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If you feel like today is the day to make your may be right! Uranus is moving forward today after being retrograde for the past 6 months. Here is an excellent opportunity to forge ahead with any new ideas or inventions that you have been conjuring. The energy is especially supportive if you are trying to replace old habits with more positive activities. Phenacite will facilitate the opening of new pathways both within and without. Use with a Black Tourmaline to ground the energy (please note it is very important to use a grounding stone with Phenacite because of its intense energy).




You will feel intensity today as we experience the last total lunar eclipse for 2011. The Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign that rules communications - and remember that Mercury, the planet of communications is retrograde - so we will feel the beginnings of change with the way that information is transmitted. This is an intense alignment with far ranging consequences that will make a real difference in how we communicate with each other. For instance, you may prefer to actually speak with someone rather than texting or using social media. If you can, try to avoid doing anything important today since snafus are almost guaranteed. If rescheduling isn't possible just be forewarned and use a Moonstone to help you get the best of this energy without become overwhelmed. Mangano Calcite is also very supportive. Note: this is a wonderful night to clear and charge your crystals!


SUNDAY, 12/11


Have you been feeling a little sentimental? A tad overly sensitive? You're most likely feeling the female energy of several planets in the feminine signs of the Zodiac. Add Chiron in Pisces to the mix and bring out the hankies! Too often we fight the urge to be emotional for fear that we may lose control. It takes an incredible amount of energy though to keep your emotions in check. And often the best way to gain control is by letting go. Use this energy to relieve yourself of anything that's been hanging on - but really wants to get out and move on. Use a Red Jasper to help with the process. A Blue Tigers Eye will help you to regain control when needed.


MONDAY 12/12


Venus is still in Capricorn bringing a weird vibe to the party in the sky. Capricorn is consistently cool and calculating, possessing little of the romanticism that is a Venus trait. The benefit of these two opposites is that they actually form a positive energy. Capricorn brings a practical, grounding energy to Venus' rose colored glasses making it easier to give passions substance. Under this influence, whatever you imagine can be very tangible. A Botswana Agate will help you to creatively channel your passions.




I know you're excited that Mercury is finally moving forward again after 3 weeks. A little caution is still advised though because Mercury is in Sagittarius. And Sag is always more optimistic than realistic. Try a Black Onyx to give you reality check before going over the top.




Saturn continues its long journey through Libra giving us the opportunity to become a better partner in any relationship. Saturn is about responsibility and endurance. It wants to teach us how to become a master at anything that we do. Libra is all about partnerships and finding a balance within them so that everyone thrives. This of course is the ultimate purpose of any good relationship. Many of us are celebrating the holiday season and spending more time with those that we care about so use this energy to bring your best in all of your personal interactions.

Chrysocolla will help you build and maintain those important relationships.




The days are shorter now, giving us the illusion that there is more darkness than light. And it is the holiday season which can remind us of what we don't have and what we have lost. It is too easy this time of year for even the most cheerful among us to become sad and depressed. Be encouraged by the knowledge that everything in life is moving faster these days and that includes periods of distress. These periods are essential to our evolution as they make us so much stronger and help us to let go of things we no longer need. So hang in there because it will be over before you know it. In only one weeks time the days will begin to brighten again and so will you! Lepidolite will bring you comfort and Smokey Quartz will help you rebuild once the crisis has passed.


FRIDAY 12/16


One of the most important transits for this decade is the Uranus/Pluto square that began this past March and continues through 2016. This is a revolutionary shift with a lesson for all of us about the importance of family. Not just the ones we are born into but also the ones that we create with our loved ones, friends, co-workers, and even just people we pass on the street. Uranus and Pluto want to remind us that a Universal mindset will improve all of our lives much faster than a "me, me, me" kind of attitude. Join the revolution today and use a Garnet to encourage strong relationships and why not welcome someone new to your family with the gift of a Clear Quartz or any crystal that reminds you of them.

Posted on December 08, 2011
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