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WEEK OF 12/16/15 - 12/22/15


Wednesday 12/16/15

In a Saturn/Mercury transit, Saturn will typically be the voice of reason, while Mercury drives you to take risks.  Their roles will be flipped in today’s semi-sextile because of their placement within the Zodiac.  Mercury is weighed down by Capricorn's pessimism, while Saturn is lightened by Sagittarius’ adventurous nature.  Saturn is going to bring out your enthusiasm and help you to use that to make lucrative choices.  Use Mercury to think things through since you’ll be able to see both the potential downside and upside quite clearly.  You may need to do things in a different way and try various approaches to get the full value of this transit.  It will be well worth the effort and you could see some amazing results.  Ruby will show you how to use Mercury as a positive influence rather than letting it ruin the fun.  Saturn will take the lead when it comes to rooting out amazing opportunities, so use Pyrite to pay attention and take advantage as often as possible.

Number of the day: 9

Use the energy of 9 to let go of any preconceived notions and begin with an open mind. You don’t want to close yourself off to available resources by not recognizing their potential to help you.  Labradorite will open doors and your imagination.

Thursday 12/17/15

Venus and Pluto are in a sextile and they carry an important message.  You're going to have to just go for it today if you really want to make progress.  Are you ready?  Sometimes we hold ourselves back from gaining ground because we fear that once we reach our goals they won't meet our expectations.  Or worse yet, we won’t discover another goal that will give us focus and purpose. The energy of Pluto can help you realize that none of that is true.  Once one thing is completed, then a whole new thing (or most often a bunch of things) begins and that’s how our momentum continues.  You can keep it flowing in a positive manner by retaining your focus and confidence and using Green Tourmaline to amplify your efforts.  This is a great transit to use as a means of joining and working with others, so use Howlite to let others see your passion and commitment and allow them to help you on your journey to success.

Number of the day: 1

1 is a reminder to keep the focus on you and your inner journey.  Let your imagination soar to tap into your personal energy and see where it takes you.  Epidote channels the energy.

Friday 12/18/15

Venus and Uranus are going to attempt to lure you out of your comfort zone with promises of excitement, independence, and riches.  These things are certainly possible, but you need to be cautious and really consider the cost before you act impulsively.  It may seem easy to divest yourself of constants and comforts that you believe are holding you back, but that takes a lot of confidence that you may not possess right now.  Don’t mistake bravado for courage and take actions that you will later regret.  Timing is crucial to any kind of success but this transit does not take that into account, so carry Red Tiger Eye to ensure that you are fully aware of what will be lost in order to gain.   This transit can lead you to invest too much of yourself towards things that will never materialize, so use Zebra Marble to retain your balance and sensibility. 

Number of the day: 2.

You know who you are and what you are capable of, so it is time to share your gifts with the world.  2 and Charoite will give you the confidence to let everyone see what you have to offer. 

Saturday 12/19/15

Pluto is working with Mercury to increase our brain activity, so your thoughts will be especially sharp, detailed, and insightful today.  It’s a good day to just figure things out and end up with an abundance of useful information that will motivate you.  Just be mindful of the influence of Mercury in Capricorn that could make your thoughts more discouraging than usual.  Use this as an opportunity to assert your will and lean towards finding solutions that will get you what you want instead of giving up in frustration.  A Venus/Chiron trine will invigorate your determination by reminding you of the endurance, strength, and ability that you possess to achieve anything.  This transit encourages trust in yourself and others, so use that along with Strawberry Quartz as a resource to overcome anything in your way…especially your own detrimental thoughts!  Amethyst will keep your thoughts flowing smoothly and productively.

Number of the day: 3

It is time to take a moment and enjoy all that you have.  3 wants you to enjoy your life and have some fun.  It doesn't have to be all about work, so treat yourself and carry Orange Aventurine to keep a bounce in your step.

Sunday 12/20/15

Productivity will not be easy today with several transits that seem determined to keep you from accomplishing anything of importance.  A Mars/Neptune transit will make everything seem like too much effort is required for too little gain.  You will lack the motivation and clarity to be able to see where your actions will take you, so it will feel pointless to try.  Or conversely, you could decide to forge ahead without a specific goal and waste time and energy. You're going to feel better later in the day once Mercury and Uranus move into a square and the energy becomes more proactive.  You'll be too busy with the new ideas and insights that this transit will help you generate to be discouraged by menial and monotonous tasks that can wait for another day.   This is stimulating energy, but it can be also be disturbing.  You will be building new and enticing things in your mind that you may not feel prepared to handle. Blue Quartz will help you relax and give you the confidence to take your time while you’re considering all those ideas.  Use Mookaite Jasper to avoid feeling ineffective earlier in the day.

Number of the day: 4

There is so much that you will be able to accomplish with the help of practical 4.  Its vibe will enhance your skills and highlight the smallest detail in each of your tasks.  Moss Agate will help you to put the energy to practical use.

Monday 12/21/15

This is the kind of day where you can come across a lot of doors that are thrown open wide and ready to welcome you in – you just need to be willing to take that first step.  Fortunately the energy is working in your favor with a Mercury/Chiron sextile that will have you feeling very comfortable being yourself and will encourage you to share that person with others.  The general atmosphere is cooperative and sensitive, making it the perfect day to tackle old problems and create new opportunities.  Mars and Jupiter will increase your excitement and willingness to deal with challenges.  You are going to feel that optimism they are producing and feel quite powerful as you make it your own and run with it.  Smokey Quartz amplifies your confidence and problem-solving skills.  Carry Unakite to direct the energy and your actions in the directions that will reap the most benefits.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages freedom and resourcefulness and our mind is where we find these things at their most abundant.  Serpentine will strengthen your mental muscle and breathe life into your ideas.

Tuesday 12/22/15

A strong and assertive stance may be called for today as it may be what’s needed in order to attain the most good.  While you always want to take a peaceful, balanced approach when dealing with situations, there are times when force is not only necessary, but the best course of action.  Sometimes you need to fight for what you want.  It can be a healing and cathartic experience when you give yourself the freedom to release that passion and that is the message that Mars and Chiron want to drive home.   This energy is not necessarily combative, since it wants to enable you to replace aggression with creativity and use that as a means of healthy force to attain your goals. Once you take a strong stand and stick to it you will be strengthening your will and capabilities. Serpentine will help you realize the healing power of conviction.  Carnelian will help you use this energy as a major confidence booster. 

Number of the day: 6

You may be on the run and in the thick of things, but be sure to keep your priorities straight.  6 reminds you to take time for yourself and those important to you.  Pink Calcite offers support.


Posted on December 14, 2015
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