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WEDNESDAY 03/06/13


It's a lovely day for interactions and socialization when Mercury and Venus are teamed up in an affable transit.  Even though you may not be in a working mood, this is a great time for negotiations and you may find that friendly communications lead towards success and financial gain.  This is an especially good time to open up and tell others how you truly feel.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde, so the best use of the energy is to deal with existing relationships rather than creating new ones.  Blue Aventurine will show you where to place your efforts and Scolecite enhances connections.


Number of the day:  6

6 makes us wonder why we can't all just get along.  Let its vibration help you to develop peaceful and understanding relationships with others.   Larimar enhances the unity.



THURSDAY 03/07/13


Saturn and Pluto in a sextile position are going to usher in a time of change.  This is very intense energy where there is no time for play or nonsense.  Saturn's influence offers discipline and determination that give us the will to work hard for what we want.  Focus on your current foundation and build up from there.  Be forthright and courageous and have no doubts that you are ready for this next step.  Red Tiger's Eye enhances your strengths, while Tree Agate promotes a positive outcome.


Number of the day:  7

7 encourages contemplation before action.  Take the time to consider what it is that you really want and see if it is in alignment with where you are and where you want to be.  Garnet will get you started.



FRIDAY 03/08/13


This week's powerful energy continues but now it focuses inward rather than outward.  Mercury and Chiron meet up and produce an exceptional force that will provide valuable insight and opportunities for healing and balance.  You understand more about yourself, your actions and your reactions to everything that is going on.  You can balance your intuition and your abilities in a manner that allows to you approach everything with a deeper lever of trust and faith in yourself.  Success is imminent as you focus all of your senses and instincts towards a common goal.  Use Kyanite for release and balance.  Pink Tourmaline reminds you to follow your heart.


Number of the day:  8

The only real control that we can ever have over the inevitable changes that we experience is how we let them affect us.  8 will help you to manage yourself and design your own personal agenda for change.  Pietersite lets you gain through understanding.



SATURDAY 03/09/13


Mercury (still retrograde) clashes with expansive Jupiter in a square transit that will result in a crazy day.  There is just too much going on and there is too much to take in all at once.  And so much of it is just fluff - all quantity with no real quality!  Concentration will be a challenge and exertions will not take you no where fast.  Do your best to relax and let go of any agenda you may have for the day.  The only way to control this energy is to not try to control it.  Take the passive approach and you may uncover some valuable information.  Spinel will replace frustrations with enthusiasm.  Green Calcite helps you to find a quiet oasis.


Number of the day:  9

Use everything that has happened - good and bad - as a valuable learning experience.  Consider your past and let it teach you how to have the best possible future.  Aqua Aura offers insight.



SUNDAY 03/10/13


Feeling tired?  Most of us have lost an hour, but we have gained the light as Daylight Savings Time begins.  It may seem insignificant, but more daylight can make a huge difference in our mood and perceptions.  It reminds us of the coming changes that will take us into Spring.  Mercury will be moving forward soon and Pisces influence is coming to a close as the first planet makes its move into Aries tomorrow.  Take the time now to rest and review and prepare for what it ahead.  Meditate with Rutilated Quartz to find your perfect balance and let Dioptase re-energize you.


Number of the day:  1

There are abundant and never-ending opportunities for beginnings.  You don't have to look very hard for them but you do have to take the initiative when they appear.  Fire Opal lets you take charge.



MONDAY 03/11/13


Mars is at its most dynamic as it enters Aries today.  This harmonious pairing will enable us to forge ahead and do whatever it takes to make things happen.  We are so done with the old and very ready for the new.  You want to take risks and dive in to the deep end - just make sure that there is water!  This is fabulous energy for being inventive and making major changes.  Use caution and do not become overly aggressive and impetuous.  Sugilite will help you to find a purpose for your actions and Tourmalated Quartz offers protection and enlightenment.


Number of the day:  11

Masternumber 11 needs for us to know that whatever it is that we think we need....we already have.  All that we need to do is trust that it is there and let the rest take care of itself.  Seraphinite will help you to believe.



TUESDAY 03/12/13


Things finally slow down and we are able to enjoy a quiet and nurturing atmosphere courtesy of Venus and the Moon.  Now is when you want to seek others counsel and take a passive approach.  Be the follower. Be the student.  See what you can gain from not trying so hard to be on top.  Venus influence makes this a wonderful time to spruce up yourself and/or your surroundings.  It is also a great time for communications since it is very easy to understand each other.  Wear Tanzanite to allow your calmer side to shine through.  Unakite will help you to feel and understand the peaceful vibe that surrounds you.


Number of the day:  3

Give yourself permission to be happy. Say it out loud and carry Pink Aventurine to maintain your new conviction.

Posted on March 05, 2013
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