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TUESDAY 8/21/12


Everything has an enjoyable vibe today with Venus semi-sextile Jupiter.   It's always nice to be comfortable in our surroundings and in the company of others but there is an additional quality to the day that is even more special.  Under this transit it is very easy to experience a feeling of comfort within yourself - you know who you are and what you are about and how you interact with your world.  Knowing and loving yourself is a lot rarer than it should be. Sugilite offers inner perspective and Rose Quartz helps you to enjoy this time.

Number of the day:  7


7 is about building things and is considered the number of creation.  It is about hard work and determination that results in glorious things.  But, 7 also wants to remind us about the importance of passive action- taking time to rest and think and understand that creation begins first in the mind.  UseBlack Kyanite to enhance your daydreams and see what you can create.




Fun and games are over for a little while as the energy shifts - along with the Sun - into Virgo.  Practical and earthy, Virgo is all about analyzing and adjusting in the constant quest for perfection.  Virgo can get a bad rap as being overly critical but truthfully it's a very adaptable sign that only wants to make things as good as they can be.  Use the energy to get back to work and develop any lists, agendas and detail work that may be necessary to set you on the track to success.   Moss Agate will ignite your efforts and Blue Topaz will provide balance and insight.

Number of the day:  8


Of course it would be an 8 day when Virgo takes over. The most practical and material of the numbers suggests we start planning for our future success. Green Chlorite will clear away the old energy and set you on the best path.


THURSDAY 8/23/12


Mars moves into Scorpio today for a very powerful transit that will be with us until October.  Mars only visits Scorpio every two years and together they create an intense and assertive energy that can be creative or destructive and - at its best - will do both!  This creation/destruction cycle is an important link to healing the past and starting over fresh since it embodies the death and rebirth cycle.  It can be a lot to take - particularly after Libra has cooled the fire of Mars since early July.   So go easy and carry Bloodstone to invigorate the creative aspects and Snowflake Obsidian to ease the affects of the destructive.


Number of the day:  9


9 reminds us that endings are part of the cycle and that completion is the first step towards renewal.  Our challenge - and it's a big one- is to let go!  Fuchsite will help you do just that.


FRIDAY 8/24/12


Mars has just moved into Scorpio and already it has joined with Uranus in Aries to offer us some powerful energy over the next few days.  This combination of fire and earth energy will produce a strong desire to make things happen.  Groundbreaking thoughts and achievements are possible under this influence and you will have the courage to make positive changes with a far reaching outcome.  Do not waste this opportunity to make your life better!  Fire Agate will give you vitality and Malachite will encourage positive manifestations. 

Number of the day:  1


A 1 day reminds us that now is the time to take the lead and do what has to be done.  There are always new beginnings just beyond the horizon and by taking control - taking that first step - we start our new journey. Labradorite will be your companion.


SATURDAY 8/25/12


It's a good day to take a step back and rest.  There has been so much action oriented energy flying around that today's Sun and Neptune opposition can work in your favor.  Your imagination will fly and your expectations will be unrealistic making it easy to get lost in (and buy into!) unstable fantasies.  Do the smart thing and just wait until the energy passes and you are back on solid ground before making any major decisions or commitments.  Black Tourmaline will provide much needed grounding and Angelite will stabilize your emotions.

Number of the day:  2


2 is a very receptive number that will remind you that it is better to just go with the flow rather than fight the energies surrounding you today.  Relax and let Moonstone alleviate any uneasiness.


SUNDAY 8/26/12


Neptune is still igniting our imaginations but now it is grounded by Mars allowing us to separate fact from fiction. Intuition, inspiration and creativity are all very strong and there is the added benefit of Mars' influence.  We are confident in our creativity and know who we are and where we are coming from.  Most importantly, we know that we have everything that we need and can do wonders with what we have.  Blue Calcite will inspire you and Carnelian will help to make things happen.


Number of the day:  3


Are you stressed over the past?  Worrying about the future?  3 is here to remind us of the harmony that lies in the here and now!  Why waste your energy on what was or will be when you can enjoy everything that you have right now. Clear Quartz will show you how.


MONDAY 8/27/12


Mercury and Pluto make us ask too many questions today.  Trust will be hard to come by and communications will be fraught with suspicion and doubt.  While it is great energy for asking the right questions and finding what we seek - just be sure that you are ready to deal with the truth because that is what you will find!  Dumortierite will ease your mind and Amazonite will keep communications lighter.

Number of the day:  4


4 craves order and does not deal well with instability.  Its energy could add more stress to the day so useAventurine (in whatever color calls to you!) to encourage 4's ability to bring balance to a shaky situation.


TUESDAY 8/28/12


And now Mercury and Uranus are surrounding us with very scattered and unfocused energy.  We are so unfocused it will seem as if we don't know what we are doing.  Scattered thoughts lead to troubled communications resulting in a less than harmonious day.  It is likely you'll have flashes of true insight but there is too much negativity so keep those thoughts to yourself until the energy is more positive and receptive. Amethyst will help you get through the day and keep a happy attitude.


Number of the day:  5


Have you noticed when Uranus is active that 5 energy is never far behind?  The two share a quest for freedom and a propensity for risk so be cautious today that they don't lead you astray while they work together in a challenging atmosphere.  Blue Sapphire will temper any ill advised actions.

Posted on August 20, 2012
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