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Happy Christmas in July
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July 19

Its all good news today, The Moon in Venus brings to the fore all things feminine, Garnet will enhance your femininity, while a pair of Boji stone will balance the Yin and Yang. A Mercury-Jupiter link open communications, creativity flow. Unresolved issues may arise later in the day, its time to heal old wounds.

July 20

Great day to great stuff done, inspiration leads the way to productivity. Lunar wanderings are leading the way. The Moon in Aries and its later move to Ceres opens the door to advancements in all areas.

A supportive rapport between the Sun in Cancer and Juno in Virgo remind you to take care of yourself with some me time enhanced by Chlorite in Quartz, and shop for the new outfit you just loved. The Moon -Juno union has you thinking outside the box, a later Moon- Uranus has you thinking Tech and computer are all in sync and actually helpful, time to get the new latest gadgets to play with. Studies in science and metaphysical matters lead to surprising advancements.


July 21

A link from Venus in Cancer to Mars in Gemini occurs followed by a productivity-enhancing Ceres parallel to Neptune. This union brings much needed positive energy for all. ShivaLingam will helps you absorb ans assimilate the energy flows. The Mars-Venus union encourages lovers and thrill seekers. A small discordance as Moon-Saturn links with Aries to Libra can be turned into a productive use of this energy to dig into your studies across the board. The Moon parallel to Mercury enhances in-depth research and while reading and study may seem easier tonight. It is advisable not to sign anything today.

July 22

The peace and quiet is over folks, its show time and things are heating up.

Pallas in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus while the Moon in Aries squares Venus in Cancer. It may be best to step back and regroup, as strategy session will be totally unproductive.

An Optimistic Moon-Jupiter parallel, the Sun forms an inspirational connection to Saturn and a Moon-Mercury flowing trine from Aries to Leo bringing in some positive energy . The Sun moves from watery Cancer to fiery Leo, opening you new opportunities to express your creative side. Peridot will let your creative expression flow with ease. Once the Moon enters earthy Taurus, spirituality and the higher mind insist on their due, lofty ideas manifest prominently

July 23

Last nights Moon is Taurus still energizes the subconscious mind , psychic energy is strong today.

.As Mercury forms an harsh tie to Saturn while the Sun makes an off-kilter link to Neptune Both of these challenging alignments may have you sleeping in to avoid the fireworks.

The Moon in Taurus begs for a nature outing, walking or spending time in the garden. Heliodor (Golden Beryl) combines with productivity-enhancer Ceres in fire signs and the monthly Moon-Jupiter union occurs in Taurus heralding good fortune and success. Ceres, reaching station soon, forms a discordant link to Vesta later in the day.

While money matters seem a little stressful, a night of entertaining family and friends brings good cheer to all.

July 24

After a Mars-Gemini and Jupiter in Taurus clash, the day looks to be a good one. Its Sunday, take advantage of the time left in your weekend to get out and do some exploring. The Moon in Taurus sends us some well ground and practical energy vibrations, get rid of those bad patterns and habits that are holding you back, with Chalcopyrite to assist you its much easier to do.

Posted on July 19, 2011
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