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WEEK OF 12/23/15 - 12/29/15


Wednesday 12/23/15

You are going to have to find some excitement today or you won’t feel satisfied.  You may have duties and schedules that require your attention, but you’ll still need to answer that call for fun emanating from Venus and Uranus.  It doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming, but breaks throughout the day to play and create will make a huge difference in your mood.  Free yourself from sticking to the usual patterns and you’ll not only liven things up today, but you’ll be left with a new, refreshed attitude for the days to come.  Carnelian will encourage you to find and engage in happy activities – especially if it means trying out something new!  Use Green Tourmaline to attract like-minded people who will want to share your happiness – and add to it! 

Number of the day: 7

It's a 7 day, so it's time to believe in yourself.  You know what you want and how to get it, so don’t let outer influences cause you doubt and undue stress.  Iolite gives you trust in yourself to do what is right.

Thursday 12/24/15

Expansion will happen today with a progressive Venus/Jupiter sextile.  Does that sound very formal and serious?  Remember that everything you do brings new energies into your life and that’s how we are constantly expanding.  It doesn’t mean that you’re going to need to make a deliberate effort in order to enjoy the immeasurable benefits of this transit.  Its energy will add something special to everything you do, so whether you’re finishing those holiday decorations, taking advantage of last minute sales, or gathering with friends and family, it is sure to be an especially glorious experience.  This will truly be a day and night filled with comfort and joy, so you want to allow yourself to relax and enjoy it.  You won’t only be receiving immediate gratification - this energy is so powerful that it also prepares you for a future filled with optimism and success.  The Universe is giving you special gifts that you’ll feel resonate throughout your physical, emotional and spiritual being. Use Rose Quartz to connect with this source of optimism and joy and Moonstone to understand completely how much you deserve this personal harmony and blessing.

Number of the day: 8

It's an 8 day, so go after what you want.  Anything and everything is possible and you can achieve whatever you set out to do with the right attitude, will and tools.  Turquoise will help uncover resources to achieve your victory.

Friday 12/25/15

It’s a day for dreams and making them come true.  How can you make this magic happen for you?  It’s easy if you use the combined energy of Mercury with Neptune and Jupiter.  First Mercury and Neptune are in a semi-square and that’s where the dreaming comes into play.  Your mind will be too filled with wishes and fantasies to be bothered with practical things like facts and responsibilities.  Give in to the energy and don’t attempt to do anything important until Mercury shifts later in the day into a trine with Jupiter.  Now you have powerful and insightful energy that will enable you to take those ideas from earlier and make them actually happen.  Be especially observant of things that come your way under this influence because they will be what you need to prosper.  Chalcopyrite will remind you that this amazing energy will only benefit you if you’re willing to put in the work, so do at least one thing that gets you closer to realizing your dream.  Use Red Tiger Eye to avoid getting caught up in details right now because they will only hold you back and you don’t want anything to slow you down right now. 

Number of the day: 9

It's a 9 day, so let go of confusion and open your mind to clarity and successful vision. You don’t want to close yourself off to available resources by not recognizing their potential to help you.  Labradorite will open doors and your imagination.

Saturday 12/26/15

This day begins with a Venus/Mars transit that will have us all feeling warm, relaxed, and satisfied. Creative activities, social encounters, and financial ventures can all benefit from this transit.   You could just sit back and enjoy the ambience or use it to spark a new initiative.  Either way, you’re sure to achieve harmonious and plentiful results, but you will need to move quickly.  Once Mars moves on to join Saturn in semi-square, things may not seem as easy and fortuitous.  The latter part of the day will bring out any unresolved issues with your current plans and you’ll need to do some problem-solving if you want to progress.  It will require more effort on your part than you may be willing to put in right now, so be patient and know that closure can wait for another day.  Rutilated Quartz will amplify the happier energies of the day, while Blue Lace Agate relieves any frustration that may arise as the energy changes.

Number of the day: 1

It's a 1 day, so stop thinking that you need to be someone else to achieve your goals.  Speak your mind (remember to be kind!), take a stand and don't be afraid to show your true self.  The results may be surprising.  Apatite will give you strength.

Sunday 12/27/15

A Mercury/Moon trine brings wonderful energy for conversations and interactions of all kinds.  You’ll find it easier than usual to express yourself and give others an opportunity to learn more about you.  It will feel more natural to be involved with others and allow them to work with you then it will be to go it alone. This is an especially friendly atmosphere to ask for what you want and grant the requests of others. Heliodor can show you how to use this cooperative vibe to the greatest benefit for everyone.  Fluorite will keep you alert to surprise opportunities for engagements that could be really valuable now and in the future.

Number of the day: 2

It's a 2 day, so feel the calming influence that surrounds you.  You are never alone, so use 2 and Herkimer Diamond when you need to strengthen your self-confidence and remain steady.

Monday 12/28/15

Now you want to get away from the crowd so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.  A Mercury/Saturn semi-square is going to demand your complete attention if you want to accomplish anything besides running in circles and feeling frustrated.  It will be pointless to waste your time worrying about the extra time that everything is taking to progress and complaining about having to put in more effort than usual.  Maintain a positive attitude and retain your commitment to doing your best, so that this energy will feel more useful and less of a burden.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to have to do something more than once because that is will improve your expertise and problem solving skills.  Cavansite will help you recognize potential errors and correct them before you get too far.  Fire Agate amplifies your determination to remain confident and good humored.

Number of the day: 3

It's a 3 day, so get out there and enjoy all that this life has to offer you.  Use 3 and Orange Aventurine to keep smiling and feel the joy.

Tuesday 12/29/15

Mercury is bringing us another day where isolation could work in your favor.  A Mercury/Mars square could cause any interaction to erupt in disagreements and a general unwillingness to work together.  Everyone wants to dominate the situation and that’ll disrupt the general flow of work and projects.  This could be an important opportunity to show others what you have to offer when it comes to taking a leadership role - but you need to be cautious in your presentation.   You will be challenged, so you need to be prepared to state your case and maintain your stance, while at the same time being flexible enough to really listen and take the advice and criticism that is being offered.  There is much to be gained during this influence if you can get past the negativity, so use Black Tourmaline to change that feel.   Use Lapis Lazuli to rise above the general demeanor and stand out as someone who is working towards making things better, rather than adding to the problem.

Number of the day: 4

It's a 4 day, so you are sure to get something important done.  Use 4 and Tiger Eye for motivation and practical inspiration and you can accomplish anything.



Posted on December 21, 2015
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