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Happy Christmas in July
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You may still be feeling the effects of a Jupiter/Saturn quincunx that occurred late yesterday.  Remember the quincunx position typically causes frustration because it joins two very opposite planets.  Jupiter wants you to expand and go bigger and Saturn wants you to sit tight and take care of business.  So if you cannot make a decision then leave the choice for another day.  Snowflake Obsidian will offer some much needed balance.  Unakite will ease the frustration.


FRIDAY, 5/18


Still feeling frustrated and tense?  Clarity and decisive action are still a few days away as we muddle through Mars opposite Chiron.  Be cautious because this transit can make you feel and act very defensive - especially when it seems as if someone else has a plan that will clash with yours.  And the fact that you are not wholly committed to your plan isn't helping anything.  Blue Calcite will bring a gentler approach to your communications and help you to avoid a superior attitude.  Dumortierite will offer some focus and remind you that things will get better.




And now things start to get better as we prepare for a New Moon in Gemini tomorrow.  Gemini is a fun and sociable sign while also a bit restless.  It has a dualistic nature that makes it hard to choose and easy to want it all - or at least want two of everything!  The New Moon invites the start of new things in our lives and while it is still not the best atmosphere for choices it is perfect for good times, social interactions and travel.  It is a good day to just get out and see where it leads you.  Emerald is perfect for new beginnings and it will help you get the best of this energy.


SUNDAY, 5/20


The Sun and Moon enter Gemini today to form a Solar Eclipse.  Gemini is going to usher in a busy season of celebrations and socializing.  Don't be surprised if you have more than one event in a single day.  Gemini can never have enough fun!  A Solar Eclipse typically brings about shifts and shakeups.  Since Gemini is an air sign you can expect those shifts to involve communications, travel and the climate.   The key for this atmosphere is to remain open and try not to struggle against the tides of change.  By surrendering your ego and plans you open the door for new and exciting things that these shifts can bring into your life.  Remember that change is not only good - it is often necessary!Labradorite will help you accept any personal shifts and Dalmatian Jasper will ease any transitional discomfort.


MONDAY, 5/21


This is a wonderful day to listen to others.  Really listen - not "fake" listen while you are thinking about what you want to say!  Mercury and Saturn are in a quincunx position which makes it a challenge to communicate effectively, particularly when it comes to getting a point across.  Anything you try to say may come across as unfocused so instead let others speak to you and take your time before you respond.  Jade will assist by bringing harmony to your communications.




It's time to plan for the future and go big or go home as Mercury conjunct Jupiter.  This is a wonderful aspect to visualize what you want and make it happen.  You can really feel the optimistic energy and the more enthusiastic that you are, the more good things will come your way.  Both planets are in Taurus, the sign that never quits, so success is almost guaranteed.  Enjoy this positive and fortunate transit.  Iolite will help you tap into what you really want and Dioptase will increase the good vibes to make it happen.




You won't want to make or try to stick to any plans while the Sun and Neptune are in a square.  This is beautiful energy to just relax and go with the flow.  Don't push an agenda - even the strongest of wills won't fair well under this influence.  Instead of straightforward, analytical thoughts and actions try a more creative approach today and you will see a more positive result. Howlite will help you to relax and release.  Lepidolite will let you enjoy and benefit from the peaceful energy.





Remember all those grand plans from a few days ago?  Now is the time to launch them as Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini.  This is a very opportunistic energy that means good things for the general flow of communications.  You want to promote that project, product or idea and get it off and running while Mercury in Gemini can give it a boost of energy and help you communicate your passion to others.  Apatite will help you to express yourself with clarity and depth while Tanzanite gives you insight into how to get what you want.

Posted on May 15, 2012

  Thank you again! It's great to have a reference during this time of transition.  (Submitted by: Jake on May 19, 2012)

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