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WEEK OF 12/14/16 - 12/20/16


Wednesday 12/14/16

The Sun and Venus are in a semi-square and you’ll be comparing yourself to others in an effort to determine if they have more than you.  Obviously this is not the best use of this energy as you’re sure to be lacking in some way.  Instead use the tolerant Sagittarian Sun and the idealistic Aquarian Venus to recognize what is best for you and then go after that.  Green Aventurine will help you ease any concerns that you are missing out while helping you to create the perfect personal situations.  The Sun in Sagittarius and a Full Moon in Gemini will want to help you shine the light on areas that need your attention.  These signs are opposites on the Zodiac wheel but share a similar intention to learn and grow from experiences. They are opposite because they have drastically different approaches in how they share the insights and facts learned along the way.  Both are direct, but the Gemini Moon is more demanding as it wants to tell you what to do and expects swift adherence to its directions.  The Sagittarius Sun is more easygoing and wants to help you reach your own conclusions about how and when to make those necessary changes. You can choose which suits you best or mix them up for a unique punch of energy.  Use Tangerine Quartz to get what you need from the Sun and Moon and use them to your greatest benefit.


Thursday 12/15/16

You will be looking for the sparkle in everything with Venus and Neptune in a semi-sextile.  Venus’ usual focus on the tangible is enhanced during its tour through Aquarius.  It encourages you to look for the best in every element of your life and if you can’t find it then you are willing to work hard to make it happen.  The added influence of Neptune gives you even more reason to create special things in your life.  Neptune is not always a motivating force, so there is a risk of feeling low if it seems that you don’t have the ability to brighten those dull situations.  If that happens, then work with Fuchsite to remind you of your immense power to change anything for the better.  It is all about magic during this transit, so carry Amethyst to seek it and recognize it when found.


Friday 12/16/16

You are going to recognize that your feelings and reactions aren’t justified, but seem incapable of doing anything about it.  The Leo Moon is inciting your need to be recognized at any cost.  Initially it will seem easier and more direct to act badly to gain attention.  You will reason that you can easily switch gears once you have what you want, but that won’t be as simple as you think.  Once you set a standard of behavior you may not be able to change the judgments that have been formed.  Use Chrysocolla to be reasonable enough to consider the long range effects of your actions.  Amber will help you to find a healthy way to meet your needs, including taking better care of yourself.


Saturday 12/17/16

 Mercury will be Retrograde in Capricorn in the next few days, so let’s consider some of the many benefits (that’s right – benefits!) of this energy coming to us at the close of the year.  Here is your opportunity to recognize what isn’t working and figure out how to replace it with what will as you get a fresh start in 2017. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect energy for purposeful contemplation that helps you see the important stuff you’ve been missing while being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Use Angelite to notice those insights when they come. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what they mean or what to do with them…you will when the time is right.  This retrograde will challenge Capricorn’s usual rigid stance, so use this influence to release instead of holding on so tight.  Tourmalated Quartz can help you accept that there might be a better way to proceed.


Sunday 12/18/16

The Sun is in the last days of its tour through Sagittarius, so why not use the energy to have an adventure?  Today’s transit with Neptune will spark your imagination and motivate you to actively seek inspiration from works of art, cultures and religions.  You want to understand more about the structure, faith and artistry that goes into creating things that are foreign to you.  This urge makes you especially inclined to venture into unknown territory, so use Topaz to find situations that will satisfy your curiosity.  Know that any kind of “travel” will be beneficial in this atmosphere.  Your travels may be physical, mental or spiritual and, since you want to get as much as you can, carry Aqua Aura to see the potential to rise.


Monday 12/19/16

You are probably already irritated from the earthly chaos that seems to descend with Mercury Retrograde and now along comes Mars to turn up the pressure.  It is going to feel as if there is much to be done without enough time, resources and support.  That may be the case, but you could use this energy to find solutions instead of adding to the problems.  Don’t take this energy as an invitation to express your anxieties in a contentious manner.  Instead be assertive in your quest to improve the situation for yourself and everyone else and carry Red Tiger Eye to help. Barriers of civility will come down now, making it an excellent time to seek counsel and advice.  Moonstone can help you prepare for the complete and total truth.  No matter how brutal it may seem at first, it will be enormously helpful moving forward.


Tuesday 12/20/16

You want to be on the lookout for anything that grabs your attention today with a Mercury/Venus transit scattering a mix of idealistic and pragmatic energy. Everything is being presented in a fashion that makes it seem almost too good to be true.  When you are intrigued by something, don’t dismiss it as just a pretty picture. You will be viewing everything from a practical viewpoint so you can dig beneath the surface and see the full, unvarnished truth.  That is how you will recognize the full range of possibilities your new interest will offer you.  Herkimer Diamond encourages you to appreciate the purpose of this energy and use it to its full potential.  Use Garnet to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere but still keep things real.     



Posted on December 12, 2016
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