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Clear thoughts and tangible results are just some of the gifts bestowed by a Mercury trine Saturn aspect.  This is a wonderful time for planning, organization and all kinds of detailed work, not just physically but mentally as well.  Manifestation is supported by these planets so you can mentally prepare for a glorious future and then watch it unfold over the coming weeks. Black Kyanite will support your positive thoughts and actions and Serpentine will enhance the rewards or your hard work.




Neptune begins its retrograde cycle so watch out for old problems, old addictions and even old fantasies to resurface.  Just because they come back that doesn't mean that you have to let them into your life again!  This is excellent energy to kick those unwanted energies out of your life for good.  The trick is to accept these elements of your "dark side" and find positive outlets that replace the negative addictions.  Have faith in yourself and you will triumph. Pietersite will enhance your intuition and help you to find ways to rid yourself of unhealthy energies once and for all.  Amethyst will keep your from back-sliding into addictive behaviors.




The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius today may feel stressful.  On the surface you may want to just keep the status quo but the real you knows it's time to bring all hidden truths to the surface, no matter what the fallout may be. Your best bet is to just go with the flow and see where it leads.  The good news is that the overall planetary influence is one that lets us easily adapt to new circumstances. Know that there is a positive outcome on your horizon.  Sodalite will enhance the best of this energy and allow you to use it to your advantage while Smokey Quartz will help you release stress and remain grounded.




This is a passionate and invigorating day as Venus squares Mars and prepares for a momentous transit across the sun (see tomorrow’s forecast).  Take the time to really enjoy the things that you love today whether it is a person, a thing or an activity but don't let the influence cause you to be too impulsive, especially when it comes to money. Ruby will enhance this beautiful day and Hematite will keep you from overindulging. 




For the first time this century Venus will transit across the sun (otherwise known as the Venus Occultation).  This cycle began with the first occurrence in 2004 and the masculine energy of Venus was emphasized affecting our financial energies.  This time the cycle will be completed and the emphasis is on the feminine - beauty and comfort.   A planet's energies are always strongest when the masculine and feminine aspects are joined so today's transit will produce extraordinary energy.  Venus is all about attracting those things to us that we want the most - love, comfort, prosperity and joy to name a few.  Watch for how these things manifest and transform in your life and enjoy this magical energy.  This is a perfect time to clear your crystals and charge them with your own special intentions.  Any crystal will feel extra special today so try Sapphire to enhance the abundant energy and Quartz to amplify the magical properties.




The fun and frivolity of the past few weeks gets toned down as Mercury enters Cancer.  Communications become a little more emotional and heavy under this influence.  Optical Calcite will help you to release emotions while keeping your communications drama free.




Follow your gut today and you can’t go wrong.  Intuition runs high and will be guided by the energy of Mercury trine Neptune.  Let your imagination run wild and it will lead you to the right place at the right time. This is a good time for making important decisions and using your creative side to achieve your dreams and goals. Apophyllite will enhance your inner vision and Azurite will manifest your dreams and lead you to where you need to be.




We continue to have a plethora of amazing and positive energy at our disposal as we traverse through the weekend.  Use caution in your communications as an upcoming square between Mercury and Mars could lead to misunderstandings, controversy and disagreements.  You may feel impatient and frustrated and it is too easy to relay that negative energy through your communications.  There is so much positive energy flowing that it can easily outweigh any negative vibes so keep smiling and use Blue Aventurine to use positive communication skills and Black Tourmaline to shoo away any bad feelings.

Posted on June 01, 2012
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