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WEDNESDAY 02/20/13


Enjoy these last few days of Venus in Aquarius where the possibilities seem endless.  If you follow your desire for the unusual and nonconformist when it comes to love and money, you may find yourself in a new cycle that you could not have imagined even in your wildest dreams.  Aquarius entices you to be above convention and to forge new ground.  Are you ready?  You are, and Clear Quartz will help you to clear the path ahead while Emerald ensures an abundant journey.


Number of the day:  1

1 is the number of limitless expansion.  You are at the beginning and can go as far as you can imagine.  Believe and carry Smokey Quartz to help you uncover new paths.


THURSDAY 02/21/13


Reality and reason are out the window and we are running purely on intuition and emotion.  Neptune in Pisces gives us the power to tune into our deepest visions.  Then the Sun in Neptune steps in, and we can become so blinded by those visions so that we cannot see the realities in front of us.  This is a very sensitive atmosphere and it will be a challenge not to react to the dreamy energy.  Use caution before doing anything since you may find yourself incapable of explaining your actions to others or yourself.  Black Tourmaline will help you to keep at least one foot on the ground and Blue Aventurine will help your voice of reason step up.


Number of the day:  2

2 reminds us that patience is a strength.  It can be your ally and help you to make the best choices, if you are willing to be open to it.  Garnet will help you to draw strength from your resources.


FRIDAY 02/22/13


Venus and Pluto are in a semi-square position that will produce passionate energy - but not in a good way!  You could feel as if you have missed the boat financially, romantically and even emotionally.  The green-eyed monster steps in as you find yourself looking at others and wondering why they have what you do not.  Jealousy, envy, and lust for what belongs to others are all side effects of this energy.  There is a very real danger of feeling hopeless and sorry for yourself so be mindful of your perceptions.  If you are plagued by negative thoughts and emotions, try to take a step back and remain detached as you consider what it is that you really want.  Clear focus and a positive attitude will turn everything around, and before you know it you can have those things that you truly desire.  Rhodochrosite will encourage you to be gentle with yourself and others while Green Quartz chases away doubt and disillusionment.


Number of the day:  3

You are not alone and we are all experiencing this life together.  3 wants you to find comfort and joy in that knowledge.  Turquoise will help you to feel part of the whole.


SATURDAY 02/23/13


Mercury in Pisces begins its first retrograde phase for 2013.  Expect the usual communication snafus and try not to make any significant changes during this period.  Imagination and emotions will come to the forefront under the guidance of Pisces.  Do your best to avoid deluding yourself into believing things that deep down you know are simply not true. You want to keep things light since everything can take on a higher degree of importance and it will be difficult to release any bad feelings.  This is not a good time to indulge since it can easily lead to addictive behaviors.  Use the energy to finish things that have been on hold - particularly creative projects - and above all remain positive.  Relax and remember everything slows down for a reason and it is best to just go with it.  Tiger Eye will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and Citrine will remind you to keep smiling because by the time it is all over we will be ready for Spring!


Number of the day:  4

When everything goes haywire, 4 is here to help us restore order.  Everything will be running on time before you know it.  Until then, wear Fluorite for peace and protection.


SUNDAY 02/24/13


Tomorrow evening's Full Moon in Virgo will shine its big, bright light on our work and everything must be perfect.  Virgo's unwavering attention to detail will help you to conquer all kinds of labor efforts.  This is an excellent time to clean up and clear out before the new cycle begins.  The atmosphere may feel a little critical and everything that we do will be met with a higher level of scrutiny than usual.  Try to take things in stride and learn from the extra attention.  The potential for growth is amazing.  Lapis Lazuli will keep you in good spirits and help you to gain from the energy.  White Agate keeps you focused without feeling stress.


Number of the day:  5

Sometimes you just have to see what else is out there.  You have to see what is behind other doors and try out new paths to adventure.  Sapphire will keep you headed in the best direction.


MONDAY 02/25/13


If you have ever had the urge to turn a frog into a prince then you are really going to enjoy the next few weeks of Venus in Pisces.  This is very idealistic energy helping us to see beauty, even where it is not easily apparent.  You are willing, and even anxious, to accept less than you want as you believe that ultimately the situation will change for the better.  It might...but it might not and you can end up in the role of the martyr who has sacrificed too much.  Before making choices, you should be aware of all of the possible outcomes and make sure that you are truly satisfied with what is, instead of what could be.  Iolite can provide clarity when your emotions want to take over and Chrysoprase helps you to make choices that are best for everyone concerned.



Number of the day:  6

Empathetic 6 encourages us to help others - but we don't need to lose ourselves in the process.  There is enough of everything for each of us to uncover our own bliss.  Moonstone will remind you to take care of yourself as you care for others.


TUESDAY 02/26/13


Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Pisces join together in a conjunct transit that will make for an interesting day.  The energy is high, but it is all over the place since Pisces does not mix well with these action-oriented planets.  You want to make decisions and you want to make things happen, but there is too much emotion involved in everything making it a challenge to act out of reason.  Your inability to act without over-thinking everything can lead to irritability and regrettable choices.  Mercury in retrograde adds to the confusion by encouraging internal turmoil and emotional outbursts at the worst possible moments.  Use Blue Lace Agate to remind yourself to take a moment before saying or doing anything.   Labradorite can help you to gain insight from those internal conflicts and draw upon your inner strength so that you have a clearer focus when it is time to move forward.


Number of the day:  7

There are many things that we have yet to become aware of and so many layers.  7 can help you to discover what is hidden that when brought to light can make a significant difference.  Take time to go within and use Selenite for guidance.

Posted on February 19, 2013
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