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WEDNESDAY 01/09/13


You are interested in everything, and it is more important to know a little about it all than a lot about any one thing.  Quantity definitely out rules quality when Mercury and Jupiter are in a biquintile position.  This is fabulous energy to expand your knowledge and your interests.  You are open to all kinds of new ideas and approaches that you may have never considered before.  Just remember that your energy will be scattered and you won't want to settle on any one thing, so avoid making decisions.   Amethysthelps to free your mind and helps you to enjoy all of the new data.  Red Tiger Eye will motivate and focus the energy.


Number of the day:  7


Things are often not what they seem and there are so many layers.  Curious 7 will help you as you seek to uncover what is not easily seen.  Lapis Lazuliencourages you to study and learn.


THURSDAY 01/10/13


When Mercury and Neptune get together, we prefer to daydream and let the hours slip away rather than do anything productive.  If there is something that you hope to accomplish, this is not your day.  Use the energy to stretch your mental muscle and let your imagination show you ingenious new ideas, just wait until tomorrow to try to make anything happen.  Blue Aventurine will stimulate your imagination while Imperial Topazkeeps your outlook sunny.


Number of the day:  8


The energy of 8 embodies the flow of life and reminds us that there is a balance to everything.  Let the energy take you where it needs to and remember it will all turn around soon enough.  Ametrine will help you to relax.


FRIDAY 01/11/13


Tonight's New Moon in Capricorn is just what we need following a few days when tasks have sat by the wayside.  You will feel encouraged to move forward and be organized, practical, and business like.  This is the energy that helps turn those ideas and dreams from the past days into actual goals and then shows you how to accomplish them.  Capricorn energy can be very focused and determined but be cautious that you don't let emotion fall completely out of the equation.  Passion can be just as strong as prudence.  Jadewill give your actions focus and providence.  Rainbow Moonstonereminds you to listen to your heart - it won't lead you astray.


Number of the day:  9


Every thought and every action has a global reach and you may never be aware of your impact.  9 wants us to know that it all matters.  Tangerine Quartz will help you to feel your connection.



SATURDAY 01/12/13


It is more important to be free and to do as we please, then it is to compromise.  That is a Venus/Uranus square shining the focus on our goals, wants and needs.  We are not willing to budge on anything.  That is not always a bad thing - sometimes it is imperative that we let our ego be prominent. Don't make decisions and don't take impulsive action under this influence.  In particular you want to hide your wallet since you won't listen to reason - even from yourself. You are better to be on your own right now and use the energy to learn more about yourself and what you truly want out of this life.  Clear Quartz helps you to gain knowledge and understanding from your thoughts.  Scapoliteencourages you to rely on yourself and helps you to find direction and timing for future actions.


Number of the day:  1


Direct your focus inward and see what you will find.  The energy of 1 and Prehnite will support your efforts



SUNDAY 01/13/13


The energy of the past several days has been providing you with very personal insight about what you want and what you need to get it.  That will be one of the central themes of 2013 as we are encouraged to let go of past patterns and let our true selves shine through in this new age.  Today you are confident that you are headed in the right direction.  You clearly see how your personal goals will work in harmony with your associates, your community and your world.  Use the energy to focus on your overall direction and your next move.  Rhodoniteshows you where you are and Unakiteshows you where you are headed.


Number of the day:  2


And now you are ready to move outward and share your true self.  2 unites you with the collective and Blue Lace Agategives you confidence.


MONDAY 01/14/13


Venus and Saturn are sending a little emotional upheaval our way.  You may feel overly sensitive and anxious when dealing with others.  Our intuition and communication skills are off and we appear hesitant and emotionally distant.  It will be a challenge to express our feelings in a positive way and we are unable to follow social patterns. Use Sugiliteto relieve the stress and show you how to do the right thing.  Morganite reminds you that love is more powerful than even the most challenging of energies.


Number of the day:  3


Stop being so serious and have some fun!  3 wants you to keep smiling no matter what is happening or how you may be feeling.  There is always joy to be found so use Rhodochrositeto find the laughter.



TUESDAY 01/15/13


Jupiter square Chiron will take you out of the mix today and set you on a solitary path.  You are on a quest and you are following a vision that others simply cannot comprehend.  Now is the time for action and you may have to go it alone and not expect others to follow.  You may have doubts but that is a part of growth.  You will learn much from those things that you face head on and conquer.  Amberprovides courage and faith in your abilities.  Tourmalated Quartzwill be your personal ally and help you to defeat any negative energy.


Number of the day:  4


There is work ahead and the energy of 4 will give you the discipline to make things happen.  Be positive, be confident and carry Black Agateto move you forward.

Posted on January 08, 2013
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