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WEDNESDAY 03/13/13


This is a lovely day to go with the flow and see what happens. The abundant creative energy will let you react to any surprises with flourish and aptitude.  The Sun and Pluto are working well together and they are going to let you take what you have and turn it into something new.  Chalcopyrite will help you find your playful side and Rhodochrosite lets you have some fun. 


Number of the day:  13

13 is a Karmic Debt number that typically shows up in personal numerical charts rather than daily energies.  Its energy feels prevalent today, so expect to see challenges that may be difficult to overcome - but you will prevail.  Stay positive and focus on what you really want to accomplish.  Kunzite will ease your frustrations.



THURSDAY 03/14/13


We are about to wrap up Mercury's retrograde phase so you want to use this opportunity while you still can.  This is a very insightful atmosphere that is perfect for artistic endeavors.  Practical matters are going to be a challenge, so it is better to direct your efforts elsewhere rather than fight the energy.  Let your creative side out while your critical thinking is too unreliable to do you any good.  There will be plenty of time to take care of business, so enjoy doing things that you love to do and carry Kyanite to find outlets to expression your passion. Dalmatian Jasper reminds you that every action you take helps you to find your higher purpose.


Number of the day:  5

Do not allow yourself to get stopped in your tracks when things go awry.  Be flexible and you will find the way to get around any obstacles. Keep Amber close by for support.



FRIDAY 03/15/13


Mars and the Moon are in a transit that could inhibit your actions.  You are afraid to proceed for fear of hurting others.  Your emotions and perceptions are all over the place making it difficult to trust yourself.  You know that your actions and feelings are very out of tune with each other and you are not sure why you do the things that you do.  Iolite can help you to understand your true motives and Black Agate will calm your negative emotions and let you make balanced choices.


Number of the day:  6

Be comforted by that fact that you are never alone throughout your triumphs and your struggles.  There is always help available and Hematite will give you the courage to seek it out.



SATURDAY 03/16/13


A minor transit between the Sun and Saturn could make you feel unappreciated and discouraged.  Don't waste your time and energy feeling sorry for yourself. This energy passes quickly and you do not want to let perceived blockages get in your way.  Power through it and things will get better.  Fortunately, Venus and the Sun are in a more pleasant configuration that will help you to see the beauty in everything. Particularly, you will notice those things that make everything and everyone unique.  Chevron Amethyst relieves any stress and Rutilated Quartz will brighten your day.


Number of the day:  7

Perseverance is all about your attitude.  Keep it positive and you will also be headed in the right direction.  Black Tourmaline will clear away your doubts.



SUNDAY 03/17/13


Mercury goes direct today and remember that the effects of retrograde are always strongest on the first and last days.  Expect to be in a dreamy state for most of the day and do not attempt to tackle anything too complicated since your spacey mind will not deal well.  Be sure to get out and socialize since it is a lovely day for positive communications.  Your intuition will be very active so it is advisable to listen to yourself!  Stilbite will keep you calm along your travels and Seraphinite will enhance any inner messages - and you're going to want to have something green with you anyway for St. Patrick’s Day!


Number of the day:  8

You will find your balance - even if you feel as if you are all over the place right now.  Everything settles towards the middle in time.  Snowflake Obsidian will keep you peaceful while everything else is influx.



MONDAY 03/18/13


The sky may be resting for the busy months ahead, but there are a few minor transits to consider.  The Sun and Jupiter produce some lively energy that is excellent for business and financial progress.  Mars and Saturn will help you to carve out some "me" time and create something extraordinary.  Overall this is a good day to make things happen so carry Turquoise to connect to all of the possibilities and Tangerine Quartz to make them your own.


Number of the day:  9

It is a good time to gather your internal and external resources and determine what you hope to accomplish.  The time for consideration is quickly coming to a close.  Pietersite will help you to see what you might have missed.



TUESDAY 03/19/13


It is finally here!  The last day of Winter and it's going out with Mercury and Mars in an action inducing transit.  This could be a very productive day where you find yourself constantly on the go.  You are alert and enthusiastic and eager to make some progress and put those days of introspection behind you.  Are you ready for the new adventures ahead?  Ruby in Kyanite will let you put your new found knowledge to good use and Tiger Eye enhances your optimism for the future.


Number of the day:  1

Open your mind and your heart to the season of change.  Green Aventurine is perfect for opening doors and welcoming in new energies.

Posted on March 12, 2013
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