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WEDNESDAY 02/13/13


Mars and Chiron (both in Pisces) are going to take our emotions on a wild ride. This could lead to second guessing past choices and an overall life assessment.  This unstable atmosphere is not the best for honest evaluation, and you really are not prepared to face up to the past.  There is a tendency to dwell on our "weaknesses" and perceived "mistakes," making it difficult to make any effective change.  The best use of this transit is to focus on your talents and gifts, and see if you can uncover new ways that they can benefit you and your world.  Kyanitewill encourage transcendent thoughts that will help rather than harm.  Tsavorite will highlight your best qualities.


Number of the day:  3

The energy of 3 will give you an extra boost to focus on the sunny side of things. Rutilated Quartz will brighten your thoughts and let you act from a happy place.



THURSDAY 02/14/13


You are ready and willing to face obstacles head on and overcome opposition - no matter what it takes.  That is the Sun and Pluto encouraging you to take on the world and conquer everything in your path.  This can be a very aggressive energy - possibly too aggressive - so use it wisely.  You will not need to take the defensive position in every encounter, and you don't want to scare away potential alliances.  You may see mountains to summit when really there are just hills to be climbed.  Take it easy and see what surprises may await you over the top. Hematitewill cool and ground the aggressive energy so that you can use it to your best advantage. The gentle, calming effects of White Agate will offer internal peace.


Number of the day:  4

4 is the power behind the scenes.  It will help you to make everything happen just as it should and keep you on track.  Carry Tiger Ironto use this skillful energy.



FRIDAY 02/15/13


Mars in Pisces is not at its best, but when it joins with the strength of Pluto in Capricorn, you have an amazingly energetic transit.  Now is the time to really make things happen during this decisive and productive atmosphere.  You will be able to go after what you want with zest and easily accomplish your goals.  Dreams are realized, manifestations take hold, and everything falls into place beautifully.  Focus and action are the key to using this energy for all of its worth.  It is crucial to know what you want and take the necessary steps to be successful.  Unakite will enhance your vision and Green Aventurine adds to the positive outcome.


Number of the day:  5

5 dislikes commitment as much as it likes possibilities.  Use it to explore all of the avenues available to you before focusing on your ideal situation.  Rainbow Moonstoneoffers wisdom.



SATURDAY 02/16/13


Typically, Pisces and Scorpio are not the friendliest of signs, but they are going to work in your favor under the current transit.  Pisces calms Mars down giving you the opportunity to think before you act, and Scorpio gives Saturn an edge that allows it to be more creative.  They come together in a trine position that produces an attitude where anything is possible and probable.  Your ideas take shape and you will see success from your efforts.  You are creative, determined and willing to do what needs to be done. You are ready to take ownership of your destiny!  Rhodonite will help you to uncover your purpose.  Amber will energize your efforts.


Number of the day:  6

Idealistic 6 can take you a long way towards realizing your goals and produce a harmonious outcome.  Morganite will enhance your intentions.



SUNDAY 02/17/13


Saturn gets a bad reputation because it is the planet that sets those pesky boundaries and inhibitions that keep us in line - even when we want to break free!  All of that discipline is about to change over the next few months as Saturn turns retrograde (beginning tomorrow) until July.  You will find yourself more open to change and experimentation.  Any fears of failure may be replaced with optimistic confidence, but be cautious that your confidence is not misplaced.  Sometimes we really need boundaries to protect us from over-extending ourselves and taking actions that may not be in our best interest.  It is way too easy to "Go" when we should "Stay" during this retrograde period.  Use the energy to review, assess and make adjustments where needed in the structure of your internal and external life.  You want to avoid changes and commitments that could affect your finances until your discipline is up and running again.  Serpentine will help to clear out any stagnant energy so that you can move forward with a sturdier foundation.  Black Obsidian will offer protection and give you a moment to consider before taking any action.



Number of the day:  7

Methodical 7 can be your ally as your structure comes in to question.  It will help you to find all of the answers and learn as much as you can before you move forward.  Chalcopyrite will help you gather information.



MONDAY 02/18/13


It is the beginning of the end to another cycle as the Sun enters the last sign in the Zodiac:  Pisces.  As with any ending, you may find yourself reflecting on the past as you begin to look towards the future.  This is an excellent use of Pisces' emotional energy.  Pisces’ influence is very spiritual and you can see the continuous evolution of our existence.  The realization that nothing ever truly ends enables us to feel more compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others.  The romantic nature of Pisces can lead to disappointment when idealist views are replaced with harsh realities.  Don't let that stop you from expecting the best in every person and situation.  Trust your intuition because you can see what others cannot.  Labradorite will help you to avoid using addictions to escape if things don't work out as you hope.  Iolitewill enhance your insights and what you do with them.


Number of the day:  8

8 embodies and understands the power of balance.  Just look at its shape and you can feel the marriage of the spiritual and material.  Use Lepidolite to help you combine these energies in your life.



TUESDAY 02/19/13


The urge to be free can lead to questionable choices under the influence of Venus and Uranus.  Uranus encourages us to seek out a limitless existence while Venus craves sensual and beautiful experiences.  These planets simply do not understand the concept of boundaries, so they produce an unstable energy where you can be blinded to consequences of your actions.  Do not act on a whim and do not make any changes under this transit.  You will not be able to anticipate all of the repercussions of your choices until the energy clears, so it is best to just wait.  Just remember, if you do take any actions that you will have to live with your choices.  Ruby will keep your grounded and Tourmalated Quartzwill provide protection in case you just have to give in and try something new.


Number of the day:  9

Global 9 creates awareness that your actions do not only affect you but your entire world.  Zebra Jasper helps you to feel the connection and reminds you to make the best possible choices.

Posted on February 12, 2013
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