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WEDNESDAY 01/23/13


Mercury and Chiron will increase our sensitivity today.  We intuitively want to heal any situations that need our help. We are open to others ideas and thoughts, and welcome the opportunity to look at life through their eyes. The extra boost of energy from the Sun in Aquarius makes this an excellent time to explore a different perspective on an old situation.  Emerald will help you to control your emotions and make them useful while Selenite offers insight.


Number of the day:  3


Optimistic 3 inspires us to take a chance and follow our heart.  It will lead us toward something exciting.  Take Yellow Aventurine along for the ride.


THURSDAY 01/24/13


The Sun and Uranus are in friendly sextile that merges the intellectual with the physical.  You will feel engaged in what is going on around you and will easily adapt to a changing situation.  The atmosphere of flexibility encourages us to try something new and go with the flow.  This is a good day to break out of your comfort zone and stop something detrimental or start something advantageous....or do both!  Blue Topaz engages your mental process.  Tiger Eye supports you as you move forward into the unknown.


Number of the day:  4


Devotion is one of the building blocks for action and earthy 4 will encourage us as we fight for our personal causes.  Striped Brown Jasper shows us how successful we can be.


FRIDAY 01/25/13


Are you hoping to finish up a project or finally put an end to a phase in your life?  Today is not the day for it!  Mercury and Saturn are in a square position that makes it feel as if nothing will be completed and everything needs a second look or revision.  The task master Saturn drives us to finish things but we are blocked by obstacles and our own negative thoughts.  Instead of letting the energy challenge your efforts use it to your advantage.  It isn't always a terrible thing to give something a second might see something new that will ultimately benefit you.  Pink Aventurine will stir up your creative side for a different outlook and Blue Calcite will reduce any stress.


Number of the day:  5


Do not get stuck if your plan falls apart.  5 helps us to know when to throw out the agenda and just go with the energy.  Snowflake Obsidian offers support.


SATURDAY 01/26/13


Get ready for the spotlight with the Full Moon in Leo.  It will bring some welcome warmth and fun now that the holidays are over and the dark, cold winter looms ahead for many of us.  You will feel spontaneous and you want to let your individuality shine for everyone to enjoy.  Be cautious, because Leo craves recognition and will do anything to get it, including using emotional outbursts and melodramatic actions.  This can be a good time to express your feelings but it is easy to go over the top.  Amber lets you enjoy the energy and roar, while Jet keeps emotions in positive.


Number of the day:  6


It is wonderful to be so exuberant, but 6 reminds us to use care with everyone's emotions - including our own.  Mookaite will help us to be gentle.


SUNDAY 01/27/13


Venus is in two quintile positions today.  First with Saturn, where likes can turn into obsessions that will hold a lot of power over your thoughts and actions.  Then Uranus asks us why do we want to do the same old thing when there is so much fun to be had elsewhere?  You will be drawn towards anything that is "out there" and whacky.  If you can't find that kind of atmosphere then you will just have to create one.  Lapis Lazuli frees your mind from anything that wants to dominate your attention.  Pink Tourmaline puts your practical side on hold while you let loose.


Number of the day:  7


Trustyour inner voice and follow its lead.  It may take you somewhere out of the ordinary but you will definitely want to go there.  Peach Quartz enhances your adventure.


MONDAY 01/28/13


Jupiter has been retrograde since October 4th and, as with any planet while it is retrograde, it has challenged us to look inward.  We are in the last few days before Jupiter begins to move forward, so you want your inner self to be prepared for the outer expansion that is on the way.  Think about who you are and who you want to be. Do your ideals match your life and your actions?  Have you been living a lie? One of the central themes of 2013 is that we learn to measure ourselves by our own standard and no longer worry about how you measure up to the expectations of others.  Your life is about to head into all kinds of new directions so be prepared for where you want it to go.  Amethyst will help you to uncover what is within, while Botswana Agate shows you how to bring it out.


Number of the day:  8


You control your destiny.  8 gives you the strength to choose your own fate and find your way.  Labradorite offers insight and enhances inner counsel.


TUESDAY 01/29/13


The Sun and Pluto encourage critical thinking today and show us how we can benefit from strategic thoughts.  You may get so excited that you want to share, but you are better off keeping things to yourself for the time being.  Let those ideas grow within before presenting them to the world.  Something to factor in to your thoughts is that the immense energy of the Sun, working with the planet of regeneration, will produce an opportunity to gain something that was lost.  Don't let a second chance pass you by!  Carnelian will help you incorporate the energy into your plans.  Turquoise lets you see beyond the obvious.


Number of the day:  9


Give yourself permission to do what is best for you.  While 9 encourages global awareness it also wants us to recognize that we need to help ourselves first.  Hiddenite will raise your consciousness.

Posted on January 22, 2013
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