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If you need to have an important conversation with someone, then Mercury opposite Pluto will be in your corner.  These two produce very obsessive/compulsive energy that can work for you as long as you are cautious.  Don't let your agenda dominate communications and beware of the signs of negative thought patterns that will lead to stress and anxiety.  Remember that communication is a two way street and use Lepidolite for a calming presence and Morganite to express yourself with kindness and clarity.




Jupiter enters Gemini making for some busy and interesting days ahead.  Gemini is the sign that wants it all (or just can't decide want it wants!) and Jupiter wants everything to grow and expand without any limit.  Working together, they will give you the opportunity to be open to so many possibilities - maybe too many!  This adventurous time can lead to a feeling of being very overwhelmed, frantic and indecisive.  Ametrine will offer balance and Emerald will help you to harness the best of the energy while limiting the stressful qualities.




Chiron is the planet that wants to enable us to go within and heal ourselves.  As Chiron turns retrograde (until November) we are presented with the opportunities to go "without" as we continue our healing process.  The theme here is that you don't have to go it alone.  Expect to find and be more attracted to outside healing opportunities.  Maybe you want to talk about something you've kept hidden or maybe you want to try a new healing program like Reiki. Maybe you want to join a gym, run a 5K or just buy a new dress.  The key is to be open, try new things and allow yourself to feel good.  This is awesome healing energy - you don't want to waste it.  Double Terminated Quartz will amplify the energy and Violet Sapphire will open you to new horizons.




Today is going to be a wonderful day.  It is a day to move forward with joy and confidence as the Gemini Sun in a trine with Saturn gives us the all clear signal.  This is a particularly successful time for all kinds of functions that celebrate new beginnings like graduations and weddings.  Enjoy this wonderful time and use Citrine to amplify your good fortune and Amber to feel the joy of being alive.




It is easy to be honest with ourselves and understand what we need to heal and move forward with Mercury in a trine with Chiron.  The challenge is to implement those changes that we know are necessary.  Too often we wait for change to be thrust upon us rather than taking the leap to implement that change ourselves.  Chiron in retrograde can be a real benefit now.  If you let it, it will enable you to take charge, go out into the world and do whatever is necessary to heal yourself.  Smoky Quartz will support your bravery and strengthen your efforts.  Charoite will offer valuable insight.




Every season has its own energy and you will want to use these last few days of Spring to your advantage.  Spring is all about renewal and rebirth and taking chances. If there is something in your life that needs a jolt then use this Spring energy while you can. Spring is also a season filled with surprises so do something unexpected and see what it does for you.  Moss Agate will support your new beginnings while Orange Calcite brightens your day and brings joy to everything.





The walls are almost impenetrable today as Venus squares Chiron and we want to hide our feelings not only from others, but also from ourselves.  You may think that blocking your emotions will save you from pain but eventually anything buried will come to light.  It is better to acknowledge the truth - at least to yourself - so the healing process can begin.  Carnelian will allow you to acknowledge your hidden demons and Fluorite will begin the healing process and banish them from your life.





If you find yourself staring out the window, your mind wandering or your thoughts just in the clouds today that will be Mercury and Neptune encouraging your mind to play with daydreams instead of focusing on the business at hand.  Try not to do anything too important like sign agreements or give a speech - your focus will be off and it will not play out as you expect.  Instead, use the creative energy of the day and leave the heavy thinking until tomorrow.  Lapis Lazuli will help you to focus if you simply must handle some business and Pink Aventurine will let your enjoy your time in the clouds.

Posted on June 09, 2012

  Insightful article since my birthday is 6/13. I am trying to understand and heal from an emotional and physical relationship wiyh my daughter. I no longer have contact with her and it is her graduation 6/10. I am struggling with healing and to read the astrological notes for the days ahead has helped. Thank you!
Beth  (Submitted by: Beth on June 09, 2012)

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