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WEEK OF 12/28/16 - 01/03/17


Wednesday 12/28/16

Mercury might be taking it easy while in its retrograde phase, but it is still offering valuable guidance.  Today’s conjunction with the Sun will help you use your experience to successfully manage present situations and resolve any issues.  The ability to draw from your history and use it mindfully to create a positive present and future is a real perk of retrograde Mercury.  Memories can carry sentimental tones, so use the Capricorn influence combined with Green Jade for a cool demeanor that encourages practical use of this resource. Later in the day Mars steps in and now you are a paying strict attention to the elements and messages surrounding you.  You will be able to take them in and put them to good use throughout this lively day.  You can accomplish a lot today with this kind of support, so use Selenite to be open to the insights that come your way and incorporate them into your plans. 


Thursday 12/29/16

Saturn and Chiron squared off yesterday, pitting your need to take care of business against your desire to take care of others (and yourself!). Now you are left wondering where to focus your energy as it feels as if there is no satisfactory way to find some balance. Fortunately we have a resourceful Capricorn New Moon - the last of 2016 - that will help you know how you want to proceed.  First you need to reflect on what you have to work with and decide if it is valuable enough to carry forward. Garnet will help you uncover every single advantage before you choose to hold or release.  There are sure to be hidden ones, so dig!  You don’t want to let something go before you realize all of its potential.   Once you know what you’ve got to work with, then Green Tourmaline will offer insight into how to apply it now and into 2017.


Friday 12/30/16

This is your day to begin transforming your dreams for 2017 into ambitions and aspirations.  Resolutions can feel binding and uncompromising, but an aspiration gives you room to maneuver.  You want to have focus, but you need to allow for the freedom to explore and adjust to make a truly remarkable experience.  That is the kind of energy you want as you begin a new cycle.  The Sun and Neptune will help you feel a strong connection to your present environment so that you have a strong base from which to begin your next journey.  Those connections won't be limited to the material world, but will also include your emotional state, the spiritual realm and the other beings that surround you.  You are going to have a full spectrum of insights and resources to draw from and Apatite will help you figure out how to use them to create more good things.   Expect to feel inspired and enlightened by your experiences during this influence.  Your optimism and confidence will attract opportunities, so carry Citrine to recognize them when they arrive.


Saturday 12/31/16

Any doubts, worries, or fears about your future that creep in on this last day of 2016 are not meant to stop you.  They are meant to make you stronger, smarter and more capable of achievement.  It is imperative that you remember that during this Jupiter/Chiron transit as you are going to be tempted to give in and give up.  It will be a particularly attractive solution when it seems your plans and actions are gaining nothing but challenges.  You may need to take a step back or two, but that by no means is a sign that it is time to let go.  Carnelian will keep your dreams/goals/aspirations and your will to succeed strong.  Transits like this are meant to help us recognize where we need to make adjustments in order for everything to work out in our best interest.  Morganite will enable you to relax your expectations and plans so that you can see the benefits of unexpected turnarounds, whether you initiate them or they are thrust upon you.


Sunday 01/01/17

Happy New Year as the galaxy blesses us with the first transit of 2017.  It is a Mars/Neptune conjunction that may elicit a surprising response when you think about your goals and plans for the year ahead.  You will feel an unusual urge to toss them all out the window and begin anew.  That may be just what you need to satisfy that drive to forget practicality, ignore convention and smash barriers.  Your intuition is strong and you are inclined to act on whims and sudden desires without any kind of consideration.  You are on a mission to bring more meaning and fulfillment in your life and recognize that your usual process won’t get you there.  You are inspired to try a new approach and Ametrine will encourage you to go for it.  This is not a time to be overthinking anything.  Use Angel Aura Quartz to relax, trust and simply be in the moment.  That is where you need to be now and it is the best starting point for wherever you are headed. 


Monday 01/02/17

The second day of the year dawns with a quiet sky, but you may find yourself feeling a mix of personal sentimentality and cosmic kinship.  The Pisces Moon is naturally an emotional trigger and you will be recalling meaningful times and situations from your past.  Most importantly, this energy helps you to find similar meaning in your present. You don’t want to get caught up in the past unless you are using it mindfully, so work with Blue Topaz to recognize what is with you right now. If it feels as if something is lacking, now is the time to find it…you probably won’t have to look as hard as you might think.  While you are feeling that oneness with the Universe, be cautious that you don’t align yourself with energy that may be draining.  That risk is high with Venus also in Pisces.  You may not be able to rely on your judgment when everything seems so perfect. When the full truth is revealed you will be left disappointed, so carry Smokey Quartz to avoid being seduced without all the facts.


Tuesday 01/03/17

The holidays are coming to an end, sending you back to your routine. Whether you are returning to the same situation or starting something new, the last thing you want to do is approach today as if nothing has changed.  A new year is a universal opportunity for a fresh start.  Your world is constantly evolving so use your power, make an impact, and create the kind of change that you want to see in your life.  Mercury and Venus want to support your efforts by bringing us a friendly and cooperative influence throughout the day. Communications will be realistic, but encouraging, to help us move in the best direction.  Use Chrysoprase to ask for input when you need it and offer your views to others. You want to commit to something during this influence so you have a more definitive purpose.  Labradorite helps you choose the goals, causes or others who will bring more meaning into your life.



Posted on December 26, 2016
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