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June 28

Things quiet down today and it seems all isn’t so blue after all. The Moon in Gemini promote the literary arts today, write in your journal or read a good book. Mars Is pushing us to be reckless and daring. Step outside that comfort zone but be cautious, arrogance is not acceptable behavior. Rose Quartz will temper that arrogance with its loving vibrations. Venus ends the day with love and companionship.


June 29

With the partial solar eclipse due on July 1st, it is important to finish any lingering projects. Attention to detail will see you finish in grand style. The only cosmic event to speak of is a tie connecting Mars in Gemini to Pluto in Capricorn . Having the entire cosmic area for its manifestation, this Mars-Pluto tousle is likely to give many people a few headaches will relieves and release any tension before it can lead to a headache.

The preeminent time of the day occurs as Wednesday slides into Thursday since the Moon is approaching its monthly merger with Venus in Gemini . The hours experienced before the merger and permeating Wednesday night are inspiring, soothing and mentally refreshing.


June 30

June ends on a romantic note as the Moon forms a parallel to Venus. Love is blooming, but it is probably wise to wait until the Moon exits Cancer before surging ahead with matters of the heart.

A third Venus alignment takes place – this time a marvelous Sun-Venus parallel. This is comparable to a Sun-Venus union in the zodiac and they only happen every ¾ of the year. Rhodonite will reinforce the love and companionship.

Make some new friends and reacquaint yourself with some old ones.


July 1

The Partial Solar Eclipse and the Cancer New Moon simultaneously take place in the early hours of July 1

Almost every New Moon that happens becomes a prominent moment of truth for earthy residents because the solar-lunar ambiance are now in unison. However, before you can achieve a blissful union with your subtle bodies on the etheric planes, the Moon squares Saturn winding through Cancer’s rivers of sentimental and emotional limbo. Using Cavansites energy to facilitate this union will hold you steady until the emotional fireworks are past. Home, family, cooking, gardening and reflective themes will still be in the fore, but hanging tuff for now may be the best course of action.


July 2

Someone said laughter is the best medicine and today it fills the bill. While Mercury and Neptune equate with confusion, frenzied exchanges and travel snags, this morning’s dreams and visions can still be mystical and momentous. Journal, journal, journal. Write them down , will help you remember your dreams to examine them later.Healing forces lie in waiting for all those ready to be renewed.


July 3

Cancer long known as the sign of family and home are reinforced by Venus’ entrance in Cancer until July 28, Home and family connections are strengthened as Sunday night eases into Monday morning. Love bonds also entertain encouragement as Venus is approaching a flowing trine with its high energy, sentinel planet Neptune. Dendritic Agate long held to the stone of families and family connections will allow the love and ties to remain strong and sure.


July 4

Pushing to the fore with a lot of insensitive resolve is not the smartest thing you could do right now as the Moon in Leo is void when the lunar orb enters conscientious Virgo. Tiger Eye, able to balance your needs with the needs of others will bring a balance to the satisfaction of all involved. The Sun forms an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with problem-solving genius Pallas This kind of solar link with Pallas reminds you not to exhaust your mental and intellectual powers. The good news of the day happens when Venus makes a flowing trine to Neptune in water signs while Mercury forms a similar trine to Uranus in fire signs. It is significantly astounding for both Mercury and Venus to be making amicable connections to their higher-octave, guardian planets – Uranus and Neptune. Romantic vibrations increase in frequency as the Moon makes a supportive, affinity with Venus.

Posted on June 28, 2011
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