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WEDNESDAY 02/06/13


Mercury is uncomfortable in Pisces since it doesn't know how to manage all of the emotional energy.  Mercury is about active expression, and Pisces' passive attitude makes for a challenging time for all of us.  Now we have a Mercury/Neptune conjunction that joins the Mars/Neptune transit from a few days ago.  We are confused, uncertain and almost completely unable to take any kind of positive action while our energy is so low.  You do not want to fight this energy since that will lead to stress. Be very cautious that you don't look to outside vices and stimulants to perk things up.  "Just Relax" should be your mantra for the next few weeks.  While we all have things that need to get done, it is important to take it easy while we are under Pisces’ influence.  Fighting against it will only make things worse and the Universe really is trying to help you - so let it!  Lithium Quartz will stabilize concerns over letting things be and Blue Topaz will help you to see the big picture and understand why a period of rest is necessary.


Number of the day:  5

5 wants us to know the joy of change.  Change is not something to be dreaded.  It is something that we should welcome with open arms and hearts.  There will be ups and downs, but it is all part of the flow that takes us where we need to go.  Rainbow Obsidian shows you how to keep things upbeat.


THURSDAY 02/07/13


We get a welcome break in the midst of all of the uneasy transits when Venus and Jupiter form an optimistic trine.  This is a great time to make all kinds of connections.  We are outgoing and eager to meet others and try new things.  Most importantly we find it easy to open our heart to everyone and everything.  It is a good idea to indulge in some joyful pursuits and have some fun.  Pink Tourmaline will add giggles to your day and Chrysoprase will help you to spread the joy and keep it going.


Number of the day:  6

When we smile, it changes everything and spreads our positive intentions out into the world.  Use the energy of 6 to spread love and happiness.  It is what binds us all together and makes everything better.  Orange Calcite will keep you smiling.


FRIDAY 02/08/13


Venus and Chiron offer us an opportunity to heal ourselves and our relationships.  What we do with it can make a real difference in our lives.  There is a chance to learn from others, ourselves and our past, and to really see how we can make different choices going forward.  The actions that you take under this transit will make a substantial difference, so take the time to really consider how you can use this energy.  One of the best uses is to forgive and heal the relationship that we often ignore - the one that you have with yourself.  Forgiving yourself from perceived wrongs is a major step forward.  Amethyst gives you the courage to go within and honestly assess the past.  Peridot opens your heart to forgiveness.


Number of the day:  7

7 will encourage you to face the truth and uncover those things that you hide from yourself.  Bringing them out into the light will transform their energy and you can find a way to make them work in your favor.  Red Tiger Eye provides strength.


SATURDAY 02/09/13


Mercury in Pisces is going to start messing with our heads again, and now it is in a square transit with Jupiter that amplifies the energy.  There is an overload of information from internal and external sources that is mucking up our concentration and making it difficult to produce a clear thought.  You will probably come up with some convoluted plans that are too big and too overblown to actually work.  But that does not mean that there is not something of value there.  Keep a record of your thoughts and dreams for when the energy is more conducive to action, then see if you can tweak things to make them work for you.  Green Aventurine will keep those thoughts on a positive track and Black Agate will keep you centered.  


Number of the day:  8

The balancing energy of 8 will be a real help as you make your way through a stimulating day.  Let it remind you that everything swings both ways and finding your true center will offer the most benefits.  Aragonite will enable you to remain steady.


SUNDAY 02/10/13


Take a deep breath and above all stay positive!  Mars and Jupiter in a square can make us a impatient and short tempered.  Jupiter urges us to go, while Mars in Pisces cannot find a good direction.  We fall apart too easily when things don't go our way.  Then Mercury and Chiron will give us pause and make us doubt everything including ourselves.  Keep positive affirmations handy in case the negativity becomes overwhelming.  Positive energy is always stronger and you can use it to hold the darkness back.  Things are getting better so hang in there.  Apache Tears will ward off harmful thoughts and behaviors and Sunstone will brighten up your day.


Number of the day:  9

When the inner voice becomes too much to bear it might be time to look outward.  Empathetic 9 encourages us to consider others and that might be the best way to quiet any negative thoughts.  Help someone else and see if it doesn't bounce back and help you too.  Carry Sugilite for perspective.


MONDAY 02/11/13


You want something - and lots of it - but you just are not sure what "it" is.  In this atmosphere of extremes, you could go for it all and end up with more than you can handle, or feel incapable, unfocused and defeated without even taking any kind of action.  Either way, there is a strong potential that you could be left wanting and sad.  Venus and Saturn in a square transit will complicate connections and actions of all sorts with fears of rejection and loss.  We intuitively turn up our defense systems and attempt to scare everyone and everything away before it can harm us.  Use the advice from earlier in the week and just relax and let this challenging energy flow right past you.  Try to avoid any decisions involving relationships or finances since your actions may cost you much more than you think.  Rose Quartz will remind you of the constant love and support that is always surrounding you (even if you cannot feel it right now!) and Serpentine will help you to avoid taking anything too far.


Number of the day:  1

1 is an invaluable tool to help us cut through the clutter and get right to the heart of any matter.  Let it guide you through the conundrums of the day and you may end up with surprisingly positive results.  Jade will amplify the energy.


TUESDAY 02/12/13


Saturn steps in with its practical orderly attitude and cleans up the mess that we've been struggling through for the past few days. First, Mercury and Pluto in a sextile transit will grace us with the gifts of patience and insight.  We have a clearer understanding of everything and we are able to base our course of action upon more insightful information.  Saturn follows up in a trine with Mercury that shows us how we can really make things happen.  We are organized, able to focus on details and finally able to accomplish something - and it feels wonderful.  This is outstanding energy for manifestation work.  You don't just see the light at the end of the tunnel - you are bathed in it!  Work done now will ensure a promising and abundant future.  Sapphire will energize your mental efforts, and Malachite ensures success as you follow through and work this magical energy.


Number of the day:  11

Master Number 11 takes us from the typical and offers the potential to move beyond our highest expectations.  Let its energy invigorate your imagination and intuition, and be sure to follow where it leads.  Any self imposed limits can be broken down, and you will achieve so much more than you can believe.   Angelite connects you with your higher self and the guidance of the universe.

Posted on February 05, 2013

  Is this new ? Love it ! not thrilled with how my birthday starts out ( 6 ) but lol but what is
Thanks for this!  (Submitted by: Tammy on February 05, 2013)

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