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Mercury and Neptune in a square position are going to send your perceptions in every direction.  You may feel idealistic, unrealistic and too confused in general to make any kind of informed decisions.  Try to not commit to anything at this time.  In particular, don't sign anything.  Instead, take some time to daydream and write down where your mind goes.  Wait for another day when you've got the possibility of making those dreams, no matter how unrealistic, come true.  Aquamarine will calm those confusing thoughts and Lapis Lazuli will offer focus throughout the day.




Saturn will be retrograde in Libra for about another month so it's a good time to review and revise.  Saturn always wants to teach us something and loves to make us work hard for it.  So think back over the last year or so about what you have had to work for and how the results have manifested in your life.  Libra desperately wants us to find balance so if you find the result of all that hard work is an imbalance in work, relationships or anything in your life, then now is the time for change.  Peridot will assist with your personal review and Rhodonite will support your quest for balance.




Perceptions are still off but now it's Mercury square Chiron, so it is more emotional.  This influence makes it too easy to misunderstand and be misunderstood.  It is too easy to hurt others and be harmed ourselves.  It will be a challenge to trust, and the best of intentions can go awry.  Moonstone will allow you to release your emotions in a more positive manner while Black Tourmaline will protect you from any negative energy.




Finally some clarity!   Later today Mercury conjunct Pluto giving us the perfect opportunity for practical thinking.  It is easy to grasp just about anything and you are mentally acute under this influence.  After the last few confusing days, you will want to uncover as much as you can now and it will be easy to take the facts and put them to good use.  Phenacite will let you envision how to best use this energy while Unakite will promote the results of your efforts.




The day begins with disruptions and contradictions as the Moon opposes Uranus.  These two will produce very erratic energy.  It is a challenge to maintain order, follow a routine or keep to a schedule.  It won't last long and a little unpredictably in your life can be a good thing.  You never know what you will find when you are forced to go rogue and follow a different path.  Botswana Agate will encourage a more positive flow of energy and allow you to be creative in your reactions.




Use caution today with your interactions since Mercury and Mars will make it too easy to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  This is not a good time for any kind of meeting.  We are too hasty in judgment and have no patience.  Think before you speak and use Angelite to let your true inner voice guide you.  Aragonite will aide with retaining a measure of patience and calm.




The Moon and Saturn join up today to give you a boost towards your goals and dreams.  Saturn offers that grounded, reality based influence that helps us to make our dreams come true.  This is an especially good time to use this influence since Neptune will be going retrograde soon and reality may feel more like a harsh reminder rather than something we can actually achieve.  Venture forward now under this successful influence.  Topaz will help you to uncover what you need to do to achieve and Orange Aventurine will guide you on the path to success.




What a wonderful day!  Mercury conjunct Venus, giving us an overall pleasant vibe creating good moods and good times.  Business, commerce, interactions, communications......just about everything is very favorable right now. Enjoy this beautiful influence and make the most of this magical day.  Clear Quartz will maximize the flow of positive energy while Citrine will keep your personal outlook sunny and vibrant.

Posted on May 24, 2012
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