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WEDNESDAY 02/27/13


The Sun and Chiron create an immense opportunity to learn more about yourself and uncover your mission in life.  Typically we don't take the time to consider our purpose in doing the things that we do.  The Sun in Pisces is meant to offer us a time of reflection that will help us to find meaning and make our lives more fruitful.  Those reflections, with Chiron's guidance, could lead to new beginnings and a fresh start.  We can grow through understanding our experiences.  We can release old insecurities and trade them in for a new found confidence.  We can change everything for the better.  Do not miss this opportunity!  Blue Topaz will enable you to gently go within and Copal will release the negativity from what you find.


Number of the day:  8


8 represents the material world and its successful vibe will help you turn those new visions into realities.  Pyrite will get you started on your new life.



THURSDAY 02/28/13


Venus and Neptune are going to help us enjoy some of the best attributes of Pisces’ energy.  We are very aware of the beautiful things that surround us and we feel very much apart of all that wonder.  Our imaginations will flourish and we will uncover new directions to let our creativity shine.  Just be cautious that you aren't fooled by being so open to everything around you.  Remember that it is very easy to believe everything and delude ourselves right now.  So go ahead and indulge your senses, but take a moment before making any changes or commitments - especially when it comes to finances and relationships.  Charoite will encourage you to enjoy the atmosphere while remaining grounded.  Hematite will protect you from yourself.


Number of the day:  9


9 wants us to contemplate on what we have learned.  Every experience leaves us with an imprint.  It is up to us to uncover how we use our new found knowledge. Apophyllite will offer positive insight.



FRIDAY 03/01/13


Strategy and guile will take you far under a sky with the Sun sextile Pluto. Under this influence, it is possible to regain something that was lost and to increase your personal power on many levels.  Later in the day the Sun moves into a trine position with Saturn that will help you solidify your standing and resolve.  This is incredible energy for discovering new goals and making progress where things have been slow.  Keep your revived attitude to yourself for now.  You won't have to broadcast to the world...everyone will know soon enough.  Labradorite will lend its magical presence to your efforts while Celestite taps into your intuition letting you know when to make your move.


Number of the day:  1


Have faith that you can do this on your own.  Do not let outside influences sway you as you prepare to introduce the new you.  Aragonite promotes your self reliance and confidence.



SATURDAY 03/02/13


Mars and Pluto are in a quintile transit that will invigorate our thoughts and actions. You are resourceful and creative when faced with challenges. You feel completely unstoppable.  This is particularly good energy to combat any mental obstacles.  You may find that you perceive everything in a new and different way where things that once seemed impossible now seem probable.  Bronzite lets you channel this potent energy and Blue Tiger Eye shows you where to direct it.


Number of the day:  2


Focus on finding balance.  It does not need to be perfect in order to make a significance difference in your thoughts and actions.  Carry Watermelon Tourmaline to discover your equilibrium.



SUNDAY 03/03/13


You won't want to lie low right now because today is a day for adventure!  Venus and Uranus want to send you on a quest that takes you out of your usual patterns and routines.  Follow their lead and see where you go and what you find.  You are going to want to make things happen and discovering something new will provide the excitement that you crave.  Sunstone shines the light on your perfect day and Green Quartz opens your heart to all of the wonder.


Number of the day:  3


If there ever was a 3 day then this is it (just look at the date).  Use this energy to go and have some fun.  It really is that simple to figure out what it is all about. Bring Cavansite on your journeys to share the joy.



MONDAY 03/04/13


You are overjoyed, overly confident and overwhelmed by feelings of love and bliss.  Venus and Jupiter have joined in a square to make everything seem so wonderful.  Maybe a little too wonderful!  It is so easy to overdo everything when these two planets are offering illusions of grandeur.  You may overspend, over indulge and over commit yourself to others all because it feels so right.  Before you do, say or buy anything take a moment to think it over and make sure that it is what you truly desire.  If it really is right then it will still be there for you tomorrow.  Keep Petrified Wood close by as an important tool for grounding and centering.  Ruby lets you enjoy the lovely energy while reminding you to think twice before making any moves.


Number of the day:  4


We all need a dose of reality sometimes to get our heads out of the clouds and back here on earth.  4 will be a welcome reminder that being practical is often the best course of action.  Avoid regrets and use Mahogany Obsidian to curb outlandish impulses.



TUESDAY 03/05/13


After the over done atmosphere from yesterday, Venus moves into a new pattern with Chiron that offers us deep healing on many levels.  There is an opportunity for relationships that have suffered damage to be re built as we are more open and understanding to the human side in each of us.  You could be cleansed of any past hurts once and for all. Take a moment to bring forth those long hidden painful memories and see if they can't be mended.  That moment of courage will change everything.  Use the loving vibration of Strawberry Quartz to guide and soothe.  Malachite will provide intense healing.


Number of the day:  5


Unburden yourself from the past.  You cannot change it and it will not turn out any differently.  Feel the freedom of release and let Pink Sapphire open your heart to a brighter future.

Posted on February 26, 2013
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