now is the time to speak up.  Labradorite will break down any personal walls and Red Tiger Eye will give you added courage.


Number of the day:  6

Let the healing and harmonious guidance of 6 assist you with your communications today.  No matter what needs to be said, it can always be done with love, kindness and compassion. Mookaite will remind you of that.



THURSDAY 8/30/12


The Virgo Sun encourages us to learn new things and expand our lives but its opposition to Chiron gives us pause.  Our efforts are thwarted by fear of being different and not being good enough to succeed.  Or is it the fear of flying too high without our safety nets? Or is the idea of growing beyond our comfort zone the real culprit behind our doubts?   Never let fear stand in your way of being who you want to be! Use Epidote to combat your doubts and Jet to conquer those baseless fears.


Number of the day:  7

7 enjoys a quest whether it be for the truth or inner knowledge or to uncover some challenging mystery.  As a result 7 promotes solitude and gives us the much needed time and space for discovery and contemplation.  Solitude can be a rare thing in this busy world so take some time to for yourself today and use Moonstone to make the most of any inner journeys.


FRIDAY 8/31/12


And now Mercury moves into its home sign of Virgo (Mercury has two home signs:  Gemini and Virgo) and you can expect reality to settle in nicely in all of your communication efforts.  Virgo's earthy energy gives Mercury what it needs to offer us efficient and effective communications.  Sound boring?  Your thought process will be sharper, your conversations will be articulate and productive, and - best of all- all those things we rely on like our computers and phones just run more efficiently.  Boring can be a good thing! Of course there is the danger of too much practicality killing any imagination and whimsy so use Tsavorite to find the joy in this practical energy and Prehnite for thoughtful and purposeful interactions with yourself and others!


Number of the day:  8

8 is the materialistic number that keeps us grounded and assists with the accumulation or wealth and property.  Just remember that life isn't all about money and things - that is the challenge that 8 presents!  Carry Howlite to keep a balanced perspective.


SATURDAY 9/01/12


You will find it challenging today to focus on details or make any important decisions.  Mercury opposite Neptune produces a very carefree energy that can be deceptive and disruptive if you are attempting to accomplish anything important.  It is especially easy to lie to yourself under this transit and let wishful thinking lead to self deception.  Fluorite will help you to see reality and Sugilite will help keep the peace until the planets move on.


Number of the day:  6

It is good that we have another nurturing 6 day because we could really use it!  While the planetary influences may want to lead you astray, 6 reminds you that everything will be fine.  Mahogany Obsidian will enhance this comforting and protective energy.


SUNDAY 9/02/12


Venus and Saturn are in a tense square with very negative undertones.  You may feel overly sensitive and have an unreasonable fear of rejection.  Desires are all out of whack - we want too much of the wrong thing and just can't seem to see reason.  Try not to make any plans or significant changes to your relationships or finances until the energy clears.  Anything begun now could turn bad very soon.   Chrysocolla will promote inner peace and keep activities and interactions friendly. Carry Black Tourmaline to protect against the negativity.


Number of the day:  7

During a day where our emotions can be all over the place, 7 energy steps with the element of truth.  This energy can offer some needed reason and keep any negative thoughts from spiraling out of control.  Lithium Quartz will boost the power of reason. 



MONDAY 9/03/12


There is a lot going on today - Mars sextile Pluto offers a boost for successful goal attainment. Then Mars trine Chiron enabling us to take the lead and go after what we want with a fearless self-confidence - particularly helpful if you have to deal with something unpleasant!  And finally Mars inconjunct Uranus showing us where adjustments to our ambitious plans may be necessary and giving us the courage to make those changes.  Exhausted?  Don't be because there is an amazing opportunity here to make a real difference in your life.  The signs (Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Aries) are offering an exciting mix of earth, water and fire energy that can help you to imagine, formulate and create.  Chalcopyrite will help you to see all of the possibilities while Selenite increases and focuses the positive energy.   


Number of the day:  8

Success and achievement are the main focus of 8 - often at any cost!   Of course you want to do well and achieve your goals but don't let ambition override care and reason.  You don't want to attain prosperity just to find it has cost too much. Kunzite will remind you of what is truly important in your life.



TUESDAY 9/04/12


Mercury must have felt left out because now it's superseded Mars for another eventful day. Mercury and Uranus are complicating communications with doubts and insecurities.  Mercury and Chiron present us with the potential for misrepresentation and misunderstanding.  Fortunately, Mercury and Pluto make everything a little easier with insight and psychological clarity.  That clarity will put everything in perspective and help us to separate the facts from the less than positive fiction we can create in our minds under this atmosphere. Carry Celestite to enhance clear thoughts and Pink Calcite to keep a positive outlook.


Number of the day:  9

You may have found yourself struggling with yourself and others as you faced the challenging energies of the last few days.  9 is here to complete the cycle and help you to see the big picture.  Sometimes the path of least resistance is your best ally.  Use the energy of 9 and Blue Topaz to release and let go. 




Finally Mercury and Mars leave those other three behind and form a very pleasant sextile.  The result will be an energetic and enthusiastic day with positive communications, insightful decisions and decisive actions.  It will be a busy day but there is a wonderful opportunity to see real results from your efforts.

Brecciated Jasper will build your momentum and Black Kyanite will provide focus.


Number of the day:  1

1is here to remind you that you are a unique and special individual.  Embrace that as you move forward.  You may not know where the path leads yet but that won't stop you because 1 reminds you to have the ultimate faith in yourself and your abilities.  Aqua Aura will enhance your amazing power.

Posted on August 28, 2012

    (Submitted by: Carol on January 26, 2017)

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