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MONDAY, 4/23


Go forth and conquer today with the Sun and Mars in a trine position.  The respective influence of Taurus and Virgo will help you to feel strong and confident, especially in creative matters.  These earth signs will encourage you to show the world how just how powerful you truly are. Morganite will enhance your personal power and Lapis Lazuli will guide you towards using the influence for the most good.




The Moon and Venus are together in sociable Gemini making this a good time for social interactions on all levels.  Go out with friends, network with business associates or try that new class you've been considering.  All communications and outings will be especially fun and fruitful under the guidance of the Twins. Howlite will assist with finding outlets for socializing and Jade will enhance the harmonious energy.




Your thoughts could lead to trouble today as Mercury squares Pluto.  It is easy to fool yourself by reading between the lines, feeling suspicious and becoming compulsive over every little thing.  And with these planets in a fire and Earth signs you'll want to broadcast your thoughts quickly and without censor.  If you do have a situation that does requires decisive action, this influence will be most beneficial.  Otherwise, use Diopside to help avoid mental overload and Onyx to combat the tendency towards negativity. 




This is a wonderful day for relationships, partnerships and commerce.  Negotiations, promises and commitments are especially favored under the influence of Mercury and Venus.  Mars is finally at full force again after an extended retrograde period so many things that were put on hold when it comes to your personal and professional interactions can now move ahead in a very positive manner.  Use Pyrite to enhance your business dealings and Rhodonite to keep everything friendly.


FRIDAY, 4/27


It will be a challenge to keep your emotions to yourself today with a Cancer Moon and Mercury in Aries encouraging us to express our feelings to others.  They say that timing is everything and maybe there is something that you have wanted to say but you just haven't found that perfect moment.  For better or worse, today just might be that moment.  Use the influence to free yourself from anything you have been internalizing for too long. Sugilite will help you express yourself with kindness and clarity. Amethyst will encourage a receptive atmosphere.




The taskmaster Saturn wants to guide your emotions today and bring out the serious side of your nature.  A strong urge to get ahead can make you determined to ardently pursue your goals at any cost.  This could make you seem a little cold and distant, so use a Pietersite as a reminder to be considerate of others as you forge ahead. There can also be a tendency towards frustration and dissatisfaction so keep a Rose Quartz handy to remain positive.


SUNDAY, 4/29


It is a perfect storm of will and determination today as the Taurus moon trines Pluto.  This combination offers powerful energy to kickoff transformations and necessary changes.  The trick to avoiding stress is to work with Pluto rather than against itIt is an especially good time to end any bad habits and begin anew as we prepare for an eclipse and powerful new moon next month. Labradorite will offer support during the transformative process. Carnelian will keep you focused and positive.


MONDAY, 4/30


You may feel uncertain about recent undertakings (like those you began yesterday!) and reconsider your actions.  That's just the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune making us feel a little foggy and unsure.  Don't let it stop you from your chosen course of action! Try to stick with the programs you've begun and what you have going and delay any major decisions for a few days.  Your thoughts will be clearer then and you can make an informed decision. Malachite will keep you focused until the clouds of doubt disappear.

Posted on April 22, 2012

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