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WEEK OF 12/17/14 - 12/23/14 

Wednesday 12/17/14

When Chiron works with another planet it can bring you to new levels of awareness about your capabilities and the impact that you can have on the world.  We have a Mercury/Chiron quintile today that will rouse your communication skills.  You will easily perceive how you can make something better and then find ways to deliver that message and get things moving in the right direction.  You may be focused on people and situations that seem to have nothing to do with you personally, but one of the outcomes of your efforts will be the ability to heal something within yourself.  Everyone has something important to gain under this transit.

Sugilite will encourage meaningful expressions.  Blue Topaz will aide you in your pursuit to cultivate an atmosphere of rejuvenation.

Number of the day: 9

Every thought and every action has a global reach and you may never be aware of your impact.  9 wants us to know that it all matters.  Tangerine Quartz will help you to feel your connection.

Thursday 12/18/14

A Mars/Saturn transit tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to spend time on projects that require focus and diligence.  This is especially helpful energy for anything that requires a creative touch.  Creation can be fun but it can also be arduous and frustrating when you sense that something isn’t right.  Your inner artist will be stimulated and, if you sense that something is not as good as you think it should be, you will find the expertise, inspiration and tools to achieve your desired result.  Morganite will be an excellent crystal to awaken your muse and Red Tiger Eye helps you put your ideas into action.

Number of the day: 1

1 can help you to discover hidden talents.  Direct your focus inward to see what you will find and use Prehnite for support and guidance.

Friday 12/19/14

Venus and Mars are in a semi-sextile transit, making this a wonderful time for financial and passionate ventures.  You will be satisfied that your feelings are genuine and being returned, as you’re getting back as much good energy as you put forth.   The focus of your devotion may be a person, but it is more likely to be a hobby, a profession, an art, or a new venture.  We are in a very creative atmosphere and now you want to create something that is a product of your love.  You will be very willing to make commitments that will make that happen.  Moldavite will be a powerful resource to begin your journey.  Pyrite will keep you grounded while increasing your awareness of what is your deepest desire.

Number of the day: 2

2 can enable you to become more confident with who you are and what you have to share.  When you are ready to share, Blue Lace Agate will point you in the best direction.

Saturday 12/20/14

The instigator of change, Uranus, is busy today as it stars in 3 transits.  First, it’s in an uncomfortable square with Venus where you will feel restless and craving something new.  You won’t be sure of what you want or need, so there is a tendency to take what you can get or go too far in your search for something new.  Do not give in to impulse because it will not work out for you.  Restrain yourself for a few hours and everything will change as Venus and Uranus move into a sextile position.  Now the atmosphere is charged with positive energy and your desire for the offbeat will lead you to positive outlets and new enterprises.  Your fears of risk will fall away and you may be tempted to go all in.  You still want to be cautious when it comes to commitment, because Uranus has one more surprise for you.  It is a Mars/Uranus sextile that will confirm that you’re on the right track and now you will be ready to do something permanent.  Make that bold move that has been attracting you all day and you will see progress and resulting change in your life.  A Mercury/Neptune transit is watching over the action and offering insight and inspiration that will allow you to recognize how these changes are necessary and valuable for your growth. Ruby in Zoisite keeps you and your faith strong and unaffected by passing fancies.  Imperial Topaz reminds you that your success in inevitable.

Number of the day: 3

3 will help you to remain positive no matter what is happening or how you may be feeling.  There is always joy to be found, so use Rhodochrosite to find the laughter.

Sunday 12/21/14

It’s another busy day with several significant transits.  A Venus/Chiron sextile will direct you to initiate change that can lead to deep healing.  You will be encouraged to release whatever prevents you from being your true self with those that you care about and care for you.  It is time to trust and feel accepted and see the difference it will make in your life.  Use the influence of Mars & Pluto to take action and go after what you want, while the Sun & Saturn compliment your efforts by helping you stick to plans and schedules.  You can make some great progress as long as you are patient and enterprising.  If you sense any discomfort, that could be a Mercury/Jupiter transit that is exaggerating everything.  You have plenty of stable influences along with your own sense of purpose to help you overcome any stress and remain composed and confident.  Use Black Tourmaline for a stabilizing influence with Selenite for insight and motivation to use this influence to take good care of yourself.

Number of the day: 4

There is work ahead and the energy of 4 will give you the discipline to make things happen.  Be positive, be confident and carry Black Agate to move you forward.

Monday 12/22/14

The 1st day of winter is going to bring opportunities your way and you should expect to find yourself with a powerful mission.  Sometimes you are driven to take action, but you cannot foresee all of the potential benefits that it will bring to you and others.  Mars & Chiron are working together and you will be ready to tackle the most difficult of situations and issues because you are confident that you can turn things to your advantage – and you will!  Chiron’s influence will bring healing, learning and growth into the picture and make this an extraordinary chance to change your life for the better.  A Venus/Saturn semi-square is going to help you to discover and refine your mission as it encourages you to reflect on what you have, what isn’t working and what you want.  It is imperative that you actively turn negative thoughts into positive affirmations to realize the full benefits of this energy.  Blue Calcite will help you to maintain an affirmative outlook, while Citrine boosts your confidence.

Number of the day: 5

5 makes everything feel like an adventure so there is nothing ahead but excitement.  Carry Jade to keep things fun and interesting.

Tuesday 12/23/14

Venus is in Capricorn and that brings us a desire for stability and the necessity of what it will take to attain that sense of security.  You may find yourself dreading the idea of compromise and a Venus/Moon square will accentuate that anxiety.  It will be a challenge to know what you really want, what is most important to you and what you will be willing to do to accomplish any goals that you can settle upon.  There is too much doubt to make any good choices right now so don’t!  Leave the important decisions for another day when the vibe is more cooperative and you are able to see yourself and your desires in a more productive light.  Carry Sunstone to feel happy and content.  Emerald will replace any stressful confusion with tranquility.

Number of the day: 6

Nurturing 6 will do its best to make any necessary tasks as easy as possible. And when they aren't, try keeping Kyanite around to feel its sympathetic vibe.  


Posted on December 16, 2014
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