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First Venus goes retrograde asking us to reevaluate the relationships in our lives, and now Pluto is in a quincunx position with Venus further challenging us to make adjustments to those relationships.  Think the Universe is trying to tell us something?  Maybe, but you don't want to act on anything right now because Pluto's influence is not calm and rational.  Anything you do now may be based more on fear and jealousy and you really don't want to make any major changes until Venus starts moving forward later this month. Use Black Onyx to combat any issues of powerlessness or loss of control and Seraphinite to help you uncover anything that really does require change. 





A New Moon in Gemini brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start, particularly when it comes to communications.  Have you wanted to reach out to someone but you just weren't sure how?  Is there a situation that has gotten out of control because of a disagreement or misunderstanding?  If you want to change something you've got one of the best chances all year to do it and get the outcome that you desire. Use Tangerine Quartz for lingering fear and Lapis Lazuli to know the right thing to say for that new start.




Here we are at the longest day of the year.  The Summer Solstice occurs as the sun enters Cancer this evening and we begin a new season where the focus is on feelings and family.  This can be a very emotional period with an emphasis on intimacy and commitment - all things that Cancer loves to bring into our lives.  Emotions can be a really wonderful thing as long as you watch out for those highs and lows.  The trick is to find the balance that helps you make the most of this magical time. Rutilated Quartz will help to find that balance and Rhodonite will let you channel this energy for your higher good.




If you don't already have a busy day planned....well get busy and use the energy of Mercury and Mars in a sextile position to its full advantage.  These two will give you plenty of positive energy to get things accomplished.  This is an especially good time to make decisions and start new projects.   Moss Agate will enhance the enthusiasm of the day and get you moving.




Logic is an invaluable tool when it comes to making choices in our lives.  But there comes a time when you've got to toss logic to the side and listen to your heart - that's what Mercury in Cancer is all about.  If you need to be a little more emotional, a little more empathetic and little less logical - you will have this energy to help you out for another few days.  Take the opportunity to see where your heart will lead you while you can.  Orange Calcite will point you down the right path and Opal will give you the courage to follow it.




Expect upheaval tomorrow as Uranus and Pluto are in the first of seven exact squares that will occur over the next few years.  Uranus demands change and Pluto seeks destruction.  Together they bring about vital change by tearing down the old and outdated to make way for the new.  Change is often difficult but if you can let go and lean into the fall you may find that you land exactly where you need to be.  And what's better than that?  Tanzanite is going to help you manage the transformation by reducing stress and Watermelon Tourmaline is going to soften your landing by bringing balance and letting you see the bigger picture.   




Saturn starts moving forward again tomorrow so expect that change in direction to give you the green light on any projects or relationships that have been stuck on hold while Saturn was retrograde.  If you've been lackadaisical about your duties, hesitant about taking a stand or avoiding a leadership position then you should also look forward to a change in attitude about how you handle your responsibilities. Pink Aventurine will help you re-start the engine and Carnelian will give you the courage to upgrade your attitude.




Jupiter and Neptune are in a square and our heads are in the clouds.  Beware a day where emotions can run rampant, wild exaggerations seem normal and confusion can make for poor judgment calls.  Tourmalated Quartz will reduce the negative energy and help you to remain balanced and Garnet will let you ride out the crazy energy without making any regrettable choices.

Posted on June 19, 2012
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