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WEEK OF 12/18/13 - 12/24/13 

Wednesday 12/18/13

Mercury and Neptune provide the perfect opportunity to put your imagination to work.  Add the energy of the Full Moon that you still have at your disposal and use it to make something happen!  Manifest your positive intentions and create the world that you want.  Focusing on one situation may be a challenge, since a semi-square between the Moon and Mercury will scatter your thoughts.  Little things seem to get lost in the shuffle of the bigger picture, causing frustrations.  It may be difficult to know what you want and what you need, causing even more internal discord.  It will be ok, so stay calm and when you feel doubts creeping in channel your energy towards your most positive ideas – no matter how big or small – and let them rule your day.  Selenite will encourage you to run with your dreams and Antigorite keeps things positive and prosperous.

Number of the day: 9

There is much to be learned from going after what you want...whether you realize your goal or not!  9 and Brown Aventurine will ensure that you always walk away with something of value. 

Thursday 12/19/13

Your perceptions are expanded right now courtesy of the Sun and Chiron, and you find yourself with a greater awareness of your surroundings and those who inhabit it.  The Sagittarius influence over the Sun might encourage you to share your insights but use caution.  Not everyone is open to your knowledge and may not be ready to hear or understand truths about themselves.  If you are brave and willing to confront your own demons, then turn your powers inward for some insightful breakthroughs.  Chiron always brings immense opportunities for healing...even if it can be a challenge to use your newfound knowledge.  Garnet will help you use what you learn for the best possible outcome.  Blue Sapphire enables you to receive useful insights.

Number of the day: 1

Taking the first step is often the hardest but it is also the most important since it sets the tone for all that will follow.  Look to Azurite when you are not sure where to begin. 

Friday 12/20/13

When Mars is active there is always the potential for battle.  Any battles right now will be emotional, as Mars and the Moon are in a sextile transit. You are willing to put up with a certain amount, but it may not take much for you to reach your breaking point and flair out. If you need to fight for something, now is the time.  You are not willing to allow others to dictate your moves or frustrate you and even the mildest person can be aggressive and focused under this influence.  Add to that a Sun/Venus sextile where you can no longer accept ugly situations, people or things and it will be clear where it is time for a change.  Aggression has a time and place for it to be most effective so use Brecciated Jasper to find yours.  Labradorite lets you see how your bold actions now will result in a brighter future for all concerned.  

Number of the day: 2

Whenever you combine energies, you have the potential for positive collaboration and insightful challenge.  Both have a place and a use in the grand scheme, so use Petalite to see all the benefits of your interactions and connections. 

Saturday 12/21/13

Winter is here and the Sun moves into Capricorn, meaning it is time to be patient and practical.  It may not sound like much fun, especially with the holiday season in full swing, but it is necessary.   Capricorn energy can allow you to slow down and see what you have, so that you can use it before you go looking for something new.  It is not about attaining more but about understanding how to use what you have for the most practical benefit.  As the Earth rests and gathers its strength during the winter months, we can use the same energy to our benefit.  Before you know it the holidays will be over, the madness will cease and you will have the time to use the Capricorn energy to assess your opportunities and obstacles.  Picture Jasper will help you figure out how to take advantage of the first and Black Agate shows you how to overcome the latter. 

Number of the day: 3

3 can help you to enjoy every activity and action from the mundane to the magical.  Apatite will help you see the fun and joy in everything. 

Sunday 12/22/13

One of our greatest healing opportunities is learning how to connect the mind and the body effectively.  Today’s transit with Mercury and Chiron will help you with this vital connection.  You could learn more about your true nature and uncover a new method that will enable you to make great strides in your journey towards self healing.  Mercury will encourage you to share with others, but remember to keep things objective to avoid seeming judgmental.  Rhodochrosite will fill your outlook and personal communications with love and light, while Scolecite points you in the best direction for healing on multiple levels.

Number of the day: 4

Do the work and stamp your world with your personal energy.  You are going to leave a mark so use Blue Aventurine to see how it can be the most abundant and beneficial. 

Monday 12/23/13

Mercury and Venus will open your eyes to all of the wonder and beauty that surrounds you – especially in the little things.  You will be entertained and appreciate others' efforts to make something extraordinary.  It could be as complex as a piece of art or as simple as someone going out of their way to smile at you and make your day a little brighter.  And as you notice how someone else's efforts at making things special make such a difference to will be inspired to do the same!  Chalcopyrite will help you uncover the simple joys and Chalcedony will encourage you to add your own touch and share the happiness that you have found.

Number of the day: 5

It takes effort and courage to stand out from the masses and be yourself....but the rewards are immense!  Smokey Quartz and 5 show you how to bravely follow your own path. 

Tuesday 12/24/13

It is truly a special and magical night and the Sun and Neptune will help you to take full advantage of it all.  You will find yourself in the right place and right time because you will be very tuned in to the natural flow of abundance.  Serendipity is guaranteed as long as you trust yourself and follow your instincts.  They may lead you somewhere unexpected, but it will be where you are supposed to be, so relax, enjoy and let the magic happen.  Moonstone helps you to feel the wonder.  Citrine surrounds you in life, love and laughter.  Place a Clear Quartz somewhere special and imagine it absorbing this energy so that you can carry this night with you through time and space.

Number of the day: 6

Take a moment to stop, look around you and appreciate what you have.  Whether you are home in a favorite chair with a book, hard at work towards a goal  or enjoying the company of family & friends...this is yours!  When you appreciate the positives in your life then you attract more of it towards you.  Rutilated Quartz lets you realize that peace and contentment are gifts that keep giving. 


Posted on December 17, 2013

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