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WEDNESDAY 12/19/12


Are you ready?  Yes, you are, when we've got Venus and Uranus in a trine position that gives us the courage to take risks.  You are encouraged to go where you've never gone before and follow your heart.  Be assured that your courage will pay off.  Just be cautious that you use the energy to experiment ... not to commit.  A Venus/Chiron square will challenge our emotions and you don't want to make any decisions until your head and your heart are both clear.  This is a nice start to the coming energies for the rest of this week.  Wear a Pink Tourmaline to encourage your heart to speak to you and carry a Bloodstone to give you the courage to act.


Number of the day:  9


.A new cycle is about to begin and you are ready to move forward unencumbered.  What has been keeping you down or holding you back?  Use Malachite for a healthy release of the past.


THURSDAY 12/20/12


Today begins the double quincunx or "Finger of God" astrological configuration that is basically a rare transit of four planets:  Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus.  Jupiter and Pluto are inconjunct offering us an amazing chance for rebirth, renewal, it whatever you would like but things are going to change!  This is a time when you find that you need to let go of things that aren't in line with your values.  Release anything that doesn't support the kind of life that you would like to live.  It is time to be true to who you really are and stop trying to be something that you are not.  Karma has a hand in this energy since you may find things coming back to you.  Good deeds are rewarded and/or there may be debts to pay.  Evaluate, make the changes that you must and proceed with determination to reap the immense opportunities for success.  Does this sound ominous?  Take a moment and think about it and you may find that a lot of this has been happening in your life throughout 2012.  You have been shedding the things that just are not right for you and as a result, new opportunities have been popping up.  It doesn't happen all at once and it may not always be easy but it is going to be worth the wait.  Labradorite will support your transformational activities and  Lepidolite will soothe any stress.


Number of the day:  1


1 is the number of an epiphany and if there was ever a time for one, it is now.  Use Optical Calcite to put yourself in tune with the Universe to reveal the messages that are waiting for you.


FRIDAY 12/21/12


The Winter Solstice ushers in a new season and the Sun in Capricorn gives us a new attitude.  Say goodbye to the buoyant energy of Sagittarius because now it is time to get to work!  Dependable and disciplined, Capricorn's skills are essential to success as we move forward with new energies, a new season and a new year.  Use the energy to be organized and to perform practical tasks that require an attention to detail.  Remember to think of the greater good as you formulate and execute your plans since there can be a tendency towards selfish actions.   Chalcedony helps you to keep the bigger picture in mind and Black Onyx will direct the earthy energy towards where it will do you the most good.


Number of the day:  11


11 is your numeric equivalent of a cheerleader.  Its faith in you is steadfast and its support is unwavering.  Serpentine will enable you to feel and use this abundant energy.



SATURDAY 12/22/12


The second quincunx - this time with Jupiter and Saturn - produces mixed energy that runs the spectrum from optimism to pessimism.  You can feel optimistic and chase away any doubt or you can err on the side of a caution.  How you use this energy is entirely up to you but whichever you choose don't let your focus waiver.  Make a choice, set a path and stick with it and you will find success!  Sulfite will help you to choose which is best for you and Carnelian lets you proceed with confidence.


Number of the day:  3


3 is here to remind us to try not to take it all so seriously.  There may be a lot going on, and it may even be challenging, but a light-hearted perspective and a sense of humor will make it all so much easier.  Kunzite will remind you to keep smiling.



SUNDAY 12/23/12


Venus opposite Jupiter can cause boredom which could lead to irresponsible behavior, possibly resulting in trouble.  Either we want to bury our heads in the sand or we want to face challenges when we are not prepared for the ramifications of our actions. You can become relentless in the pursuit of perfection under this transit. Expectations are too high to be met and nothing is as good as we think it should be.  Stay grounded in reality and deal with your responsibilities to remain steady until this energy passes.  Things will be so much better tomorrow.  Black Tourmaline will keep you steady and Tanzanite help with clarity.


Number of the day:  4


Keep to your schedule and accomplish your tasks - there will be a better time to play later.  4 keeps us on the straight and narrow and its energies will be particularly helpful today.  Carry Brown Jasper to reap the benefits.



MONDAY 12/24/12


There is magic in the air and you can feel it as Mercury and Neptune join up in a quintile transit.  Your imagination is filled with happy thoughts and ideas that you will want to express to everyone you meet.  Relax and enjoy the peace and joy of the season today. We could all use the break from the intense energies of the last few days.  Clear Quartz amplifies the magic and Sunstone spreads the joy.


Number of the day:  5


5 adds variety and adventure to even the most mundane of situations.  This won't be just any ordinary day so bring along Moonstone to illuminate every minute of it.



TUESDAY 12/25/12


The action planet Mars enters inventive Aquarius today sending us on new and exciting adventures.  This is powerful energy that is revolutionary and ground breaking.  You are able to approach things with a fresh and enthusiastic eye.  If you have felt a little stuck or perhaps a bit leery about making a move, then this energy will help propel you forward.  It’s ok to be impulsive since it will help you to discover innovative ways to get what you want out of life.   Garnet will reveal your passion and Amazonite will help you figure out how to go after it.


Number of the day:  6


Maybe you have not accomplished everything.  Perhaps it feels as if you will never be done and there are still miles to go.  6 reminds us to appreciate what we have and love where we are in each moment of our journey.  Let Rhyolite help you to feel the peace of living in the present

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