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WEDNESDAY 01/30/13


Jupiter turns direct in Gemini and it is crucial that your thoughts are positive and progressive.  Jupiter's role is to bring more into our lives and in Gemini, it encourages mental expansion.  If you believe it in your mind - then it will come to you.  It is as simple as that!  Be open minded, curious and congenial and you will attract more abundance than you can imagine.  Chrysocolla will help to align your thoughts with your heart and Sunstone will keep everything filled with light.


NOTE:  As we reach the end of the 1st month of 2013 all of the planets will be direct through February 18th when Mercury turns retrograde.  The Universe is sending a message that it is time to get moving!  Carry your favorite crystal for inspiration.


Number of the day:  1


Go ahead and be a rebel!  Sometimes you have to shake things up and do the unexpected in order to find harmony.  Orange Calcite will inspire you.



THURSDAY 01/31/13


Your mind is overactive and you might find it impossible to achieve any kind of inner peace.  That will be Mercury and Uranus working together to produce a challenging atmosphere.  Your thoughts are too random and fast to be of any real use, so be sure to take notes and you may be able to capture some fascinating ideas for later.  It can be difficult to rest under this transit because you cannot control the internal chatter.  Lepidolite will help to reduce any irritability and Blue Aventurine can offer some focused concentration when necessary.


Number of the day:  11


Your intuition will never steer you in a wrong direction.  Have faith and believe in what you know to be true - even if it seems impossible.  Rainbow Moonstone enhances the mystical energy.



FRIDAY 02/01/13


You may feel your energy fluctuating as Mars moves into passive Pisces.  Pisces and Mars have very opposing agendas, so you may find yourself running at top speed at one moment and then completely inert at another.  The best use of this energy is for creative pursuits.  Find something that you love to do and place your focus there to avoid feeling lost.  Later in the day Venus enters Aquarius so you will be looking for something new and unconventional to fall in love with anyway.  Mahogany Obsidian will banish any stressful emotions.  Herkimer Diamond will get you excited about new interests.



Number of the day:  9


Before you head off into the future take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments - not your mistakes!  Seeing what you have achieved will build a more positive perspective for your future.  White Agate will help you to reflect.



SATURDAY 02/02/13


Mercury and Pluto are in a semi-sextile position that encourages us to actively plan for our future.  This transit offers a very supportive atmosphere where we can clearly see how our patience will be rewarded.  We are able to design very strategic plans and follow through on every detail.  If you are truly passionate about achieving something, this transit will show you how you will succeed.  Jade enhances the winning energy.  Fire Agate helps you get to work.


Number of the day:  1


Sometimes the Universe really wants us to pay attention so the energy repeats until we get it.  Listen to your instincts and do not hesitate to follow through even if things seem so far away. Dumortierite will provide patience. 



SUNDAY 02/03/13


You may find yourself asking a simple question today:  Where is the magic?  Venus and Neptune are in a semi-sextile position, and an ordinary life simply is not enough for us.  You will be looking at everything in your life in a new light and if you are in a relationship or environment that doesn't support your fairy tale ideals, you might have the urge to bail.  Instead try to bring your own magic to everything and see what happens.  Sometimes all you need is a spark to light it all up.  Labradorite is amazing for creating something magical.  Danburite will allow you to see how you can create the life of your dreams.



Number of the day:  2


2 is perhaps the most magical number.  Take your energy and add it to any place, anyone or anything and just watch the magic happen!  Turquoise will open your mind and your heart to all of the possibilities.



MONDAY 02/04/13


Mars and Neptune are conjunct in emotional Pisces and we are confused by our desires.  We crave more excitement and glamour, but lack the focus and drive to make anything substantial happen right now.  Our boundaries are relaxed and it is possible to act solely on intuition.   We let our fantasies be our guide and that leads to a very casual and easygoing vibe.  Use the energy to find inspiration and let your inner thoughts come forth.  You are sure to discover more about yourself and that can lead to some very positive changes.  Aquamarine fuels your imagination, while Jasper gets things moving in the right direction.


Number of the day:  3


Be inspired by everything that surrounds you and let the energy of 3 and Serpentine connect you to the abundance.



TUESDAY 02/05/13


Make a list of important dates and tasks that you don't want to forget, because your mind will be occupied with other worldly things.  Mercury in Pisces begs us to focus on the universal things rather than mundane daily chores.  Your psychic powers are enhanced and you will just "know" things without really understanding how you have become so aware.  But at the same time you could forget to pay the bills or pick up the cleaning, so you will want that "to do" list!  Take the time to tune inward and use the energy to its best advantage.  This is an opportunity to learn more about your higher self and other forces that are always around, but may not be as accessible.  Stretch your mind and see how much you are capable of learning.  This is an awesome time for all kinds of expansion and you want to take full advantage.  Celestite will help with higher communications and Aqua Aura will offer a touch of grounding to help you retain and use what you learn. 


Number of the day:  4


Practical 4 will help to bring all of your heavenly thoughts down to earth where you can make good use of them.  Bronzite will keep you focused.

Posted on January 29, 2013

    (Submitted by: Kyle on January 31, 2013)

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