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WEEK OF 12/21/16 - 12/27/16


Wednesday 12/21/16

On this first day of winter, Venus and Mars join with Pluto to increase your passion and determination to attain those things that you desire. The Venus energy drives you to seek out new obsessions and to take the opportunity to enjoy your current interests.  Mars makes you feel like those activities won’t be enough to make a significant impact.  You are going to believe that the only means to get what you want is through aggression and fixation.  You'll find out pretty quickly that strategy won't work since it drives meaningful things away from you rather than drawing them closer.  If you aren’t careful it could take a while to come to this important realization, so carry Bloodstone to get the message sooner.  The nature of the day with the Sun’s move into Capricorn will be sobering and stubborn, but you need to be flexible if you want to make the energy work for you. Citrine will enable you to retain that easygoing, lighthearted attitude that will make all the difference.


Thursday 12/22/16

That relentless energy of Capricorn works in your favor today with a Mars/Saturn transit urging you to make progress on tasks and projects.  Remember that everything requires a creative flair, from the simplest errand, to long range projects. This energy mixes creativity with purpose for an unbeatable combination that breeds achievement.  You have a determined mindset and will that won’t be misled by meaningless distractions.  You don’t want to get worn out, so carry Red Jasper to fuel your persistent efforts.  Those efforts are going to pay off in more ways than you imagine and Emerald will help you recognize all that you have crafted from your labors. 


Friday 12/23/16

The industrious atmosphere continues with the Capricorn Sun getting a boost from Jupiter’s expansive nature.  You will be driven to exceed your current output when it comes to physical and mental activities. Don’t worry that you might feel overwhelmed.  Actually, the busier you are today, the more you will thrive.   It is very clear right now that you need to exceed in order to succeed.  You want to make sure that your growth is done thoughtfully with a focus on creating more opportunities without depleting resources unnecessarily.  In other words…it isn’t about obtaining more stuff; it is about doing more!  Use Blue Tourmaline for focus and direction.  Pyrite will keep you feeling lively to match the mood.



Saturday 12/24/16

Get ready for a couple of glorious days with phenomenal energy.  A Saturn/Uranus trine aligns wisdom and maturity with originality and innovation.  It drives home the fact that you can’t change the past, but the future is all yours.  This is your time to let go of the past, break free of old patterns, change the rules and create your own spectacular future.  Release will be easier than usual and Petrified Wood will support your efforts. You have the experience and the talent, so use it to see immediate results. This is the perfect setup for a happy present and positive growth as you move forward. Rutilated Quartz will help you find the most benefit from this opportunity.


Sunday 12/25/16

Venus and Jupiter are in a trine that is sending you an important message that should get loud and clear - just enjoy! Yesterday is over and tomorrow is another day but you have this magical, special day to feel good and be happy. Give yourself the gift of a joy-filled day and while you’re at it, give others the gift of your company.  You have a lot to offer and you want to share yourself with the world.  There is an abundance of love in the atmosphere that you can give, share and receive, so carry Celestite to partake of all of it.  You will be feeling things deeply and realizing just how much your relationships, interests and work mean to you.  Rose Quartz can help you express all that happiness through words and actions.  You could hold on to it, but sharing it will prove so much more productive and rewarding.


Monday 12/26/15

Your content and merry feeling that has dominated the last few days will be challenged by a Jupiter/Uranus opposition.  You are still going to be feeling very positive, but now you sense that it’s time to grow.  That drive to change something will progress with the energy of the day, but it may come with a sudden impact so you want to be prepared.  You want your ideas and actions to be constructive and of your own choosing, so you need to insure these powerful Planets don’t push you into making random choices.  You can do that by taking the most beneficial elements of each Planet and bringing them together using personal power.  You need focus and intention to make this work, so use Fancy Jasper to decide what you want to accomplish.  It is important to remember the nature of these Planets to use them effectively.  Uranus doesn’t just want you to change the rules…it demands you change the game!  Jupiter is always going to expect you to go to extremes.  Neither one will want to back down or compromise, so it will be up to you to control and get what you need from them.  Ruby in Kyanite will help you adjust and maneuver to your best interest.


Tuesday 12/27/16

You may have experienced some tension yesterday during that powerful opposition.  It would have been more pronounced if you were left feeling as if you did not do enough with the opportunity you had to initiate change.  That tension will lift today, but the determination to successfully get things started is stronger than before.  The Sun and Mars are in a transit that has you feeling confident, creative and comfortable with the timing of your new endeavors.  You know what you need to do, so combine this energy with Sunstone to know when and how to take those first steps.  You want to gather resources to help you in your quest.  Blue Chalcedony will help you use this energy to gain the support and expertise of individuals and find the situations you need.



Posted on December 19, 2016

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on December 19, 2016)

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