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July 12

As the Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini during what should be an inspirational trine with communication-master Mercury, it’s a lunar void so finish up any projects, but don’t start any new ones.

Nevertheless, exploring the healing arts and advances in alternative medicine makes sense as the Sun forms a tie to Chiron. Golden Beryl will bring out the Altruistic nature in you . Be cautious on the love front overnight as Venus in Cancer squares off with Saturn in Libra

July 13

Now is not a good time to take risk with love interest, so just relax and take time to just get comfortable.

As the Moon begins its transition into the next sign of the zodiac look toward boosting your career advancements. Amazonite will lead you toward success on the career front. Will power, reinforced by Sphene, and focus are a must as the Moon joins with Pluto. Storms and emotional upsets are possible.

A Moon- Jupiter trine in earth signs presents an optimistic energy pattern and set you up for the coming Full Moon


The Mercury in Leo, Vesta in Aquarius opposition is followed by Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Cancer opposition. Its going to be a rough ride for partnerships and love interest. Add to that the Full Moon opposite Cancer in Capricorn and we are in the middle of a celestial tug of war. Don’t give into fear and pessimism, Picture Jasper will move you past the fear and into your comfort zone. A Mars and Venus link early in the day leads to inspiration and dips into higher consciousness.

The Full Moon is the opportune time to participate in integrating the new energies with your friends and families in group meditations. Moonstoneand Selenite will help intergrate the Full Moon energies with out the chaos. As the lunar void starts take time to rest and get some much needed relaxation.


As the Moon moves into Aquarius, global consciousness takes center stage. Lead the cause to help the planet and its inhabitants. Manganocalcite will help us connect to the super conscious mind and send healing energy to all in need. Psychic tensions fill the air as Mercury links to Uranus. Push for advancements on your life path. With a Venus-Juno Link its time to pull out the Fancy Duds and kick up those heel. Spend a romantic evening with your Honey.


Opportunities knocking at your door demand attention as Venus parallels Mar, The Moon in Aquarius joins with Pallas and Vesta, and The Moon in Aquarius form a Grand Tine with Saturn in Libra and Mars in Gemini. They will counter A Venus-Neptune and Mercury-Pluto frictional and challenging links. The Moon in Aquarius trines Saturn in Libra while the Moon also trines Mars in Gemini. It’s a day for excitement in the love connections. The Full Moon energy in these celestial connections can lead to clear minds and problem solving. Take inventory of where you are and where you want to be. The ancient wisdom can be accessed with the help of a lovely piece of Lemon Jade or .

July 17

With the lunar twilight it may be best to just kick back and take the ride instead of pushing your own agendas. will pull in the nurturing energy of the Earth Goddess and bring peace and security.

Cerea in Aries link to Neptune in Pices give a much needed feeling of nurturing energy.

The main confrontation of the day arrives when Venus in Cancer forms an off-kilter, tie to Vesta in Aquarius. Stick to your budget and don’t give in to impulse buys during this time. will assist you in your nightly journeys‘. Keep a notebook by your bed to journal as your dreams fly you away while the Moon makes its monthly union with Neptune

July 18

Wow it’s a nice day, no struggles to speak of , we can relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Pisces Moon last night – with the monthly Moon-Neptune – was a first indication that a wave of serenity and peace was making its way through to humanity. Lithium Quartz ushers in the waves of peace and eases anxiety. In addition, the Moon congruence with shaman-like Chiron is a clear indicator that meta-physical forces are once again on the march. Healing and soul searching are front and center. It is also a good time to meditate with Azuritefor peace of mind and learn more about the Wisdom teachings of our guides, the angelic realm and Ascended Masters

Posted on July 13, 2011
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